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4 Best Survey Sites To Make Money 2023

Best Paid Survey Sites For Instant Cash

You might be looking for ways to supplement your income fast. Bills got to be paid, right?

That is why I’ve put together a list of the best survey sites to make money.

Who wouldn’t watch to make money online while watching the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix or playing video games?

This list has been curated following hundreds of hours of research and personal testing.

Here Is My Best Survey Sites To Make Money List

Best Survey Sites To Make Money

ImageSurvey SitesScoreJoin Survey Site
Survey Voices

Survey Voices

Survey Broker Website

Join SiteRead Review
Vindale Research

Vindale Research

Online Market Research Company

Join SiteRead Review
Forthright Surveys

Forthright Surveys

Paid Survey Site

Join SiteRead Review


Online Survey Site

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1.Survey Voices


Survey Voices is a survey broker website. They connect users with the best paying surveys online. This way you don’t waste your time reviewing countless survey sites that pay cash. They list only legitimate paid online surveys and find your match based on your demographics to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Signup: Join Survey Voices

Pros: free service, brokerage, legit

Cons: no customer service, exposed to spam

Check out my full review of Survey Voices here.

2.Vindale Research

Vindale Research logo

Vindale Research is an online market research company. Not only can you get paid to take surveys but also to watch videos and open emails. They provide with all the information you need to select a survey to complete such as estimated completion time, payout and popularity. Be aware that you need to complete many surveys to cash out.

Signup: Join Vindale Research

Pros: free service, user friendly dashboard, signup bonus, legit, Paypal payouts

Cons: high payment threshold, high survey rejection rate, cap in referral earnings

Check out my full review of Vindale Research here.

3.Forthright Surveys

forthright surveys logo

Forthright Surveys is paid survey site. You can join them for free to provide them with your opinion on various products and initiatives. It’s an easy way to make extra cash from home.

Signup: Join Forthright Surveys

Pros: new surveys daily, notified instantly over email, loyalty points, cash out options with no payment threshold

Cons: high disqualification rate, low pay

Check out my full review of Fothright Surveys here.


Crowdology logo

Crowdology is an online survey site. They offer you cash to complete surveys. They claim their surveys are easy and fun. There is a range of pay rates and time requirements. They have a good reputation as their payment threshold is relatively lower, but this comes with an allegedly high survey disqualification rate.

Signup: Join Crowdology

Pros: easy and fun surveys, great range of surveys, prizes and sweepstakes, low payment threshold 

Cons: high disqualification rate, low pay rates

Check out my full review of Crowdology here.

Boost Your Earnings With These Survey Site Hacks

Survey Site Hacks

Sign up to your top 3 paid survey sites only

Signing up to every survey site is a waste of time. Start with the survey that pay the most and work your way down.

Take frequent breaks

Completing survey can be daunting. You don’t exactly spend your time in a creative way. Try to take frequent breaks, say every 1,5 hours, to clear your mind. You could go for a walk, watch Netflix, play video games, listen to business podcasts or even business books.

Benefit from to do lists and signup bonuses

Some survey sites offer cash as signup bonuses or to compete get started task lists. Try not to miss out on them as you will one step and a few dollars closer to your payment threshold to cash out your earnings.

Paid Surveys Aren’t For You And Are Looking For Other Ways To Make Money Online?

Paid surveys are not for everyone.

It takes time to earn money and the high disqualification rates may put you off.

It might be that you are looking for a full-time income and not just extra cash.

If this is the case, make sure you check out these articles to learn more how to start an online business and discover other ways to make money online even if you have no prior experience.

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