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Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review 2024

Tai Lopez 67 Steps


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Welcome to my Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review 2024.

I spent 24+ hours researching about and actually completing the most popular online businss courses for making money online.

In this Tai Lopez 67 Steps review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this e-learning package and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Tai Lopez 67 Steps.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tai Lopez 67 Steps Review 2024

What is Tai Lopez 67 Steps?

Tai Lopez 67 Steps, established by Tai Lopez, teaches you how to gain wealth, health, love and happiness, in short, how to get anything you want out of life. It is an online course and they claim to have in excess of 200,000 people signed up for it.

Things To Consider Before Buying The 67 Steps

The 67 Steps is a foundational program designed to improve your health, wealth, and well-being. While it does offer a roadmap for making your dreams and goals come true, it will require commitment and work on your part.

If you aren’t willing to do the work, no program can make you rich. This isn’t a magic bullet. Instead, it’s designed for people ready for a change and — more importantly — ready to do the work. No work, no gain, and definitely no change.

This program has the potential to be highly disruptive, so it isn’t for anyone who isn’t ready to get rid of the status quo. However, once you find that your current life isn’t enough and you want more, this could be just the thing to ignite a new, well-lived life.

It’s best for someone methodical (it is 67 steps after all) and willing to work through each step without skipping around or getting bored. If you’ve often thought to yourself that five, ten, or even 25 steps would never be enough to cover a lifetime of change, this could be your answer.

It’s also for people who want more than merely financial advice. If you believe that your life requires a holistic approach to success and not just money triggers, this could be a good starting point for transforming not just your wealth but everything about how you live.

So is it right for you? Let’s break it all down to find out — the good, what can be improved, and who this program is for.

how does Tai Lopez The 67 Steps work and what are its pros & cons?

The 67 Steps is a comprehensive philosophy designed by internet marketer and investor, Tai Lopez. In it, he outlines lessons he’s learned from a lifetime of reading and distills those points down into easy to follow steps. This gives everyone the chance to learn from his wisdom and his mistakes.

It focuses on all aspects of life as a way to build true wealth. There are no get rich quick schemes and no gimmicks. Everything is a straightforward philosophy that Lopez lives by.


  • Includes a holistic approach to wealth and the good life
  • Offers videos and text to appeal to different learning styles
  • Everything is broken down into steps


  • Much of the content is already available for free
  • Membership tiers may be unnecessary
  • You lose access to materials when you unsubscribe

Features & Benefits

Let’s take a look at what The 67 Steps have to offer in your life and in your wealth-building.

The Format

Subscribers gain access to the premium content for a monthly fee or gain lifetime access to content through different fee structures. The instruction happens through online videos, a community Facebook group, and live calls (recorded for access later).

Lopez offers his subscription through Clickbank. This is a more convenient and safer way to handle subscriptions, giving you an easy way to cancel if you feel the program is no longer for you. In the past, Lopez received some complaints about not being able to cancel subscriptions effectively.

Overall, the online format is easy to sign up for and simple to cancel when you need to. The system is simple, and you have access to the course for as long as your subscription is active. You’ll be able to go over steps and videos again and again when you need clarification or encouragement.

The Goal

The goal of the program is to help you build a good life. Notice I didn’t say “rich” life, and there’s a reason for that. Lopez believes that the foundations of a good life can lead to some pretty big wins, and this is why many wealth-building programs don’t pan out for people.

The real goal of the program is to learn to live the good life by up-leveling elements in different areas. You learn where to focus your energy, what you need from others, how to give, and how to identify what’s important.

It’s a holistic approach to the wealth question designed to help you examine every facet of your life as you work through the steps. You get lifetime access to the program, so you can go back and refresh anytime you need it or build upon the things you learned the first time around.

It’s designed to be a holistic approach to the concept of wealth building. Lopez believes that it is his foundational beliefs and a lifelong love of learning that have made him as successful as he is today. This concept is the foundation of The 67 Steps, so don’t rush through.

The Steps

Each of the 67 steps is designed to build on one another, providing a foundation of skills Lopez believes will bring greater balance as well as health and well-being. He’s gleaned these steps from a mound of literature, over 5000 books he’s read during the course of his life.

The steps include detailed action steps to help align participants to the overarching goal of the program — building a good life. Participants get real stories from Lopez’s life as illustrations of many of the steps and learn how to apply the principles to their own lives.

While 67 steps may feel like a lot for some of you, if you’ve ever wondered how in the world to change your life in just three or five steps, this could provide some clarity. Also, if you’ve never taken any kind of self-help course, it offers an excellent foundational understanding of basic self-help principles.

As you work through the steps, you’re working towards a foundational philosophy of life. These principles form the basis for how you work, make decisions, and prioritize. It’s vital that you take the time to work through each one carefully and thoughtfully or you may miss the real benefit of the program.


The materials of the site are designed around videos. In each, Lopez offers his personal take on the steps, allowing watchers to absorb material straight from his life and experience. Each video focuses on one of the steps and the information Lopez wants to convey.

The videos are easy to watch but do tend to repeat themselves as Lopez is known to tell stories over and over. However, the format is highly accessible and offers plenty of chances for listeners to grasp vital concepts.

Videos average around 30 minutes and feature Lopez talking directly to the camera. They do have a live quality to them. Students who prefer feeling like they’re attending a live session or a one on one conversation would do well with these videos.

Other Content and Bonus Material

The videos of the steps are the only thing. Other videos with varying content from Lopez are part of the subscription and bonus materials. Students also receive access to a premium book of the day, which is emailed to you.

If you’ve ever wondered how Lopez reads so much, you’ll also get a bonus teaching you to read like him. You’ll get his secrets for reading a book in ten minutes while comprehending it.

Lopez is continually coming out with new supplementary materials both for free and in the membership. This new content can shed light on some of the concepts, but some can feel repetitive. However, it’s all delivered in Lopez’s conversational style.

If you are a fan of ultra-concise offerings, the course may test your patience a bit. However, part of Lopez’s appeal is his approachability. That natural conversational style does cause him to repeat himself sometimes.

However, once you’ve gotten into the groove, you may find that the repetition helps you grasp concepts and understand things about yourself and the world that you may have missed before.

Online Community

The most significant appeal of his membership is access to the online community. You can ask questions, find partners, and interact with other students who are taking part in the program. It’s a wonderful way to begin to apply the course to your life and ask for inspiration.

The community aspect of the course allows you to continue with your studies and receive support when you hit a snag. That community support could be the difference between completing the entire course and giving up.

You join the community through Facebook and through his live sessions where he answers questions from his followers. Attending both of these community groups gives you time to learn from others, and chances are, others have the same types of questions you do for Lopez.

The community is a valuable resource to keep you on track and help you decide where to put your energy. Lopez acknowledges that while we must do the work ourselves, having support from others is a crucial part of the process. He even mentions how important it is to surround yourself with people on the same wavelength and journey to success as you are.

tai lopez 67 steps reviews

Most of the reviews for the course are positive. People seem to enjoy the style, although some do mention that it can be repetitive. Overall, most were favorable of the experience with Lopez’s system and said the trick was actively applying principles to their lives.

Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Review
Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Review
Tai Lopez The 67 Steps Review


There are a few alternatives possible for building and understanding wealth. In each, some options could fit your unique situation. Let’s compare these.

Cardone University

Cardone University is a money-management and wealth-building course designed to help everyone from beginners to those looking to uplevel their finances. It’s a one time purchase for a course of the Cardone University personal wealth system, three core modules, and 32 videos.

  • The course is a one time fee, but it could be expensive. Lopez’s courses offer different price points to suit a variety of budgets.
  • The course is more narrowly focused on finances, while Lopez’s is a general “good life” knowledge.
  • 12-month unlimited on-demand access.

Wealth Creation Bootcamp

The Wealth Creation Bootcamp offers a straightforward series of 50 lectures, including video courses designed to give the learner a complete overview of investing. The course covers investing in gold and silver, property, and business. Students also get a free audio course as a companion. Unlike Lopez’s course, this focuses exclusively on one type of wealth building.

  • The course is a one time fee with different costs depending on what Udemy’s sales are
  • The lessons focus exclusively on different types of investing.
  • It’s best for someone looking for a single concept to build wealth.

Personal Finance Bootcamp

If you need instruction for finance basics, Personal Finance Bootcamp is a good option. It features six articles and one hour of video along with downloadable resources. It’s designed to introduce you to the foundational knowledge you’ll need to build your wealth and manage your money. Lopez’s course, by contrast, is a course that covers a variety of life concepts.

  • The course focuses on personal finance basics. It’s suitable for those who have no experience with finance.
  • It’s a one-time price for the series and could be more affordable, depending on the sales cycle.
  • It’s designed for foundational skills for those who’ve been unsuccessful in managing a budget.
  • The course content is more beginner than Lopez’s material.

What Next?

Over the past year, I’ve explored Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps program with a curiosity to see what it offers.

While the program claims a lot, my experience has been somewhat mixed.

While some steps did offer insights into a balanced life, others felt redundant or overly simplistic.

I remember step 42 being somewhat enlightening, but overall, the impact has been limited.

The program’s holistic approach, though theoretically appealing, fell short in execution for me.

Sharing my journey honestly, I hope you can make a more informed choice, weighing both the program’s claims and its actual impact as you consider your options.

If you’re ready to check out what Tai Lopez has to offer, click here to sign up and become part of the community.

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