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Escape the corporate rate race and create the freedom lifestyle you deserve.

Many people want to escape the corporate rat race and build a life on their own terms. This is a worthy aim, especially given the current climate. Many corporations must scale down their businesses considering the economic downturn. Today, people are unemployed and disillusioned with the trajectory of their careers. They wonder if it’s possible to start a business and fulfil their dreams. The simple answer to these questions is yes. It is possible. Escaping the corporate rat race to start a business will not be an easy feat. Yet, it’s possible to achieve even when the economy is on a downturn, if you learn how to start a business from scratch.

Tips to help you start a business and find your path to freedom.

1. Identify your ‘why’

Knowing your underlying motivations for leaving the corporate world will drive you forward. The reasons for escaping the corporate rat race will vary from person to person. Yet, people should still identify these reasons. Your motivation to start a business could be financial freedom. It could be a desire to leave an inheritance to your children or a passion for delivering a particular product or service. Spend some time alone and journal your ‘why’. Your motivations will remind you to keep moving forward even when times are tough.

2. Create a plan

Every successful business starts with a plan. Spend some time creating a business plan for your venture. Business plans don’t have to be complex documents. They can be very simple. Be sure to include some key points in your plan. You can include vision and mission statements, a marketing plan, profit-and-loss projections and a comparative analysis. The comparative analysis will enable you to do some quick research on other businesses similar to your venture. You can identify how your business differs from your competitors. This difference will set your venture apart from the rest of the businesses in the marketplace. So, create a business plan and you will be one step closer to your escape from the corporate rat race. Planning ahead will protect you from future uncertainty.

3. Create a simple business budget

People dread the word ‘budget.’ The idea makes many people cringe especially, in this economy. Yet, budgets don’t have to cause you to cringe. They can be wonderful opportunities to assess your business’s starting point. You’ll gain a realistic view of where you are at and where you can go. Creating and maintaining a sound business budget will also enable you to avoid overspending. It can also protect your company from running into debt. There are a variety of software programs that help with business finances. You could also use a simple spreadsheet. Do your research and see the best tool to start your business.

4. Build your team

One person cannot do everything alone. Even though entrepreneurs wear multiple hats, everyone still has strengths and weaknesses. It’s wise to leverage the skill of other people so you can spend time in your strongest area. For example, if marketing and branding isn’t your forte, seek experts and people who are well-versed in this arena. It will help you in the long run. Your team can be an “invisible” team. You can use books, online education and other resources to help you in areas where you are lacking. For example, if you have now idea how to grow your email list, you can check out this short course. Apply the knowledge gleaned from these sources to help your business grow. This will take you far, and it will pull you out of the corporate rat race.

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5. Follow your passion

We have all heard the advice that passion will not pay the bills. When people enter the corporate rat race, they exchange their passion for a paycheck. This leads to accumulated stress and discontent. People want to escape the corporate rat race, but they second guess whether they can pay the bills. They often worry whether they have the gifts and the skills to create income on their own terms. Following your passion does not lead to poverty. Following your passion can lead to a life of abundant prosperity. When you follow your passion, it motivates you to work hard every day. It causes you to never give up because you believe in the business venture. So follow your passion. Your passion will elevate you to newer and higher heights. You will create new opportunities and set better standards by following your passion. Your actions could also inspire others to escape the corporate rat race too.

6. Find your niche

Once you identify your passion, the next step will be to find your unique niche. The difference between the two is simple. Passion relates to general industries and marketplaces. Niches are specific to the business. They are what causes the business to stand apart from the crowd. So what’s your niche? If you haven’t uncovered it yet, then reach into your personal story. Try to figure out what led you to creating this business at this moment. This will unlock your business’s niche.

7. Practice hard work and patience

Starting a business is tough. Starting a business during an economic downturn is even tougher. During these moments, the keys to success lie in exercising patience. A consistent work ethic will also carry your business during the dry periods. New businesses carry a unique set of challenges. At the beginning, new business owners are beginning their escape from the corporate rat race. If you can see through the hard times, then eventually you will strike gold. It will position your business as a brand to watch. You’ll also find the right target audience for your brand.

8. Keep a positive attitude

There are so many opportunities to become negative about your business venture. Naysayers will say that your dreams aren’t possible. As a business owner, you must become your own coach and motivate yourself when the world and the naysayers are shouting. Keeping yourself motivated will help you go far. Surrounding yourself with positivity will help you progress during the hard times. Review your mission and vision statements . Revisit the motivation behind leaving the corporate rat race. This will encourage you to persist.

9. Give yourself grace

As you move into entrepreneurship, you’ll make some fumbles along the way. Those mistakes aren’t signs that you should give up and return to the corporate rat race. Rather, they are learning opportunities. They are teachable moments which will help you rise to the next challenge that you encounter. Don’t discount these moments. Rather, learn from them. These lessons learned will help you weather the up and down periods in your business.

Escaping the corporate rat race to start a business will place you on an exciting journey. You will embark on an uncharted path. By following the steps outlined here, you will see how this path will take you to higher heights. The business that you create has the potential to change lives for the better. Even if you come up against roadblocks, keep your key motivation in mind. This will lead you to true freedom from the corporate rat race.

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