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Jobspresso Review 2023

7.7/10Our Score
  • vetted and curated employers
  • wider employer pool worldwide
  • too few work-from-home job listings
  • some weeks there are no new work-from-home jobs listed
  • no customer profile features for job seekers to highlight for employers

Jobspresso Review

Employment in the United States and around the world is scarce at the moment. With many employers sending employees home to work in response to the global pandemic, COVID-19. Despite everything, we continue to endure as “global citizens.”

We continue to look for online resources for remote work-from-home opportunities. One company stands out like a beacon,—a job board helping job-seekers find credible working from home jobs.

So today, we’ll look into a Jobspresso Review.

Things to Consider Before Using a Website to Find Remote Jobs

The global economy’s current state is far worse off now than during the 2008-2009 financial crisis. And, just as the criminals did then, they are up to their same trite antics again in 2020.

Amidst the chaos the scammers created, there was a market gap in connecting well-vetted and curated companies with job seekers looking to work-from-home.

Unfortunately, job seekers and employers had a significant burden on their hands—a financial burden. A burden Jobspresso is helping ease for job seekers and employers. So let’s keep that in mind as we move through our Jobspresso Review.

Profile Subscription Plans

There is a consistent theme among some of the best websites for remote jobs, and something job seekers must consider when looking for online work—profile subscription plans. The last thing you would want to do as a job seeker is to pay a job board to help you find a job.

Money is tight enough when you’re out of a job that burden lays in the hands of the employers looking to fill a position. You have to conserve your funds to keep a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and other monthly expenses. So, your number one priority is utilizing the internet to save you money instead of spending more.

Nonetheless, working from home is a foreign concept for many employees, and employers are not keen on the idea. Unless your company or job is in the service industry, employers and employees need to adapt to our rapidly changing world. Even I was in a precarious situation at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, and I had to adapt. The point is we’re in this boat together, despite the employment imbalance.

Making the job search more problematic are the criminals worldwide looking for a comfortable win-lose situation. To stave off these scammers, job seekers need to be on the lookout for red flags.


With government bailouts running rampant around the globe, scammers have gone into a sort of feeding frenzy, trying anything to obtain your banking information and personal identification—a common scam playing out on some of the best websites to find remote jobs.

The scammers lure job seekers outside the job board to perform pseudo interviews on platforms with instant messaging capabilities. That way, they avoid having to speak with you.

They utilize online surveys to appear legitimate. They rush to move you through their shady process to obtain your banking and identification information.

So, if the job interview appears too easy or too good to be true, then you’re probably right. Cut your losses and move on while reminding yourself that you’re more informed today than yesterday, and you got to keep all your money and protect your identity.

Now that we have that all laid out, here are a few other common scam tactics.

  • Sudden job offers by texting, calling, or emailing
  • The rate of pay is too high for duties and responsibilities
  • Unsolicited job offer
  • Request for banking and personal identification information
  • Quick to offer the job
  • Big, bold claims of being impressed by your skills and experience from your online resume posted on website XYZ
  • Real-world work disguised as a test

It’s a lot to remember, but it comes with the territory when looking for a job online, even if it’s one of the best websites for remote jobs. Staying informed is your best defense against scams and unethical employers.

what is Jobspresso?

Jobspresso is a job board that was created to make job searching simpler and more efficient.

Gone are the days of browsing through endless job listings; with Jobspresso, you can find your perfect job in just a few clicks.

And because all of the jobs on Jobspresso are hand-picked by a team of experts, you can be sure that you’re only seeing the best opportunities out there.

When Clarence Kin, Founder, and Innovator of Jobspresso, set out to connect job seekers with forward-thinking companies that allowed employees to work-from-home, he was first struck by “the ubiquity of WiFi, how is it most us are still tied to cubicles?”

Kin followed that thought into completing a remote job search in 2015 that returned the following results.

  • Few companies hire for remote jobs
  • Companies have specified time zones that restrict the job hiring process to a geographic location
  • Some employers are not open to offering remote employment opportunities

These results motivated Kin to start working on curating high-quality remote employment with committed employers and offering a better solution to pair companies with committed and highly-motivated employees seeking to work-from-home.


  • Vetted and curated employers to connect with work-from-home job seekers hassle-free.
  • The best scenario for attracting high-quality candidates that already work-from-home.
  • A wider employer pool worldwide gives job seekers greater odds no matter the country of origin.
  • Highly active on Social Media


  • Too few work-from-home job listings.
  • Some weeks there are no new work-from-home jobs listed.
  • No customer profile features for job seekers to highlight for employers.

Features & Benefits

As an online service-based company for employers and job-seekers, the most valuable piece of information is where to go on the internet, That’s not a typo, “.co” is a rising domain, gaining popularity every day. So, when you have a moment, visit Jobspresso. You can also visit them on Twitter and Facebook.

Employers and job seekers can create personal profiles that they can control and update from anywhere. The site and profile are free to use for job seekers; however, employers can choose from four plans. We will go through each program one-by-one.

Job Seekers Gain More From Working at Home

Jobspresso Review, we’ll discuss a litany of benefits from working anywhere globally to flexible work schedules for job seekers. We’ll also take a more in-depth look into some of the benefits; the one that most job seekers crave the most is doing away with long commute times.

On average, American drivers spend 53.2 minutes of every day commuting round trip from home to the office. Quite possibly one of the most lavish luxuries of working from home is the financial improvement in savings.

  • You save in fuel cost or public transit expenses, whether you take a subway or drive a toll road.
  • Your auto insurance premiums lower since you’re no longer racking up the mileage on your car, and you’ve reduced your chance of being involved in an automobile accident.
  • Then there’s your coveted time for sleep, which just got extended by a full hour.
  • Even some career fields can earn you more money if you work-from-home. Software Developers who work-from-home make 40% more than their peers who commute to work every day.
  • Your work hours become more flexible.

Employer Pricing and Planning

The basic plan” includes one job posting for 90 days at a rate of $249.00 with access to the candidate database to review for any qualified applicants. Employers also receive email alerts on prospective candidates (an offer made available under all four job posting plans) and a one-time Twitter announcement.

Jobspresso’s most popular plan, referenced only as a “featured” plan, offers employers “greater exposure!” by allowing them to create a featured homepage with the capability of standing out in a proverbial crowd by highlighting and stickied, something offered only in the top three plans.

The stickied feature ensures employer job postings appear at the top of every search result for job seekers and highlighted for enhancement to draw one’s attention.

The hope is a job seeker’s eye will divert or track to the top of the page, either in response to the highlighted content or hedge your odds on user behavior to start from the top of the page where the first search result appears.

Under the “featured plan,” employers have only one job posting for 90-days at the cost of $299.00. Furthermore, employers on the “featured plan” receive access to the candidate database to identify qualified candidates earlier rather than wait to accept applicant submissions.

The last two are bundle options, the first of which is the “three-pack bundle” plan with a discount of 15% for three job postings for a total expense of $759. In essence, the Three-Pack Bundle allows an employer to post any three jobs for a 90-day duration. Employers will have access to the candidate database to speed up their hiring process.

The final and fourth plan option is the “five-pack bundle” with a 20% discount for $1,189. The employer receives five job postings for a period of no longer than 90-days. As with the other three plans, employers receive access to the candidate.

Additional Employer Benefits

If you are one of many business owners in 2020 who sent employees home to work in response to COVID-19, you may have begun seeing positive results in your employee morale. Employers with happy workers translate into high-productivity and improved employer reputation.

Jobspresso is that avenue for improved productivity and higher employee morale. To help employers commit to hiring remote workers, Jobspresso offers employers independent access to post job candidates to review more than 100,000 remote workers and allows employers to browse through a database of more than 5,000 resumes for remote workers.

On the other hand, job seekers are searching for access to employers who generally hire remote staff. Jobspresso examines every employer and job posting to ensure nothing gets posted that might appear to be a scam. A process meant to protect candidates.

To reach potential new candidates, Jobspresso actively utilizes social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook to increase the candidate pool.

Social Proof

If you’re one of many believing that work-from-home does wonders for your career, you must be curious about what your peers say and what the experience is like for employers. Here are what others have to say online as we continue our Jobspresso Review.

Jobspresso Review
Jobspresso Review


Today the internet gives candidates more opportunities to access work-from-home jobs, other than Here are some alternative sites to consider:

  • FlexJobs
  • Dynamic Jobs
  • Virtual Vocations

FlexJobs is ideal for candidates seeking to work-from-home. They offer flexible job opportunities by partnering with companies needing specific skills for short term projects.

To identify promising short-term opportunities, FlexJobs reviews each job before posting it on their platform for candidates to check. They understand the financial burden on freelancers and contractors and therefore offer extensive resources and tools at a nominal fee.

FlexJobs reviews every job to ensure ad-free and scam-free jobs are available.

  • Job seekers can complete a variety of specific skills tests.
  • Affordable subscription pricing starts at $6.95 for one week, $14.95 per month, $29.95 every three months, and $49.95 per year.

Dynamite Jobs operates more like a hiring agency for temporary employment, only designed for online users working from home. With a team of researchers waving through hundreds of job postings every day to bring to their member candidates’ attention.

  • They offer job seekers a dynamic profile for promoting work
  • Job opportunities originate from partnerships with employers
  • There is NO charge for job seekers registering today.

Virtual Vocations hand-screen every job lead before making it available to their candidates. They promote their platform as saving valuable time for candidates by completing the research for all their members.

  • Registration is free and grants limited access to daily postings.
  • Paid subscriptions provide greater access to the job database.
  • Three subscription offers beginning with $15.99 per month, $13.33 every three months, $59.99 for six months.

What Next?

When it comes to looking for jobs, it’s already stressful and, at times, unbearable. And to think we also have to keep a watchful eye out for scammers, too, seems unconscionable.

But no matter how you look at it, COVID-19 has paved-the-way for an increased demand for work-from-home employment.

Thankfully, we can all rest a little easier knowing innovators like Clarence Kin, the founder of Jobspresso, are giving a great deal of thought to a dynamic employment market. Jobspresso is a contender in helping people all over the world look for meaningful work-from-home opportunities.

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