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How To Sell Feet Pics In 2023

How To Sell Feet Pics Online

Selling pictures of your feet is a relatively easy way to make money online while working at home.

Many companies buy feet pictures to promote products such as shoes and socks.

If you’d like to get paid for pictures of your feet, in this article I’ll cover:

  • How to sell feet pics
  • What you need to do to sell them successfully
  • How much to charge for your feet pictures
  • How to legally sell them
  • Where to sell them

Learn How To Sell Feet Pics

How To Sell Feet Pics

There are a number of places online where you can sell your feet pictures.

Here are the best places to sell your feet pictures online in America.

1. Start A Niche Blog Or Authority Site

Start a blog penetrating the niche of feet or lifestyle authority site.

Here are some ideas on topics you could write about:

  • How to take care of your feet
  • How to make my feet softer
  • Foot hygiene
  • How to wash feet
  • Best foot care
  • How to get nice feet
  • Best cotton socks
  • Best moisture wicking socks
  • Best shoes for walking on concrete
  • Best water shoes
  • Best boat shoes
  • How to get rid of dead skin on feet

People are actively searching for feet related articles so why not use your feet pics in your articles making money writing sponsored posts, advertising and using affiliate links.

If you want to learn more about how to start a niche site, I recommend Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab.

Read The Full Affiliate Lab Review

If you are interested in starting an authority site, I recommend The Authority Site System by the Authority Hacker team.

Read The Full Authority Hacker Review

2. Instafeet

Instafeet is a popular platform dedicated to selling feet pics.

Its functionality is similar to that of Instagram but the focus is on feet pics.

Here is how Instafeet works:

  • Create your account and get your profile verified
  • Gain subscribers by posting attractive feet pictures
  • Once you gain some traction, you can charge a subscription fee. 

Note that when you apply for profile verification there is a waiting list. It can take up to 3 weeks to hear back from them and not everyone gets approved.

You get paid on the 1st and 15th of every month, paying Instafeet 10% from your subscription earnings.

You will not get paid unless you have used your ID card to verify your age.

3. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is an alternative platform to Instafeet.

Signing up is free and identity verification is required to ensure safety and privacy.

Here is how Feet Finder works:

  • Create your account and get it verified
  • Get your feet pictures or videos uploaded
  • Receive purchase requests
  • Accept offers and demonstrate feet pics and videos previews
  • Get paid

4. Become A Parts Model

By becoming a parts model you model a specific body part for companies.

For example, a company that sells shoes, sock or feet care products hires foot models.

If you are a foot model, you could also get hired in other areas such as beauty, jewelry or pharmaceuticals.

This could be a remote job or you could work on site depending on the requirements of the company that hires you.

To get started with becoming a parts model, take professional grade pictures of your feet to build your portfolio first.

A stunning portfolio can help you land potential parts model jobs or even join modeling agencies.

5. Sell On Stock Photo Sites

Your feet pics can be sold on stock photo sites.

This is a great way to get you started, if you are new to this.

Shutterstock, Envato, Shotzr, iStockphoto and Alamy are some examples of stock photo sites you can try.

Every time someone downloads one of your feet pics, you earn money.

You’ll face a lot of competition so remember to be creative with your pictures, only take high quality pictures and stay relevant.

See what feet pictures get downloaded more often and get inspired by them.

6. Sell On Facebook

Search for Facebook groups with a focus on buying and selling feet pictures.

Its group comes with its own set of rules so make sure you follow them in order not to get banned.

You might need to exchange private messages to close the deals. Set limits to these conversations and only accept payments via safe and established platforms such as Paypal or Venmo.

7. Sell On Foap

On Foap, you can get your feet pictures promoted and sell them to established brands all over the world.

Here is how Foap works:

  • Download the Foap app on your mobile phone
  • Create an account
  • Upload your feet photos
  • Price your photos. The average price is $10 and Foap gets 50% of your earnings.

Alternatively, you can try Whisper or OnlyFans.

8. Sell On Zazzle

Zazzle is a marketplace for designers to design and sell customizable products.

You are probably thinking “What does this have to do with selling feet pics?”.

You can print your stunning feet pics on items like mugs, pillows and t-shirts and sell them online.

If you are a creative person, this might be the right starting point for you.

9. How To Sell Feet Pics On OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a platform where creators and their fans connect.

Your fans subscribe to access content that you create so you could be earning recurring fees.

You could also maximize your earnings by benefiting from Pay-Per-View messages.

The way this works is that you create a photo or video specifically, for your fans. To access it, they have to pay a price that you set.

10. How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

Get started with selling feet pics on Instagram by creating an Instagram account just for feet pics.

Here is how to sell feet pictures on Instagram:

  • Create an account
  • Set a feet pic as your profile picture
  • Use feet related hashtags when uploading your content
  • Engage with your audience
  • Collaborate with other feet pics sellers to reach a bigger audience
  • Direct your audience to a subscription based membership site uploading new feet pics on a regular basis

There is no need to reveal any personal information. Treat this Instagram account as a tool to get your feet pics promoted and engage only with individuals willing become paying clients.

11. How To Sell Feet Pics On Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace allowing creators to sell unique products.

There is a digital goods section where you could sell your feet pictures.

You could sell standalone feet pics or in a package, physical products with your feet pics printed or even accessories such as toe rings ankle bracelets and socks.

It is worth mentioning that a foot tattoo shop generates 30,000 sales on Etsy!

Be creative and the sky is the limit.

12. How To Sell Feet Pics On Craigslist

If you have set up a feet pics outlet online such a blog or e-shop, you can use Craigslist to promote your work and direct interested parties to your outlets.

This way, you ensure you avoid the scammers and all transactions occur in a safe environment.

feet pic sand

How To Sell Feet Pics Successfully

We’ve already covered the best places to sell your feet pics and how do that to make money online.

We’ll now dive into top tips to sell your feet pics successfully.

Watermark Your Preview Photos

When you show potential buyers your feet pics it is a good idea to show them watermarked versions.

This will keep your work protected.

You can apply a watermark using any photo editing tool.

My favourite graphic design platform is Canva. You can use it to put a watermark on your feet photos.

Keep Your Feet Anonymous

You feet are anonymous and should remain so.

Under no circumstances, is there any obligation to share any of your other body parts. If someone is pressuring you to do so, it is probably someone you don’t want to sell your feet pics to.

When you need to engage with a potential buyer try to communicate in a business manner and avoid discussing anything that is out of scope.

Ensure that your payment methods are secure.

These are all measure of precaution so that you don’t fall in the hands of scammers.

Create An Email Specifically For Selling Feet Pictures

Create a free email account devoted to selling your feet pictures.

Not only will you be able to monitor your feet business activities easier but you will also keep your feet anonymous as the recipients won’ t be able to associate your feet business email with any personal information.

You can use Gmail to create a free email and access it from anywhere.

Take High Definition Pictures

High quality feet pictures are more attractive increasing your chances of selling them.

You don’t need to hire a pro to take the pictures for you or use an expensive camera. Your smartphone will do provided it has a decent camera.

I’ve got an iPhone 11 Pro and it’s got a 4K camera that would be more than sufficient for such a task. 

Get iPhone 11 Pro

Next, you need to think about lighting.

A free method, is to use natural light from a window or outdoors. 

If you have the budget to invest in light you can get a softbox to emulate natural light without creating hard shadows on your feet. I recommend the Mountdog softbox lighting kit.

Get Mountdog Softbox Lighting Kit

Ring lights are also popular. With ring lights you produce soft light directly on the subject. Your skin will look amazing!  I recommend the TaoTronics Ring Light CL025.

Get TaoTronics Ring Light CL025

If you are up for creating a more unique look, you can use a pocket RGB light that you can carry and set up quickly and easily. I recommend the IVISII G2 Pocket RGB Camera Light.

Get IVISII G2 Pocket RGB Camera Light

Use Different Feet Poses

There are different feet poses you can use to add some variety in your pictures.

Identify the best foot models and most popular shoe and socks ads and study them. What poses are these parts models using and can you use them too?

Also, pay attention to their lighting and camera angles and get inspired by them.

Play around with different poses and determine which ones sell better.

It may sound like a lot right now but once you get used to the process you will feel more comfortable.

Take Good Care Of Your Feet

Your feet need to be beautiful, healthy and clean.

Set a foot care routine and stick to it.

When taking feet pics, make sure your feet are clean and dry.

Most feet models get a foot spa on a monthly basis, trim their nails weekly and keep their feet moisturized.

You never know when a business opportunity might come up so your feet need to always be at their best.

How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures

Your price tag depends on the quality of your feet pics.

You can charge anything between $5 – $100.

The less experience you have, the lower the price you should be charging. As you gain more experience, you can raise your price level.

Is It Illegal To Sell Feet Pictures Online?

Selling feet pictures online is legal but you need to be at least 18 years old, having full ownership of these pictures.

Where To Sell Feet Pics

In the US, you can sell your feet pics on the following platforms:

  • OnlyFans
  • Etsy
  • Feet Finder
  • Shutterstock
  • Shotzr
  • Craiglist
  • Instafeet
  • Alamy
  • Zazzle
  • iStockPhoto
  • Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram

What Next? How To Sell Feet Pics

Hope you enjoyed this article on how to sell feet pics in 2023 and gained some value from it.

Getting paid to sell feet pics is more popular than you might think.

What is great is that you can do it online, working from home.

You could start it as a side hustle or turn it into a full time gig.

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