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Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve experienced my fair share of setbacks in my business ventures. When my brick-and-mortar business failed due to the impact of COVID-19, I did my best not to let it faze me. Instead, I decided to turn my attention to online opportunities.

While I’ve long used Reddit as a source of news and entertainment, I had never really considered the prospect of making money on the site. I was surprised to learn that there are almost countless ways to earn extra cash on the site, no matter what your skill or speciality. 

Here’s a closer look at how to make money online Reddit. 

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is the self-proclaimed “Front Page of the Internet.” It’s a popular social media site that allows people to delve deep into interests, hobbies, and other areas. To date, Reddit has more than 330 million active users

With Reddit, you can study, learn new information, and keep up to date with current events. Reddit also allows you to socialize with others around the globe. You can easily connect with people who share your niche interests. 


Reddit is made up of sections called subreddits, which are similar to forums. Each of these small communities dedicates itself to a particular topic. For example, /r/aww boasts photos and videos of cute animals, while /r/personalfinance helps people navigate their bank account.

Some subreddits are more popular than others, and thus have a larger number of Reddit subscribers. While default communities such as /r/funny can have millions of members, smaller niche subreddits may only have a handful. 


One or more moderators operate each subreddit. They keep an eye on posts to make sure everything is appropriate and in line with the community rules. Reddit moderators have the power to remove or tag posts, and they can ban subscribers either temporarily or permanently from a subreddit. 


You don’t necessarily need an account to access Reddit. People known as “lurkers” by regular users are those who view content without contributing. 

To make the most of all that Reddit has to offer, it’s best to sign up for an account. Becoming a user is free, anonymous, and the signup process takes just minutes. You don’t have to link an email to your account, but doing so gives you access to greater security. You also won’t run the risk of Reddit closing down your account. 

As a user, you can join communities, make posts, participate in discussions, and vote on posts. As an entrepreneur, you can also promote your blog, website, or business. Reddit offers an ideal platform for expanding your brand and reaching a wider user base. 


The Reddit voting system gives users points known as “karma,” which often go hand-in-hand with how much clout a user has on the site. 

Karma can go both ways, and so it’s important to be conscientious about what you publicly post. If a user perceives something as rude, useless, or offensive, they can downvote it with negative karma points. You may even get banned from certain subreddits for posting the wrong thing.

Rules and Regulations

Each subreddit has its own set of rules that users must follow when posting. On the sidebar of each page, you can find a unique list of rules that the community must follow. 

Most people visit Reddit to participate in discussions, read articles, and check out the latest news. What many users don’t know, however, is that the site is also rife with opportunities to make money. As long as you know what to post and where to post it, you can build your online presence and make a decent amount of cash on the side. 

Best How To Make Money Online Reddit Communities

One of the most important things to remember when looking for how to make money online with Reddit is that you need to choose the right subreddit. There are several popular communities dedicated to helping subscribers find opportunities to make some cash online. 


This is one of the most popular money-making subreddits, with more than 500,000 subscribers. The community dedicates itself to helping people find side-gigs, particularly simple, short-term jobs. 

As the name suggests, this subreddit is geared more towards helping people supplement their income for extra “beer money” as opposed to finding a stable 9 to 5 position. 

Most of the opportunities that people post involve making money by participating in surveys, completing short tasks online, writing product reviews, and more. 

Users who meet the subreddit’s requirements can post referral links to quick and easy online gigs. Each post is required to list details such as job payout, payment options, and what type of work is involved. Some jobs are specific to certain locations, while others are open to all. 


Instead of searching through job listings, this subreddit lets you advertise your professional skills. There are more than 200,000 active subscribers, including both job seekers and people looking to hire.

You can target people who are looking to hire professionals in your area of expertise and connect with potential employers around the world.

This subreddit isn’t limited to those looking for work. People can also post job offerings here. Often, gigs are short-term and with fairly low pay, but there are ample opportunities available.

Most of the gigs that you’ll find through /r/ForHire are related to IT and tech, including graphic design work, web development, and more. If you’re a computer whiz, you have a good chance of finding regular work through this subreddit. 


Redditors who are looking for long-term work often go to /r/WorkOnline to find openings. There are more than 300,000 subscribers to date.

Unlike /r/BeerMoney and /r/ForHire, /r/WorkOnline focuses on traditional 9 to 5 jobs and freelancing opportunities. All postings are required to offer at least minimum wage, if not more.

All work posted to this subreddit is remote. It’s ideal for those who have to work from home, such as stay-at-home moms or family caretakers. People in areas with limited job options can access more lucrative opportunities in other cities or even other countries. 

This subreddit offers a broader scope of job opportunities than most other money-making communities. In addition to gigs such as surveys and focus groups, you can find affiliate marketing jobs, online tutoring, personal assistant openings, and freelancing jobs across a variety of online industries.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, /r/SlaveLabour specializes in posting low-paying opportunities. Most listings offer below the market rate when it comes to compensation. However, jobs are usually quick, easy, and don’t require any special skills or certifications. 

This subreddit is popular amongst users who are looking to supplement their income rather than make a full-time wage. Tasks range from simple data entry to content creation, and everything in between. 

Most jobs take just a few minutes to a few hours to complete, so you can take on multiple tasks per day. 

The /r/SlaveLabour subreddit has gained popularity fairly recently, with more than 200,000 users. It can be competitive, but most days, there’s also a high volume of job opportunities available. 


Many influencers earn money through affiliate programs with their favorite companies. They push a particular product online through sales links, and each person who signs up via the link earns them a small commission.

Some people who participate in affiliate programs boost their earnings by paying people to sign up using their referral code. While the pay is usually fairly minimal, it takes just minutes to earn extra cash. You can easily sign up with multiple affiliate links in a day for more money. 

This subreddit is a part of the /r/SlaveLabour network. Unlike its parent subreddit, it offers work in a very niche field. There are just over 44,000 subscribers, making this community less competitive than other money-making subreddits. 

Best How To Make Money Online Reddit Posts

Even if you choose the right subreddit, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to earn extra cash. You should know what type of Reddit posts to look for when job-hunting, and how to make successful posts of your own. 


On many money-making subreddits, when people post a job listing, it gets tagged as a “task.” This type of post offers a predetermined, set amount of cash for a particular gig. You can message the poster with your information, and if you meet their specifications, they’ll respond with more details about the work. 


If you want to take control of your job search, you can post a listing yourself. A job offer listing should include what type of work you’re willing to do as well as your preferred pay rate. You may also want to include other details such as timeframe, location, and previous work.

For Hire

A “for hire” posting is similar to an “offer” posting but tends to be more flexible. You can advertise that you’re for hire and list your unique skill set. Pay rates tend to be more flexible and may be open to negotiation. 


Posts that advertise as “hiring” often offer longer or more lucrative contracts than “task” listings. You may even be able to find full-time, 9 to 5 jobs posted under a “hiring” tag. Postings will list whether a job is still open and available, or whether the position has gotten filled. 

Mod Posts

Every once in a while, moderators will post to a subreddit. Mod posts often cover new rules, go over old guidelines, or offer advice. Mods may also post about community events, fundraisers, job fairs, and more. 

Can You Earn Money On Reddit?

Reddit doesn’t allow users to make money in the same way as other social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube. You can’t post ads, and you aren’t permitted to monetize subreddits. The site doesn’t offer any secure payment platform for users to send and receive money. 

Users can’t list products for sale, either. Doing this is a violation of subreddit rules in most cases and can get you either temporarily or permanently banned. 

Posting affiliate links is usually frowned upon. However, some subreddits will permit affiliate links under certain circumstances. You should always check the rules to see if affiliate links fall under the category of “spam.” When in doubt, message the subreddit moderator and ask. 

Even though there is no way to earn money directly from Reddit, it’s still possible to make money through the website. You can promote your business by participating in community discussions, create posts and subreddits to get your name out there and search for additional side-hustles along the way. 

If a job listing takes you to a third-party site, you may get paid directly there. However, many Reddit users choose to pay for gigs using PayPal. The platform offers an easy and mostly anonymous way to send and receive money. The only identifying information that you have to share is your PayPal email address.

You can also exchange funds anonymously with other Redditors via cryptocurrency. Many users are very tech-savvy and will have no problem paying for your time in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. 

Some Reddit users pay for online gigs using less conventional methods. This is especially true of short-term or one-off jobs. You may find postings that offer payment in the form of an Amazon or Visa gift card. Some users will even barter goods and services in exchange for work.

Things To Know When Making Money With Reddit

If you want to know how to make money from home Reddit is a great way to do so. However, it’s important that you know and follow the rules. Each subreddit has its own community guidelines that posters must follow. These outline things such as what you can and can’t post and what information to include. 

Sometimes, your account has to be a certain age or have a certain karma level to participate in discussions. Most communities also have rules banning spam and self-promotion.

If you break any of a subreddit’s rules, you may find yourself banned. Moderators can ban anyone who doesn’t follow community guidelines, no matter how small the infraction. You may only get banned for a temporary period, or your username may get banned from a subreddit permanently. 

Staying Safe 

While it’s relatively easy to make money with Reddit, it’s important to know what you’re doing to avoid getting scammed. Moderators aren’t always able to catch malicious bots and scammers looking to prey on subscribers.

When responding to a job posting, only provide personal details when absolutely necessary. Don’t give out information such as your social security number or birth date until you’ve vetted and verified the poster.

If you receive an unsolicited message about a job posting, be wary that it may be a scammer. This is a common tactic seen on Reddit. When in doubt, you can check the Universal Scammer List to see if a Reddit username has gotten flagged in the past. 

What Next?

If you’re wondering how to make money online, Reddit is the way to go. There are countless opportunities to make extra cash, from short-term gigs to full-time jobs. No matter what your skill set might be, you’re bound to be able to find exciting ways to earn through Reddit.

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