How To Make Money Online Step By Step

(30 Legit Ways That Work) To Make Money Online Today

This is the most comprehensive article about how to make money online step by step.

You will find solid ideas for earning extra cash from a side hustle or a full time income online.

These ideas are based on countless hours of doing research on how to make money online.

How To Make Money Online Step By Step

Online Money Making Ways

Join Affiliate Networks & ProgramsAffiliate MarketingIntermediate
Start An Authority SiteAffiliate MarketingBeginner
Start A Marketing AgencyAgencyAdvanced
Start BloggingAuthorityBeginner
Start A PodcastAuthorityBeginner
Become An InstagrammerAuthorityBeginner
On YouTube Without Making VideosAuthorityBeginner
Become An Amazon InfluencerAuthorityAdvanced
Become A Pinterest InfluencerAuthorityBeginner
Become A Reddit InfluencerAuthorityBeginners
Become A Digital MarketerDigital MarketingBeginner
Sell eBooks On eBayDigital ProductAdvanced
Amazon FBAEcommerceAdvanced
Online Store Without InventoryEcommerceAdvanced
Create A Shopify StoreEcommerceAdvanced
Receive Amazon Direct Ship FreebiesEcommerceBeginner
Play Chess OnlineEsportsBeginner
Play Video GamesEsportsBeginner
Freelance Your SkillsFreelanceIntermediate
Learn Freelance SkillsFreelanceBeginner
Become A CoderFreelanceBeginner
Watch YouTube VideosGetPaidToBeginner
Social Media EvaluatorGetPaidToBeginner
Become An Online JurorGetPaidToBeginner
Join Paid Focus GroupsGetPaidToBeginner
Short Term GigGetPaidToBeginner
Complete Online SurveysGetPaidToBeginner
Become A Virtual SantaGetPaidToBeginner
Sell Feet PicsGetPaidToBeginner
Become A Multi-Level MarketerMulti-Level MarketingAdvanced
Find A Remote JobRemote JobIntermediate
Website FlippingResaleAdvanced
Dropshipping On eBayResaleAdvanced
Domain FlippingResaleAdvanced
Sell Used SocksEcommerceBeginner
Build WealthWealth ManagementAdvanced

1. Join Paid Focus Groups On Craigslist

The first place you should check to join paid focus groups is Craigslist.

2. Become An Online Juror

You can get started with becoming an online juror in just a few minutes and it is a fun way to make extra money.

3. Flip Domains

Domain flipping can still be quite the cash cow. Here is how it works.

4. Flip Websites

You can start generating extra income by flipping website as a side hustle and eventually, turn it into  full time income.

Start a profitable website flipping business.

5. Become A Social Media Evaluator

Becoming a social media evaluator doesn’t require a lot of prior experience so it might be the right way for you to get started with working from home.

6. Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos

You can start your own YouTube channel without making a single video. Find out how.

7. Earn Extra Cash On Reddit

On Reddit, you can find a range of short term gigs and even full time jobs. No matter what your skill is, here is where to start.

8. Watch YouTube Videos For Money

Watching YouTube videos for money might be a great way to supplement your income.

9. Play Chess For Money

You don’t need to be an expert to play chess for money and earn some side income.

Everyone needs to start form somewhere just like in Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.

Here is everything you need to know about playing chess for money.

10. Play Video Games

Earn extra cash by playing your favourite video games online. Yes, it is a real thing!

Find out more about getting paid to play video games.

11. Sell eBooks On eBay

Selling eBooks on eBay could become a great side hustle for you and here is how to turn it into a thriving business.

12. Sell on Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon)

You could have great success with purchasing products and getting them fulfilled by Amazon without having to hold any inventory.

Check out what the best Amazon FBA Reddit groups to follow are to learn more about selling on Amazon FBA.

13. Start An Online Store Without Inventory

The two methods that are most likely to deliver profit are print on demand and dropshipping.

Find out how to start an online store without inventory even if you have no experience in this trade.

14. Start Dropshipping on EBay

Make money online dropshipping on EBay without the need to store inventory.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

15. Become A Freelancer

You could earn freelance money by offering a productized service on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork or even learn new skills to freelance.

Join a freelancing platform.

Or, find remote, work from home opportunities.

For example, check out my Jobspresso review here.

Learn new skills to freelance with Udacity, Udemy, Treehouse, Codecademy.

16. Start A Marketing Agency

Tai Lopez has created a course called Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) teaching you how to start your own marketing agency.

Find out how to use social media to get small businesses to hire you.

17. Become An Instagram Influencer

You could be earning a substantial income, if you manage to build a big following on Instagram.

Check out this article on the top Instagram niches to make money online.

18. Become An Amazon Influencer

Make money online by partnering with Amazon while growing a social media following.

Learn how to become an Amazon influencer.

19. Become A Multi-Level Marketer (MLM)

With MLM, you would be making money online by selling the digital or physical products of an MLM company, earning a percentage of the revenues you generate for the company.

Learn more about becoming a multi-level marketer (MLM) by reading my Six Figure Mentors review (a course that teaches you how to become a multi-level marekter).

Or, check out my Team National Review here.

20. Become A Blogger

Working from home and making money online are possible with blogging.

Find out how to become a blogger and how long it takes to make money blogging.

21. Build An Authority Site

Build a website that is established as an authority on a specific topic.

Learn more about how to build an authority site by reading my Authority Hacker review (a course that teaches you how to build an authority website).

22. Build Wealth

Learn more about wealth building,  money management and embrace the freedom lifestyle by reading my Tai Lopez 67 Steps review ( a course that teaches how to get anything you want in life).

23. Become A Virtual Santa

You can become a Zoom Santa offering one to one live chat experience.

Virtual Santa’s get paid $49 for 5 minute chats on average.

24. Become A Coder

Learn how to code and freelance your skills.

Find out how to make money coding from home here.

25. Create A Shopify Store

Create a Shopify ecommerce store earning thousands of dollars month in month out.

Learn how to make money on Shopify with stores examples.

26. Become A Pinterest Influencer

Expand your audience and diversify your income with Pinterest affiliate marketing.

Learn more about how to make money online with Pinterest affiliate marketing.

27. Become A Parts Model Selling Feet Pics

If you have nice looking feet, you can become a parts model, take feet pics and sell them online for money.

Learn how to sell feet pics.

28. Receive Amazon Direct Ship Freebies

Receive Amazon direct ship free products and either save money on these products as they are free or re-sell the products you don’t want to keep and make money online.

Learn how to find Amazon direct ship freebie offers.

29. Become A Reddit Influencer

Benefit from the untapped resource of Reddit and make more affiliate sales.

Learn more about how to do affiliate marketing on Reddit.

30. Sell Used Socks Online

Sell your used socks online and generate extra cash.

Learn how to sell used socks online.

How To Make Money Online Step By Step

Hope I managed to answer the following questions for you:

  • How to make money online during coronavirus?
  • How to make instant money online?
  • How to make free money online without paying a fee?
  • How to make money online without paying anything?
  • How to make money online without investment?
  • How to make real money online without investment?

It is important to remember to start small. Try not to make things difficult for yourself. Start with a side hustle to get some cash coming in and gain valuable experience then, move on to the ideas that could generate a full time income for you allowing you to quit your job. Because I know…you might be waking up in the morning saying “I hate my job“.

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