How To Avoid This Common Mistake When Starting A Side Hustle

Avoid this side hustle mistake.

Starting your side hustle is the smartest decision you will ever make. There is nothing more exciting than knowing that you have some extra income to supplement your main income. However, the problem is most people come up with an idea but never get started. Maybe it’s fear of the unknown. Well, here is something that you need to know, no one made it to the top without taking risks. If you need to become successful, you have to take some risks and plunge into the unknown. People that have business ideas have so much potential. Most however, will never become successful because it is only a small percentage of them that get to implement their business ideas. This goes to show that the common mistake that potential entrepreneurs make when starting a side hustle is that they don’t get started.

Reasons for starting a side hustle

The reasons for starting a side hustle are a bit obvious. For most people it is all about finding financial freedom. Apart from this, some people start a side hustle so that they can pursue their passion. This is among the most fulfilling roads anyone that has a passion outside their main job can take. Others start a side hustle so that they make use of the time freedom they gain. It could be that you work for just a few hours during the day and have the rest of the day to just fool around. A side hustle then becomes one way to spend your free time while making money.

How to avoid this common side hustle mistake

Don’t be a talker, be a doer. Talking too much about what you intend to do as a side hustle might even diminish the psyche to do it. You need to fall into the category of people that exploited their potential rather than sat on their potential. There are certain things that you need to do so that you can avoid this common mistake. You need to have a side hustle strategy. Remember you are entering a field that is completely new to you hence, you need to know what the do’s that will help you succeed with your side job are while still keeping your main job.

Here are some strategies that are bound to work for you.


A side hustle should make you money, this is your side earnings. Therefore, you need to go with a profitable idea. You need to be sure of how viable the idea is. As much as there are risks involved when stepping into such a zone, you need to note that the risks need to be minimal. Don’t run with an idea with which it will take you ages to make money. Invest in research and establish what other people are doing for their side earnings and investigate whether their ideas are working for them. Also, there are so many business consultants who can advise you on how to consolidate your expectations versus the reality.

2.Start an online business instead of a brick and mortar business

If you have a full time job, your side earnings would most likely come from an online business. This will be your platform, your online office through which you will advertise your products and services, interact with clients and take their orders, all online. At times your main job may provide you with a comfort zone but this is not enough to fulfil your needs and desires.

3.Set realistic goals and a viable vision

Most business ideas die due to failure in setting realistic goals and a viable vision. Know where you want to go with your business. Are you looking for something long-term that can eventually turn into a main hustle or just a quick fix that is not sustainable? Ask yourself these questions because this is the way you will get to establish some level of seriousness into your business. The goals help you to establish what you need to do every single day to get to where you want your side hustle to take you and that is where your ultimate vision lies.

4.Treat your side hustle with the level of seriousness you give to your main hustle

Always, remember that for you to make great levels of return, you will need to focus. Give this side hustle the same focus and attention that you give your main hustle. If you follow a schedule in your main job, create a schedule for your side hustle as well. Establish what you need to do, plan when you need to do it and how to do it. Most people tend to do their side hustles casually whenever they feel like it. This way you would lose customer loyalty. Clients who don’t trust you on the onset will not want to engage with you. Such behaviour makes clients doubt your competence.

5.Identify what you are good at

You can be a business professional, social media enthusiast or lawyer but there is something special about you when you try selling something to a potential client. You are a natural marketer that can make anyone buy anything. Your main job shouldn’t pull you back. So many people are now earning money through online marketing. Anyone can do it even without having prior experience. You can use this natural gift to earn extra money and eventually, make money that will provide you and your loved ones a comfortable lifestyle of freedom. Turning your interests into a side hustle will help you escape from the corporate rat race and take back control of your life.

Avoid this very common mistake of never starting that side hustle. Just get started. Pick what you are good at or enjoy doing. Start now, start today. Over time you will see that the business is gaining momentum and you can make the earnings you desire and create your freedom lifestyle you deserve.

Hopefully, I have now given you the motivation to get started with your side hustle. If you feel you are struggling with anything else when thinking about starting a side hustle, comment below to let me know to see how I can help you.

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