Watch YouTube Videos For Money

Watch YouTube Videos For Money Starters Guide

When you’re starting out working online, it may seem tough to find opportunities that match your skills. I know I wished I could make money doing something I already did anyway. Why do work when you can have fun for a few bucks? 

People watch over a billion YouTube videos per day worldwide, and most of them aren’t getting paid to do so. So the concept of signing up to watch YouTube videos for money may sound like a total scam.

The truth is, it’s not a scam, and watching YouTube videos for money might be a great way to add to your work-online income.

Watch YouTube videos for money. Here’s everything you need to know.

Can You Really Get Paid To Watch Videos On YouTube?

Yes, you can get paid to watch YouTube, and you can get paid to do a lot of other small tasks that a lot of companies choose to source out to freelancers online.

Welcome to the beautiful world of micro-tasking. It’s simple: you create an account on any one of dozens of microtasking sites online. This is straightforward; you provide them with some necessary demographic information, pass a captcha test, and create a password. 

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve set up your account and logged into the website, you start taking jobs and completing them. You can complete most of the jobs in minutes. After you’ve completed a job, you’ll have to verify that you completed the job, usually a screenshot. 

How Do You Get Paid?

Upon completion, the employer who posted the job will deposit payment into a platform account, and you can withdraw the money via Paypal or a similar app.

Because micro-tasking websites have to pay fees to Paypal and similar apps to compensate taskers for completing jobs, there’s a minimum that you’re required to earn before you can withdraw your money

I looked at two different microtasking sites for this blog post, Rapidworkers and Microworkers. Rapidworkers required a minimum account balance of $8 before taskers were allowed to withdraw their earnings, and Microworkers required $9.

Is There A Catch?

No, there’s no catch. While I did come across second and third-hand accounts of work-from-home scams online, many of the less-than-reputable operators in this part of the online marketplace get shut down quickly. 

My advice to anyone looking to make a little extra money with micro-tasking is to use your best judgment and do adequate research before signing up and starting taking jobs. Go to a website like Reddit or Glassdoor and read the reviews and other individuals who have used the site you’re looking into. Avoid anyone who requires you to pay your money upfront for fees or a starter kit. 

There Are Some Basic Rules

Many microtasking platforms will require you to take a qualification test or English proficiency test to make sure you’re a viable candidate for work on the platform. You’ll also be subjected to repeated captcha tests to verify that you’re not a spammer. 

VPNs And Proxy Servers Are Not Allowed

There are also some technical issues to consider. Most micro-tasker sites require each user to have a single, static IP address for whatever computer they’re using, so if you sign up to start taking jobs on your home computer, you might run into problems if you grab your laptop and head to Starbucks. Most micro-tasker websites also forbid the use of proxies or VPN servers. 

You May Not Be Allowed To Take Work From Certain Employers

Some micro-tasker websites (like Rapidworkers) do not allow micro-taskers to take work posted by employers outside of their home country. For example, if you were a Canadian freelancer on Rapidworkers, you would only be able to take jobs posted by Canadian employers. 

Most Websites Have A Strict “One-Account-Per-User” Policy

When you open an account and start taking posted jobs, you will not be allowed to open a second or a third account at any time. Most platforms observe a strict “one-account-per-user” policy and ban any user caught with more than one account.

There’s A Minimum Balance Requirement Before You Can Get PaidFinally, I did mention this a minute ago, but most micro-tasker websites require you to have a minimum amount of earned funds in your platform account before you can withdraw your money.

Some Microtasker Sites Will Only Pay Out With Paypal

Also, while some micro-tasker websites give you a choice between different payment apps, several will only accept Paypal, so at a minimum, you need to have a Paypal account and some necessary amount of proficiency with Paypal to make micro-tasking worth your while.  

You Can Do More Than Just Get Paid To Watch YouTube

There’s more to micro-tasking than being able to watch YouTube videos for money. All of these different micro-tasking websites offer many different ways to make a little extra money from home.  

Many of the jobs you’ll find posted by employers or companies trying to drive traffic to a website, mobile app, or social media page. Besides getting to watch YouTube videos, there are other jobs:

Paid Social Media Engagement

You can get paid to like someone’s Facebook post or Twitter feed, or get paid to watch videos and then post a comment on someone’s YouTube channel. Some employers will also pay you to open a new profile on specific social media platforms.

Take Surveys

Some companies will pay you to take surveys and participate in online focus groups.

Website Testing

You’ll get paid to perform necessary tests on different websites. For example, as I was researching this article, well-known social media app Tik-Tok was paying micro-taskers to run simple stability tests of its website in the Chrome web browser. 

Mobile-App Testing

Download, subscribe to, and in some cases, test different mobile apps, with some employers asking for screenshots and basic feedback.

Paid Searches

Companies will pay you to search for their website or content in a specific browser, click through to the website from the browser, and then engage with or respond to their content in a particular way.

Annotation And Transcription 

Get paid to annotate web content or transcribe content from platforms such as YouTube or Soundcloud.


If you can speak multiple languages, many microtasking sites offer simple translation jobs in various languages. 

Content Writing

If you’re getting started as a freelancer, many microtasking sites offer opportunities to write simple reviews, articles, and blog posts. It’s not quite the same as getting paid to watch YouTube videos, but it’s a quick way to build your portfolio. 

How Much Can You Get Paid To Watch YouTube Videos?

The pay for micro-tasking gigs isn’t much, and in most cases, it adds up to pennies on the dollar. The key to being a successful micro tasker is, in many ways, a matter of realistic expectations. You’re not going to make a ton of money, so the key is to find jobs where the employer needs several hundred people or more to complete a given task several times.

This is where it pays to do some upfront research and familiarize yourself with how a given micro-tasking site works. You’ll also want to make sure that you only pick jobs that you can finish quickly and effectively. Most microtask websites assign taskers a reputation score that needs to stay above a certain threshold.

Make Sure You Understand What Your Platform’s Metrics Mean 

Before you go on your merry way and start scouring the job postings to get paid to watch videos, it’s also vital that you understand how your platform’s metrics work and what they mean. 

Micro-workers and Rapidworkers both used similar metrics to provide taskers with necessary information about the website’s jobs. While there might be slight variations from one platform to another, there’s a fair bit of overlap between all the different microtasking platforms. 

On the Microworkers website, a typical job posting would contain the following information: 

The Amount Paid Upon Completion Of The Job

For most of the jobs posted on Microworkers, the average pay was between 5-10 cents, with some jobs being a little less and some being a little more. 

Success Rate

This refers to the percentage of taskers who could complete the job without any issues and receive payment. On Microworkers, the vast majority of the jobs posted listed a 100% success rate. If you want to get the most out of micro-tasking, make sure you look for jobs with a listed success rate of 100%

Time To Rate 

Upon successful completion of a posted job, the employer has to rate your performance. The time-to-rate metric refers to the amount of time it takes for an employer rating to reflect in your reputation score. For most of the jobs listed on Microworkers, the time to rate was one business day, with some employers taking a little longer. 

Time To Finish

This refers to the average length of time it takes a micro tasker to finish the job. Most taskers finished the posted jobs in 10 minutes. 

Number Of Jobs Done

You’ll also want to look at the number of times other taskers have completed a job. When I was researching this article, I came across a job posting that wanted taskers to log in to their Linkedin profiles, search out a particular piece of content posted on Linkedin by the employer, and then like the posted content and reply to it. 

They were looking for 200 taskers to do this job, and previous taskers completed the job 190 times. The metric reads as “190/200.” This means that previous taskers had almost completed the job, and they only needed ten more taskers to respond to their Linkedin content. The posted success rate for this job was 100%

What all of this means for any prospective tasker looking at this job is that the job is easy, and no one has had any problems getting it done, so if I were on the site looking for some quick work, this Linkedin job is something I should consider. 

What Sites Pay You To Watch YouTube Videos?

If you’ve got your heart set on being able to watch YouTube videos for money, or you think that micro-tasking might be a good way for you to supplement your freelancing income by making use of other skill sets, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a platform that lists video processing and editing jobs along with a wide variety of other tasks. One of the more established players in the micro-tasking arena is Figure Eight, which originally started doing business under the name CrowdFlower. There’s a wide variety of work available here, and there are new job postings daily. There are tons of postings for video analysis, audio transcription, paid searches, social media engagement.

ySense is a no-frills platform specializing in paid searches on Bing and Google, image analysis, and video analysis. The platform Quicktate will pay micro-taskers to transcribe audio files that are five minutes or less in duration. Taskers with experience in medical or legal transcription can make more money. 

Micro-Tasking Is A Great Way To Supplement Your Freelance Income

No one is going to get rich from microtasking. For those of us who deal with the feast-or-famine reality of freelancing, micro-tasking can be one easy way to bring in a little extra cash and get through the dry periods that are part of any freelancer’s day to day experience.

The key to being successful at micro-tasking is having a realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. You know which jobs you can complete effectively without leaving yourself emotionally and physically depleted. 

If you want to give micro-tasking a try, the burden is also on you to understand the metrics and scoring system on whichever platform you’ve chosen to offer your services.

Whether you want to watch YouTube videos for money or transcribe audio clips in your spare time, micro-tasking is a quick and easy way to even out the rough spots in your balance sheet so that you can lead the most fulfilling life possible.    

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