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Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Review 2024

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)


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Welcome to my Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Review 2024.

I spent 24+ hours researching about and actually completing the most popular online business courses for making money online.

In this Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this e-learning package and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA).

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Review 2024

What is Tai Lopez SMMA Social Media Marketing Agency?

Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency program SMMA, established by Tai Lopez (and not Ty Lopez), promises to teach you how to start your own marketing agency to get small businesses to hire you using social media. It is an online course and they claim to have 35,000 people signed up for it.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Social Media Marketing Course

Like Tai Lopez’s Social Media course, there are many online programs that can help you develop your online marketing skills through social media influence. Some of these programs are excellent resources, but some turn out to be the opposite. You may question, Tai Lopez SMMA Social Media Marketing: scam or legit?

The following are some things to look out for when you’re selecting a program.

The Creators 

A solid way to decide whether an online program is high-quality is to take some time to do a little research on their CEOs and other leaders.

Not everyone takes the time to consider the people behind the product, but it’s super important in online marketing courses.

Like you would prefer experts throughout all of your other life areas, you should also want a marketing and media professional guiding you through social media marketing. Believe it or not, some of these courses are run by people who have no experience in the industry; they were just good at coming up with a quick way to get money.

When it comes to social media, the best way you can learn is to take advice and study real-life results from social media marketing professionals. Trust me – it’s worth it to take a little extra time to study up on these individuals’ backgrounds. It could mean the difference between buying from an honest expert or a scheming nobody.


Some social media courses offer official certificates upon completion of the program. The certification isn’t the be-all, end-all, but it is a nice touch to have. Though it may not make a massive difference in a personal campaign, it does look good to other companies.

If you plan on working with small businesses, your certificate in a social media marketing course might mean the difference between a company choosing you and another freelancer. The document delivers concrete proof that you have some quality, professional training, and other companies – especially small businesses – love to see that.

Course Content

If you’re looking to start social media marketing, you might want to look at what kind of content they have. Many people entering social media for the first time are transitioning from other careers, meaning your time is limited. In that case, it’s good to stick with a program with flexible classes and minimal reading.

Some of the best courses have heavy video content, which is helpful because you can watch videos while you’re doing things around the house and take in information quicker than reading a textbook.

Any resources a company can offer you in a comprehensive program will be helpful, so make sure you study the content and format of an application before handing over your credit card.

Types of Social Media

There are all kinds of social media these days, from the classics like Facebook and Twitter to newer platforms like TikTok and Instagram. You might have a particular interest in just a specific few of these platforms, or you might want to learn about as many as possible.

When you check out a social media marketing course, try to find out what media they cover. They may deliver a broad overview of all social media, providing you with tips and tools applicable to all platforms, or they could focus on just a select few. To ensure you don’t meet disappointment, you should find this out, if possible.

How does Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency work and what are its pros & cons?

In this Tai Lopez Social Media Agency review, I’d like to talk about a few specific features and how they can benefit you in your professional social media career.

The Tai Lopez social media program attracts those with the desire to make money using social media and promises a “laptop lifestyle” that you can bring with you anywhere in the world.

This social media marketing agency program by Tai Lopez teaches others how to start a marketing agency using just social media campaigns, which will grab the attention of small businesses and result in lots of hires.  It is one of the top programs.

The business operates on a 4-module setup, one that covers everything from your business’s setup to developing a whole team and everything in between. Plus, the full program also offers bonus lessons, live calls, and an active Facebook group.

Although the social media agency by Tai Lopez started at $997, it has dropped since its release to $667 goes on sale sometimes for as little as $197.

When you join the program, you can choose to do the full, 4-month training program or sign up for the Quickstart version. The difference is that the Quickstart contains far less content, but it costs less.


  • Over 64 hours of video training with 130+ lessons for a comprehensive learning
  • Lessons taught by Tai Lopez himself along with several other social media experts and digital marketing agency owners for tons of perspectives and business examples
  • The site has received numerous positive reviews and presents real success stories
  • Affordable price for lots of content
  • Private and interactive community on Facebook for support


  • Many users (like myself) have found the course and its content confusing and disorganized, with topics crossing over into different modules
  • Some material is not updated to fit today’s social media technology
  • An expansive number of teachers make quality inconsistent at times

Features & Benefits Tai Lopez SMMA

Despite the few hiccups we mentioned in the cons above, there are still tons of beneficial features you will receive when you sign up for the Tai Lopez marketing program. Below, I discuss some of the most prominent features and how they can be so impactful to your social media business.

Certificate of Completion

As we talked about earlier, a certificate can be a good qualification to have when working with other businesses; however, don’t mistake it for a job guarantee. Like a college degree, companies can go either way in terms of importance.

Some businesses like to see results, while others are impressed by education. Having additional certificates above and beyond a degree can showcase your dedication to learning as well as your technical skills, though it’s still important to be able to back these skills in real-life examples.

Having a certificate might mean the difference between telling a company that you’re experienced and skilled and showing a company those former things.

Modules and Lessons

This social media course is broken up into four modules:

  1. Business Setup
  2. Mastering Social Media Marketing
  3. Acquiring Clients
  4. Automating, Servicing, & Building Your Team

Within these four phases, you will learn through bonus lessons, videos, teachers, live calls, and chats with other students. All of it comes together to over 64 hours of material from the moment you sign up.

Some of the things you will become educated on are naming your company, building a website, Facebook and Google ads, email marketing, copywriting for social media, and SEO – just to name a few.

With all of the topics covered in these four modules, you get a lot of meat in this program. While some courses cover the bare minimum, this one gives you everything you need to know and more to be successful on social media.

Lots of Experts

While some marketing courses stick to one or two main experts to guide you through lessons and phases, Tai Lopez has implemented the use of several experts across the videos to teach students.

With this, there are some positives and some drawbacks. For starters, lots of experts mean lots of experience and stories. By getting input from multiple sources, you’re gaining tons of knowledge and hearing many different perspectives. The program is able to reach different people in different ways because of its diverse staff.

However, all of these individuals with various approaches and work ethics can also make the content a little inconsistent, so be careful with what you take in. While the information is quality, you may find yourself connecting with certain instructors over others, which can make it hard to concentrate and take the information seriously.

Active Community

When you join the Tai Lopez social media program, you are automatically included in the highly active Facebook page. A lot of marketing courses include communities like this, but I was super impressed to see how many people actually post and continue discussions on this page. With over 20,000 members, it’s easy to connect and find support throughout this program.

People on this page seem very willing to share their stories, review the course content, and answer questions for other members who are struggling. In the world of business, it can be hard to find an open and inclusive community like that, so I would definitely mark that down in your plus column.

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) reviews

A Tai Lopez agency review is not necessarily enough to prove that a company is the right choice. Reviews from other customers can show the social media Tai Lopez is a success, or prove the Tai Lopez social media marketing scam. To really drive home this review, I searched around the internet a little bit to find some real reviews from real customers for you to check out:

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Review
Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Review
Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Review
Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) Review


Although the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency program is a high-quality product that I absolutely recommend, I also understand the idea of shopping around a little before deciding what to invest in. That concept goes for courses as much as the product, so here are a few alternatives that I also recommend to anyone looking to start a social media marketing career or build a digital marketing agency.

Social Media Marketing Mastery

Udemy has been a popular professional resource for a long time now, offering over 100,000 courses across all kinds of business, marketing, leadership, and more. That being said, they have an excellent selection for social media marketing, including their top-rated Social Media Mastery course.

In this $100 program, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of social media marketing through videos, articles, tools, and more. With lifetime access, you can always go back for a refresher, and your earned certificate will make you stand out against your competitors. Feel free to check out the page in the link above for more details.

Social Media Management – The Complete 2019 Manager Bootcamp

As we’ve already noted, Udemy offers tons and tons of online courses across all kinds of industries and professional skills. Their 2019 Manager Bootcamp is the latest on becoming a freelance social media manager and how you can achieve financial freedom from just about anywhere.

The course includes 8 hours of video, two articles, several downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion. Those details, along with the 30-day money-back guarantee, make this course a superb resource for anyone looking to set up a freelance business and earn income from home. The link above will take you right to the course page, where you can get started for $94.99.

Powerful Social Media Marketing for Beginners

This online social media course is designed to provide the tool and techniques necessary to drive a successful social media business. If you want to become a top-notch social media manager, you can start by learning from Maggie Stara, who is a seasoned Digital Marketing Specialist.

Throughout the course of this program, you will learn about marketing, business, copywriting, graphic design, social media, freelancing, and more through a simple yet exact blueprint to success. Check it out through the link above to get started and develop the skills you already have.

Who Should Buy SMMA 2.0?

Anyone who is interested in starting a social media marketing agency.

It’s not the most succinct training or the most up-to-date, but it is quite thorough and offers outstanding value for money (assuming you buy it on discount).

SMMA 2.0 will benefit you if you like social media and are prepared to put in the effort.

What Next?

Hope you enjoyed my Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency review.

Social media marketing is a very valuable art form and professional skill to have in your repertoire these days, and the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing program can help you get where you want to be.

If you’re just starting out and want to sustain a career as a social media marketer, this program has quality resources and guides to help you establish your business and start partnerships with other companies who need your talent.

In my journey with the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA), I immersed myself in its modules and strategies.

The hands-on experience revealed its strengths and limitations.

The program’s comprehensive content equipped me with the skills to navigate social media marketing intricacies.

However, I encountered challenges in the course’s organization and outdated material.

Personal anecdotes of adapting the lessons to real-life scenarios illustrate the program’s practicality.

My journey through the Tai Lopez SMMA not only honed my skills but also shed light on areas for improvement.

Click here now to check out the website and see if this Tai Lopez social media marketing agency review peaked your interest!

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