How To Make Money Online With GetPaidTo

Making Money Online With GetPaidTo Explained

Does playing video games or watching videos sound fun? What if I told you there is a way to make money online while completing quick and easy tasks that could even be fun.

Online Money Making Ways

Join Affiliate Networks & ProgramsAffiliate MarketingIntermediate
Start An Authority SiteAffiliate MarketingBeginner
Start A Marketing AgencyAgencyAdvanced
Start BloggingAuthorityBeginner
Start A PodcastAuthorityBeginner
Become An InstagrammerAuthorityBeginner
On YouTube Without Making VideosAuthorityBeginner
Become An Amazon InfluencerAuthorityAdvanced
Become A Pinterest InfluencerAuthorityBeginner
Become A Reddit InfluencerAuthorityBeginners
Become A Digital MarketerDigital MarketingBeginner
Sell eBooks On eBayDigital ProductAdvanced
Amazon FBAEcommerceAdvanced
Online Store Without InventoryEcommerceAdvanced
Create A Shopify StoreEcommerceAdvanced
Receive Amazon Direct Ship FreebiesEcommerceBeginner
Play Chess OnlineEsportsBeginner
Play Video GamesEsportsBeginner
Freelance Your SkillsFreelanceIntermediate
Learn Freelance SkillsFreelanceBeginner
Become A CoderFreelanceBeginner
Watch YouTube VideosGetPaidToBeginner
Social Media EvaluatorGetPaidToBeginner
Become An Online JurorGetPaidToBeginner
Join Paid Focus GroupsGetPaidToBeginner
Short Term GigGetPaidToBeginner
Complete Online SurveysGetPaidToBeginner
Become A Virtual SantaGetPaidToBeginner
Sell Feet PicsGetPaidToBeginner
Become A Multi-Level MarketerMulti-Level MarketingAdvanced
Find A Remote JobRemote JobIntermediate
Website FlippingResaleAdvanced
Dropshipping On eBayResaleAdvanced
Domain FlippingResaleAdvanced
Sell Used SocksEcommerceBeginner
Build WealthWealth ManagementAdvanced

Here is how much you can make with GetPaidTo

What Is GetPaidTo?

GetPaidTo, often referred to as GPT, is associated with carrying out microtasks online. Anyone can do such type of work. Specific qualification or skills are not necessarily required.

There are a number of GPT tasks available ranging from watching videos and completing surveys to joining focus groups or mock trials and participating in online research studies. Some GPT tasks pay more than others.

Ways To Make Money Online With GetPaidTo

Here are the best ways to make money online with GPT.

1.     Get paid to join focus groups

An easy way to find paid focus groups is to search for them on Craigslist.

2.     Get paid to become an online juror

You can quickly get started with becoming an online juror.

3.     Get paid to become a social media evaluator

You can become a social media evaluator with Appen as it doesn’t require a lot of prior experience.

4.     Get paid to watch YouTube videos

There are several platforms where you can watch YouTube videos for money.

5.     Get paid to play chess (the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix could be your source of inspiration)

There is no need to be an expert to earn extra cash playing chess online.

6.     Get paid to play video games

Playing video games to make money online is a real thing indeed.

7.     Get paid to became a virtual Santa or else, Zoom Santa!

Why not give this new trend a go and earn on average $49 offering 5 minute chats with virtual Santa.

8.     Get paid to sell feet pics

Learn how to sell feet pics and make money online.

Is GetPaidTo legit?

GPT businesses are legit. However, there are pros and cons involved so you need to consider what suits your needs.

GetPaidTo Pros

  • It is free to take on GPT tasks.
  • You don’t need specific qualifications or skills.
  • You can multitask as some GPT tasks are easy to complete.

GetPaidTo Cons

  • Tasks are offered infrequently and pay can be low.
  • GPT tasks can be repetitive and daunting.
  • Some GPT tasks might require you to spend money in order to earn money.
  • From time to time, technical problems might occur on GPT sites not allowing you to earn your rewards for tasks that you have actually completed.

Is GetPaidTo A Good Way To Make A Full Time Income Online?

GetPaidTo sites a good way to make a side income provided you have free time and are looking for a quick and easy way to earn extra cash.

If on the other hand, you are looking for a way to earn a full-time income, a GPT business cannot provide for that.

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