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AOJ Work From Home Jobs Review 2023

AOJ Work From Home Jobs
6/10Our Score
  • some job opportunities
  • difficult to find actual job opportunities
  • site loaded with spam sites
  • fake job listings on Google
  • misleading and confusing site

What Is AOJ Online Jobs And Is It Legit?

As someone with an online business, I understand the importance – and difficulty! – of job searching online. There are plenty of fantastic, reputable job sites, but others seem to just be a scam. 

I recently stumbled across AOJ Work-From-Home Jobs. At first glance, it looked legit, as I saw it was connected to real job-hunting websites. But, after digging deeper, I saw it’s true colors. 

Let’s take an in-depth look at what this website offers, or better put, claims to offer.

Here Is My AOJ Work From Home Jobs Review

What To Consider When Looking For Online Work

Numerous sites offer online job opportunities. And the keyword is opportunities. Because a website shares a job opening, it does not mean that the job is available for everyone who wants it. The best online job sites have jobs that people can apply for, and some of those applicants do end up employed.

However, some online job sites are nothing more than empty websites. Some of them also ask for money. If you are looking for a job and the site requests money from you, that is a sign that the site is probably not legitimate. Look for the costs on the site before you go any deeper. You shouldn’t have to pay to search for jobs. 

After you’ve determined that the website is free to use, you should start looking for job opportunities. The top job sites let job hunters look at openings for free, and those sites have a bunch of them. If you cannot find the site’s job opportunities, the site might not be an actual job webpage. 

Like websites that share job opportunities at brick-and-mortar locations, online job sites should update their openings regularly. If the job website is genuine, new opportunities should appear several times per day. Bogus webpages do not have regular updates. 

Finally, websites that offer job opportunities should be well-organized, complete, and fully functioning. Buttons should work. The site should have an about page that includes legal documents for the site and users. If those items are non-existent or too tricky to find, there is probably something wrong with the site. 

Finding A Job On AOJ Online Jobs

aoj pre-screening

AOJ is a job-hunting site that is better known as American Online Jobs. This site has several iterations with different URLs, but they all go to the same place: the AOJ home page. From there, the site asks you to enter information like your name, email address, and how you found the website. 

After you complete the information and click on the big red buttons, the site opens new tabs on your browser and takes you to random websites that do not have job opportunities. Instead, you might be asked to give more information, fill out surveys, or give your email address again.

In reality, AOJ Work From Home appears to be not much of a job-hunting website. Legit online jobs don’t exist on the site. While it’s not unheard of for a job-hunting website to have some advertisements, the ads on AOJ quickly lead to the idea that AOJ is a place loaded with ads and buttons with no value. 

What Value AOJ Offers

AOJ Jobs Online might have some value if you like to take surveys. Some survey websites might offer paid surveys, but you cannot pay the rent by completing surveys. 

AOJ also has several videos that train watchers on how to use social media to make money. The videos share information about making money from referrals, but the site still isn’t providing links to legit online job opportunities. 

Who Benefits From AOJ Jobs Online?

If you are looking for a real online job, you should find a site that offers them. AOJ is not one of those sites. Instead, it is a site for people who like to get lost in a web of sites asking for email addresses. Those websites then send spam emails and congratulate you on winning something that they never give you. 

Unless you enjoy having your inbox filled with spam emails, you probably will not benefit from using AOJ Work From Home Jobs. Filling out all of those email requests will keep you from finding a legit online job.

Pros And Cons About AOJ Work From Home

When you are job hunting, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of the sites you are visiting. These are the pros and cons of AOJ Online Jobs:


  • Lots of red buttons to click
  • A few job opportunities on the About Us page
  • The site has a few online videos about making money through social media
  • Opens new tabs, so you don’t lose the old ones


  • Difficult to find actual job opportunities
  • The site is loaded with spam sites
  • The site has fake job listings on Google
  • Misleading and confusing site
  • Wastes your time

Features Of AOJ Online Jobs Site


From the site’s title, American Online Jobs looks like a website that should offer job opportunities. Unfortunately, the site’s title does not fit the purpose. Then, what is AOJ, you ask? The answer is simple. It’s a website designed to make money for its owner, with plenty of ads that invite you to share your personal information. 

Lots Of Buttons For Clicking

Interestingly, users do not have to input any information to get through the first few site pages. All you have to do is click on the red buttons to move past the home page and get to the next pages that ask you for more information. 

Real online job sites have tutorials about useful job-hunting tools. They help you navigate the site, write a resume, and apply for the jobs. Real sites also let you search for jobs with filters, like location, skills and experience, and pay. AOJ does not have any of these features. 

Honestly, the only beneficial feature of AOJ is the opportunity to join survey sites. Unfortunately, this feature is rather misleading because most survey sites do not pay much, certainly not enough to pay the rent or buy groceries. 

Tutorial Videos

Along with many buttons and ads, AOJ has a handful of videos that explain to you how to make money with social media. These videos don’t teach you much, other than how to share information about the survey websites and how to become an affiliate. Neither will help you financially support your family. 

The Facebook video explains how to mislead your friends and followers with misleading headlines. If you do these things, your friends and followers might unfriend you. 

The Craigslist video also shows you how to mislead people with clickbait ads. If you’ve ever been a victim of clickbait Craigslist ads, now you know where people are learning to do this. 

The YouTube training video is actually an ad that tries to get you to buy a video about using YouTube to make money. This type of information is actually available for free all over the internet. 

The Instagram video links you to an Instagram-marketing blog post. This begs the question: Don’t you need to have something to market? 

The Pinterest video also gives you a link to a blog. The people behind AOJ are also receiving money for getting their visitors to click on their blogs. 

The last two videos, about email marketing and promoting AOJ, are also useless. The email link attempts to get you to buy some software. The AOJ-promotion video tries to convince you to set up your own AOJ-like website. If you didn’t already know, building a website takes time, costs money, and isn’t guaranteed to work. All of this takes you from a search for an actual job. 

These videos might seem like they are helpful, but there isn’t much to them. They do not give you anything you can’t find elsewhere and with more robust information and techniques. 

Data-Entry Positions

AOJ also attempts to lure users by offering lucrative online data-entry work. They advertise for these opportunities with clickbait ads on Google. If you click on the opportunity, you are taken to the same opportunity. The clicking continues and never takes you to the actual job description and application. 

Menu Links

If you enter the AOJ website, you might get to a version that has a few titles in the menu bar. To access the “Paid Surveys Advice & Tips” you have to create an account. Whatever you create an account, do not give them your real email address. Once you enter information (like a fake email), the site brings you back to the homepage! 

The Web Marketing Tips link at the top of the homepage takes you to a blank page until you click on the menu header’s items. The menu items have some content about web marketing, but nothing useful or innovative. 

In the section about viral advertising, the site advises its users to write an ebook and search Google for more viral advertising information. In the area about home business that actually works, the site tells you to get involved in a multi-level marketing business. The section about affiliate marketing tells readers to start a blog and add an extension to it. 

Multiple Domain Names


What People Are Saying About AOJ

It is tough to find anything positive about AOJ online.

Reviews are nowhere to be found at the time of writing this article, as it is tough to figure out exactly what AOJ is trying to do for people looking for jobs. 

As a result, I will express my personal opinion given the research I have done about this company.

It seems to be a complete scam.

There is absolutely no way you are going to make money with them. I’m surprised that BBB hasn’t banned it yet.

Something is off about the way they operate. Their site is very confusing.

There are no job listings. Instead, you are being funnelled into other ways to make money.

You do get access to some basic training videos however, and it is free.

Alternatives To AOJ

Fortunately, the internet is full of online job websites that actually offer real job opportunities. Online jobs include everything from customer service and legal work to writing and translation services. Some online jobs require college degrees and certifications, like engineering and architecture or accounting and data analytics. 

Fiverr For Quick Opportunities

If you are looking for quick employment, Fiverr might be a good place to start. Fiverr is a site where small jobs get done quickly. The idea behind the site was that people would have opportunities for $5. The site has bigger, better-paying opportunities now. 

You need to have an account on Fiverr to access the services. It also charges a processing fee for services purchased on a credit card. You can make money on this site if you have a unique skill like creating logos, writing jingles, designing tees, or researching genealogy. The site has become competitive, so you have to grow your reputation and start low. 

Join Fiverr

Jobspresso For Links To Skilled Positions

Another alternative to AOJ is Jobspresso, which links users to sites that are offering jobs. For example, if a site like Yelp is hiring, Jobspresso shares the link to the job opportunity on Yelp. The best part of Jobspresso is that you can access all of the job opportunities without creating an account. 

Applicants should read the job descriptions carefully, as many have skills requirements. Since most of the jobs require applicants to have some skills, employers tend to pay living wages. 

Get To Work On GoTranscript

If you are looking for immediate work, check out the opportunities on GoTranscript. This website does transcription services for anyone willing to pay for it. To make money on the site, you become a transcriptionist. They offer opportunities for translators and captioners, too. 

This site is well-organized and easy to maneuver. If you want to become a transcriptionist, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on work. The site tells you everything you need to know to work for them. You should have good typing skills, as the more you transcribe, the more you can make. 

Comparing The Sites

These sites have real job opportunities for people who are willing to work to make money. 


  • Good for creative types
  • Must create an account 
  • Rates are competitive
  • Apply for jobs through Fiverr


  • Free to use
  • Collects jobs from actual online employers
  • Jobs might be out of date
  • Apply for jobs on employer websites
  • Most jobs are skilled positions


  • Actual employers
  • Users must create a free account
  • The site offers employee training
  • Pays regularly
  • Typing skills are necessary
  • Speed and accuracy improve earnings

Final Thoughts On AOJ 

When comparing AOJ to other employment websites, there isn’t much to compare. AOJ does not offer jobs, and it is still tough to figure out precisely what is AOJ online jobs trying to do. 

When rating websites on a scale of 1 to 5 for money-making opportunities, AOJ gets a 1 – and that’s being generous. The opportunities are minimal, and they are not lucrative. Spend your time elsewhere.

Give Fiverr a go instead.

Join Fiverr

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