How To Stay On Task While Working From Home

6 Tips to stay on task while working from home.

This pandemic and time of crisis has a lot of people choosing to work from home as a way to make ends meet. Whether your previous employer set it up so that you can work remotely, or you are doing freelance work that does not require you to travel, staying dedicated while being in your own home is always difficult. Keep reading for 6 tips that will help you to stay on task while working from home.

 1. Have One Dedicated Space for Your Work 

While on the one hand this seems obvious, on the other you think that working from home is a great excuse to practice licentiousness, working wherever the spirit takes you. Having one space inside your home where you do your work is so important to not straying from it. When you enter your work zone, you are all set to work, kind of like having an office you go to every day. The difference is that your office is in your home, so it is much more relaxed. Do not worry about what you are wearing or even what your hair looks like. A laptop on the couch may be more comfortable, but it does not exactly bode well for your core strength. Similarly, just as a dining room table is reserved for meals, the space where you work should ONLY be for work. It is scientifically proven that a home office can be a very productive place because your mind slips into ‘work mode’ when you go into it. Your home is a field of distractions, should you not have one space that is devoted to keeping you on task? 

2. Cut Out the Distractions 

With the growth of various social media platforms, and the fact that we’re being bombarded by a lot of distracting things everywhere we turn, being able to find peace and quiet and really set to work on your tasks is incredibly major when it comes to working from home and being productive. There are apps that you can download that will temporarily cut your access to the myriad of social media apps. You can usually choose how long you want your access denied, in ten minute increments. A quick scroll through your news feed on Facebook can lead to hours of wasted time, time that would be better spent focusing on growing your work and being successful at it. Other distracting features are easier to get away from. Make sure your dedicated space for working from home is out of sight of any televisions, and out of earshot of any radios unless you work better with a playlist in the background. Some people find a bit of background noise helps them to concentrate, this really does vary person to person. 

3. Actually Do Your Work 

Having a space devoted just to doing your work and cutting out distractions all set you up for this. But most importantly, you have to actually put in the work. It is so easy to put off until later or tomorrow a task, because it is so easy to forget that you are also bound by some semblance of work hours. Often though, the time that you have set for when you will actually begin your work never really comes. Racing against the clock to get a project finished by a certain deadline can work for some people, but a lot of people find that when they are pressed for time, the unthinkable will happen. Either their computer stops working, or they get ill. Deadlines get missed, which can lead to discouragement and the inability to stay on task in the future. Find ways to be productive and get your work done even when you have no set time schedule for your work. 

4. Make Your Own Schedule 

Just as a workspace will have a schedule for employees who work there, you should have a schedule for yourself when working from home. It can be as simple as a wake up time, followed by breakfast and sitting down to do your work. Many people find that it helps them to mix in some other scheduled things, like breaks or lunch. These all make working from home seem a lot more like ‘going to work’, and a lot of people find the structure helpful to keeping them on task. It echoes the structure that they would have faced in an office building or other commercial location. If you choose to schedule some recreation time to split up your working day, take a break and go work out or go for a walk. Nature can have a calming effect, making you re-energized and ready to get back to work and be productive. As the weather gets warmer, being outside, even if it is just for a walk around the block, can also have a beneficial effect on your mental state, making you happier and less irritable. When sitting at a computer all day, making time for physical activity will also make you healthier in the long run. 

5. Know When you Need to Stop 

It is a pretty common misconception, that working from home will give you lots of time to get important tasks done while still having a lot of time to spend with your family. While it is true that the two can seamlessly blend together, sometimes that is not such a good thing. Rather than a physical barrier, like the distance between home and workspace, your barrier between work life and home life is a lot more blurred. It is so nice to feel like you can work in small bursts, a little here and a little there, but it can quickly feel like you are devoting too much of your time to working. This is why a schedule is imperative to helping you stay on task. With carefully delineated times when you should work and when it is your down time, you never have to feel like you are working too much.

Working from home is a thing that a lot of us, especially now, have to contend with. In order to make the most out of your days, and stay on task when working from home, follow these simple tips. While working for a company, and having a set paycheck every week is something a lot of people rely on, now is the time to start working for yourself. Many businesses that have a big online component to them are insanely profitable, especially at this time of crisis and you can learn how to start your own lucrative business doing turning your interest into profitable streams of income.

This article has given you a taste of what that freedom lifestyle of working from home is like and explained how to best stay on task and be productive. Why not put those skills to work for you and escape the corporate race today?

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