How To Make Money Coding From Home 2021

How To Make Money Coding From Home – The Ultimate Guide

Learning how to make money coding from home isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

In today’s digital economy, the skill of coding is in high demand. As a result, making money coding can also give you a sense of security.

The options available are endless. You could work on apps, software, websites, games and these are just a few examples.

Let’s have a look at how you can make money programming.

This will probably come as a big surprise to you but to start earning some money online all you need is to learn basic coding skills.

How To Make Money Coding From Home

How To Make Money Coding From Home

How To Make Money With Coding

Here are the most popular ways to make money coding online.

Get A Remote Job

Coding for money by getting a remote job is the most common way.

There is great demand for individuals that are highly skilled in programming and web development.

Companies ranging from large, established corporations to start ups, are all always, looking for more coders.

Many will let you do an internship with them and to gain practical experience and in return, work for them following your graduation.

As a beginner coder, expect your starting salary to be around $70,000 depending on the company size and location.

The demand for coders is high so there is room for you to negotiate your remuneration above the average salary for computer programmers.

A high paying, remote job provides you with security and peace of mind, allowing you to work on your online side hustle.

Become A Freelance Coder

Some companies prefer hiring freelance coders over full time employees.

Such freelancing opportunities occur usually, on a project basis.

When you apply for such positions, try to go for projects that do not require more experience than you have. There are plenty of job posts out there for coders with 6 -12 months of coding experience.

When you are a beginner in coding going for freelancing opportunities, the pay isn’t great. Start with the projects that reflect your experience to build your portfolio and improve your skills to be in the position to bid for the higher paying projects.

You can find freelancing projects on sites like Fiverr.

See Fiverr

Become A Software Developer

As a software developer, you can find a wide range of coding opportunities.

They might require expertise in a specific programming language or someone who is more versatile.

Either way, you are looking to learn how to make money with programming and this is a popular way to do it.

Apps Coding

New apps are being developed on a daily basis both for tablets and smartphones.

If you have identified a gap in a niche and have a fantastic app idea that doesn’t exist already, this could be your opportunity to earn money coding.

If you don’t have an app idea though, don’t get discouraged. There are several companies looking for app coders.

Plug-Ins Coding

Nowadays, most sites are built on WordPress. Just think about the millions of plug-ins offered on their marketplace.

Some are free but others are premium plug-ins like the Link Whisper plug-in for example.

See LinkWhisper

If you develop a plug-in that is user friendly, reliable and serves the needs of web developers, you can make a lot of money with a premium plug-in.

You have the options to work on your own or work for a company that develops plug-ins.

WP Themes Development

Great WordPress themes are hard to come across.

Some good examples are GeneratePress and WP Astra.

See GeneratePress

See WP Astra

You can start by making small adjustments in existing themes or, if you are more experienced, create your own WP theme.

WP themes play a key role in designing websites so this could be an opportunity for you to make money writing code.

Do Cold Pitching

A lot of small business owners need coding help to build a better company site for example but don’t now how to find it.

Audit websites of small companies, figure out how you can improve them and pitch them your plan for them.

In some occasions, business owners might not even be aware they actually need your help.

This could be your opportunity to earn money by coding.

Get Hired By Local Businesses

You could find a job opening as a full time coder in a local business.

Visit your local business and offer to help them with some one off jobs.

Try to over deliver and ask for referrals.

Who knows, you might end up having a full time job as a coder.

Become A Blogger & Vlogger

Blogging and vlogging as a coder can be a huge opportunity.

Your main topic could be “How to earn money by programming”, “Make money learning to code” or “How to make money form coding”.

You could also create an online course teaching other how to learn a programming language. Thinkific is a great platform to build and sell your online course.

See Thinkific

Answering real life questions related to coding, can result in building a huge following base for your blog or vlog.

From there, the sky is the limit! You can make money online with affiliate marketing, YouTube ads, selling your freelancing services or selling courses.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I suggest to check out these books and online courses.

To start your blog or vlog, you might want to consider creating YouTube videos. Here is what equipment you will need to get started with your YouTube channel.

Become A Coding Tutor

You can get paid to tutor others coding.

Your clients could be university students, company employees or even school students.

With tutoring you can make good money and get referrals.

Enter Coding Contests

You can enter coding contests and win cash prizes.

This is also a great way to collaborate with other coders and gain experience working on different projects for different companies.

It is relatively more difficult however, to win and make money as there is more competition.

This is not for you, if you are looking for a steady stream of income but there is a lot of potential into it.

Become A Video Game Developer

This one is more for coders who are thinking about the long term.

You can develop your own video games and sell them.

You must have heard of Minecraft or Stardew Valley. Both video games are big hits, having sold millions of copies, and have been created by coders.

Collaborating with other coders to create video games is also an option.

A video game can be developed even while learning the skills.

It does require hard work but it is worth it as you can potentially make a lot of money.

How To Learn To Code

Some companies prefer hiring coders with a university degree but other don’t mind if you are self-taught.

There are plenty of coding opportunities for everyone.

And remember, there are many coding languages you can learn.

There are free and premium coding resources you can use.

If you are on a limited budget, start with the free ones and as soon as you start making money coding, you can sign up for the premium ones.


The best free resource to learn to code is Freecodecamp.

You will learn the basics of coding but this is sufficient to get you started.

Don’t get discouraged by how simple their homepage is. Their lessons are of high quality.


Udacity Intro To Programming

This learn to code nanodegree program is great for beginners.

You can start a career in web and app development, data science, machine learning, AI.

You can complete it in 4 months, studying 10 hours per week.

No coding experience is needed.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Intro to HTML
  • Intro to CSS
  • Inro to Python
  • Intro to Javascript

With this program you will learn to solve problems like a programmer.

Other benefits include:

  • Real life projects
  • Support from a technical mentor
  • Access to career services

You can pay as you go or register for the 4 months access option.

They run promotional offers throughout the year so you can get access to this course at a discount.

Check out Udacity Intro to Programming here.

See Udacity Intro To Programming

udacity intro to programming

University Courses

Going to university to learn to code will give an in depth understanding of coding.

Online and in person courses are both viable options and can choose from various computer science majors.

University education isn’t for everyone though. It takes a longer time to complete, there is less flexibility and career preparation and connections aren’t as good as what you’ll get with Udacity.

How To Make Money Coding From Home – What Next?

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to make money coding from home.

Coding is a skill in high demand and this will not change.

Not many skills are valued as highly as coding.

Learning to code is a solid money and time investment that can help you generate steady streams of income.

Udacity’s Intro to Programming is the online course I recommend.

See Udacity Intro To Programming

If you are on a tight budget though and cannot spend any money at the moment, start with the free resource of Freecodecamp and once you start making money, invest in Udacity’s coding programs

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