Become An Online Juror

How To Make Money Online As An Online Juror

Many people are in the same boat of needing to earn extra money fast these days. 

They need to think of a quick and easy way to bring in an income so that they could pay their bills.

That’s why I decided to look into how to become an online juror to help you make a little bit of extra cash on the side. 

What is an Online Juror?

Most of us are familiar with jury duty. Anyone who is a registered voter and has a valid state ID has probably gone through the jury selection process and possibly even served at least once. 

Becoming an online juror is very similar to serving in an in-person jury. However, the cases that you’ll encounter haven’t gone to court yet. Online jurors sit on a mock jury where lawyers are able to practice their case. 

During each e-trial, you’ll consider arguments and evidence just as you would while serving in a real jury. Lawyers want online jurors to give them a feel for how a real jury might react to their arguments and whether they can expect a positive outcome for their client. 

Your feedback on a case can help legal experts to hone their defence strategy and overall approach. It may even help them to decide which trials are worth taking in the first place. 

An online juror can participate in multiple cases, sometimes even on the same day. Typically, they get paid per each verdict, with lengthier trials demanding higher compensation. 

Working as a mock juror is an interesting, fun, and intellectually stimulating way to make some extra money. You’ll learn more about local politics and the intricacies of the legal process. You may even pick up healthy habits when it comes to note-taking, critical thinking, peer-to-peer communication, and more. 

What Does an Online Juror Do?

As an online juror, you’ll participate in a mock e-trial that operates exactly as it would in a real courtroom

Lawyers present their cases to a handpicked group of people that acts as a jury before wrapping things up with a closing argument. After that, the jury discusses the trial amongst themselves. Eventually, they come up with a verdict of either “guilty” or “not guilty.”

An online juror’s main job is to pick apart a lawyer’s argument and look for any weak spots. Lawyers hire a mock jury so that they can ensure their case is airtight. They’re looking for people who are willing to provide open, honest feedback. 

As an online juror, you’ll listen to a lawyer present their case and their client’s argument without interruption. Once they finish, you and the other jurors can convene in a chatroom or video conference call to discuss the details and eventually reach a verdict. This can take anywhere from a few hours to days of discussion. 

You don’t necessarily need any training or expertise to become an online juror. Many sites offer a short training session for new subscribers, but other than that, online jurors can usually start working the same day that they sign up for a service. 

Screening for Online Jurors

Most lawyers screen online jurors before a mock trial. Some websites will do this for them by making you take a quick questionnaire upon signing up. 

The main purpose of these questionnaires is to make sure that you’re not biased against the case in any way. You may be disqualified for having certain affiliations, if you’re an attorney yourself, or if you just don’t fit the specific criteria for jury selection. 

Each mock trial will have its own set of requirements for potential online jurors. Before applying to a case, it’s a good idea to check and make sure you qualify to avoid wasting your time. 

Requirements to Be an Online Juror

There aren’t many requirements that online jurors have to meet. You may have to provide proof of residence, such as a valid ID, along with proof that you’re over the age of 18 to participate. 

You don’t need any type of formal training or certifications to serve on a mock jury. Some websites ask that you complete a short training session before you get started, but it’s often very straightforward, even for those who don’t speak “legalese.”

For the most part, all you really need to become an online juror is access to a fast and reliable internet connection. You also need a working computer or mobile device, preferably one with a camera. 

The most stringent requirement that most online jurors come across is geographical. To work a case, you generally have to live in the surrounding area. Lawyers want to ensure that a given venue is right for their clients. 

How Much Can You Make as an Online Juror?

Online jurors can make decent money with just a few hours of work. However, it’s a good idea not to treat the gig as a full-time job. The pay isn’t always reliable, especially for those who live in more remote areas. 

Compensation generally depends on which website or service is hosting your mock trial. Some companies pay online jurors better than others. However, they tend to have more strict vetting requirements as well. 

You can expect to get paid between $10 and $60 for an average case. A short, easy verdict might only pay $5, while cases that go on for hours may demand upwards of $100. In rare cases, you can find mock trials that will pay jurors hundreds of dollars for their time. 

For many people, money isn’t the only perk of becoming an online juror. You can also enjoy working a job that’s engaging, flexible, and doesn’t require any long-term commitment. 

How Do You Become an Online Juror?

Becoming an online juror is easier than you might think. All you have to do is find a reputable company and complete the registration process. If you meet all qualifications, you’ll be able to start taking on cases immediately. 

Most sites will assign you cases to review. Geographic location is important in these assignments because most lawyers want a mock jury representative of who they might face in the courtroom. The venue can have a considerable impact on the outcome of a case. 

If you want to find steady work, you need to find a site that offers plenty of cases in your area. This isn’t usually a problem for people living in major cities such as Los Angeles or New York.

People who live in rural areas may have more trouble finding mock juror gigs in their area. Fewer cases tend to pop up in small-town communities. 

If you sign up for multiple mock jury services, you may improve your chances of stumbling upon a lucrative case. You need to be persistent and check daily, if not multiple times per day during dry spells. 

There are plenty of online services for lawyers and jurors that host mock trials through their platform. If you’re not sure where to turn, we’ll cover our top favorite picks here. 

7 Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Be On A Mock Jury:


While eJury pays lower than other sites, it’s one of the easiest to use for beginners. It has a quick and simple sign-up process along with a dedicated “Learn About” section. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about participating in an online mock trial. 

eJury will notify you whenever a new opportunity pops up in your area by sending you an automated email. You can accept cases with just the click of a button and access all the materials you need through the website platform. 

Depending on the case, you can expect to earn between $5 and $10 per verdict. The company pays through PayPal. 


The service is geared more towards attorneys than jurors in its setup, but it’s still a good site for those looking to make reliable cash on the side. The application process is relatively simple, though you do have to reveal limited personal information. 

After signing up, JuryTest will notify you of any cases in your area via email. You can give feedback through live chat, video, or written surveys depending on whatever’s most convenient. 

Payment depends on how long you spend working on a given case. It generally varies between $20 and $50 per trial, though some cases may pay more. 


JuryTalk offers mock trials and legal focus groups, giving it a wider scope than similar services. Signing up is simple and enables you to participate in both trials and focus groups if you wish. 

JuryTalk can get a little bit more personal in their questionnaires than other mock trial services. It requires you to divulge information such as religious and political affiliation to help attorneys better screen candidates. They pay on par with other similar services.

4.Resolution Research

As the name suggests, this online service offers more research opportunities than just mock trials. They handle market research in all sectors, giving users access to a wide variety of money-making opportunities. 

The site’s mock jury recruitment program helps lawyers to find the right online jurors for their trial. As long as you pass fairly strict screening requirements, the service will automatically match you with cases in your area. 

Resolution Research pays per each study, and the cost depends on how much time and effort each participant had to spend. Payment can range anywhere between $5 and more than $300 depending on the opportunity. 

5.Online Verdict

This service is easy to sign up for, as all they require is proof of age and residency. You don’t have to give up any personal information if you don’t want to. 

All cases submitted through the site are summarized by an attorney, making it easy for users to sort through available opportunities. If there’s a case you can work on, you can agree to answer an online questionnaire for cash. 

This service pays users via a monthly check. The amount will vary depending on how many verdicts you’ve delivered, but users typically earn between $20 and $60 per trial. 

6.Virtual Jury

This site treats mock trials as a legal focus group, encouraging open discourse through voice or video chat. It encourages participants to share honest thoughts and feelings instead of being limited to a multiple-choice questionnaire. 

Users are selected at random to participate in cases around their area. If you get chosen, Virtual Jury will notify you by email. If you decide to participate, the site will compensate you based on the case’s timeframe and complexity. 


This service has simple sign-up requirements that make it easy for any U.S. citizen over 18 to participate in paid mock trials. Once you sign up, the site will randomly select you if a case within your area and demographic arises. 

Most participant feedback gets sent through multiple-choice questionnaires. Often, cases take a little bit longer than with other sites, usually lasting between five to seven hours on weekdays. 

Unlike other mock trial services, SignUpDirect pays participants by the hour. You can earn around $12 hourly working cases, which is higher than the federal minimum wage

Is Becoming an Online Juror Legit?

While it may seem too good to be true, participating in an online jury is a safe and legitimate way to earn some extra cash. Mock trials are organized and operated by real lawyers instead of bots and algorithms. 

As long as you take care to ensure the website you choose is legitimate, you shouldn’t have to worry about scammers and cybercriminals. Always investigate the company and read reviews to see honest feedback from current and past users. 

That being said, it’s always a good idea to be conscious of online scams and take steps to protect yourself. 

One of the biggest red flags to hint at a scam is a mock trial service asking for money upfront. Legitimate websites won’t charge you to become an online juror through hidden subscription or application fees. 

As long as you’re careful about who you give your information to, you shouldn’t have to worry about scammers when looking for an online jury gig. It’s generally a safe, quick, and convenient way to increase your monthly paycheck. 

What Next?

Becoming an online juror is a fun and interesting way to earn some extra cash without ever having to leave your living room. It takes just minutes to get started, and there are countless opportunities available to pique your interest. 

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