Userfeel Review To Start a Side Hustle 2021

Things To Know Before Becoming A Userfeel Tester

I know how confusing it can be to find work online.

You might be considering to start your online business venture with user testing at Userfeel but you are not sure sure whether Userfeel is a scam or legit.

That is why I’ve compiled this Userfeel review.

With the following information, you can cut through the scams, save time, and launch yourself into success as a user tester. 

Here Is My Userfeel Review

userfeel user testing

Things To Consider Before Using A User Testing Website To Start An Online Gig

Before you cash in on a usertesting website, you need to know why you should get into it. If you want extra cash in your pocket, becoming a user tester for a usability website can give you that. 

However, it doesn’t provide the most steady income, which is something you should consider before you leave your job to become one. That being said, you still make a decent profit to help out around the holidays, in times of need, or just to have extra cash on hand – which never hurts.

Who Should Use A User Testing Website?

Becoming a tester is ideal for those who want to make extra money alongside their job or those who want to start earning remotely but don’t have a lot of experience. When you join a usertesting site, you usually aren’t required to have any previous experience in the digital media field. 

Plus, if you’re designing your website or platform on the side, being a user tester can give you valuable insight into how other people organize their sites. You can find inspiration in other webpages as you review. If there’s something specific in a site you review that you enjoyed or liked the look of, you can incorporate it into your own.

Making Money

If you’re looking to make extra cash, becoming a user tester is a viable option. In doing so, you get paid for each website you review, although getting a constant stream of tests is unlikely since this isn’t a full-time position.

The work pays consistently and usually doesn’t require any previous experience. 

Watch Out For Scams

Before signing up for a usertesting site, you want to look out for and steer clear of scams that promise a lot but deliver nothing. Check out what previous or current testers are saying to scope out the quality of the site. 

It would be best to compare the payment to the amount of work expected of you to ensure that you are reasonably compensated for what you must do. To achieve the best payout and maximize your rating results, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the required work when usertesting.


userfeel become a user tester is a website that gives clients insight into how successful their website or app is in reaching the consumer. 

Designed by usability researchers, Userfeel gives its clients detailed video feedback from real users as they browse a site to maximize their input into creating a better platform. It also offers unique features that allow you to make the most out of your subscription, such as transcription and video uploads. 

When you sign up for as a tester, you provide the vital input that website owners, designers, and employees need. As a tester, you take tests rating various website designs and imagine scenarios and complete assigned tasks to get a better idea of what doesn’t and does work for the site. 


  • Easy to navigate and use
  • $10 per test once approved paid weekly
  • No prior experience necessary


  • Not meant for full-time income
  • No guaranteed testing amount
  • Maximum of five tests per day 

Features & Benefits

While many competitors reside in the market, Userfeel offers exceptional services to make the most out of your user test results.  


Like any job, you are expected to perform at a certain level. While you don’t need experience for user testing with, you need at least to know what is expected of you. To be successful in your usertesting role, you need to:

  • Perform required tasks 
  • Speak clearly and loudly for the audio component
  • Provide useful commentary
  • Answer questions fully and thoroughly
  • Work in a quiet environment
  • Make useful suggestions
  • Explain any confusions you have
  • Explain what you’re doing and why continually

Along with the performance expectations, you must also have Windows 7 (or newer) or a Mac computer to perform the tests on and a microphone for clear audio. Ultimately though, you need to be helpful and thoughtful during your review. 


When it comes to a platform’s success and profitability, the creators don’t want to waste time. They want to see what needs improvement quickly to accommodate the client and reel in more users to yield success. 

Userfeel offers results and offers them fast. The platform promises to get clients detailed customer feedback within 24 hours of submitting your usability test. The same is said for paying out testers. Once your test is approved, Userfeel pays out $10 for every test and delivers the money on a weekly basis directly to your PayPal account or, if you choose, in the form of an Amazon gift card. 


While the price of each test is an even $10, the amount of money you earn really depends on your abilities as a tester. You receive an initial rating after taking the Userfeel tester qualification exam. Following the entry test, which takes between seven and 15 days to evaluate, you receive a rating from the customers whose tests you take. The better the rating, the more likely you are to get assigned tests and receive a higher payout 

Keep in mind that there is no guaranteed number of tests you’ll be assigned. If you have a low rating, you probably won’t get a lot of tests. You could potentially go all year without a single test. Even if you have a good rating and get assigned tests, know that there is a five-a-day maximum on the amount you can take. 


Say you’ve designed your website or app for a niche market. You don’t want testers who don’t fit your ideal consumer because the feedback wouldn’t likely correlate to your goal. For example, an older woman giving feedback for a website designed for younger men won’t benefit the site. The site would ideally want a younger man to give you feedback. As such, the clients want to have testers who would, in reality, potentially visit your site on their own accord.  

To maximize your feedback’s usefulness, Userfeel has a demographic feature that allows the clients to filter testers based on key aspects you’re looking for in a potential consumer. They can filter testers based on age, web experience, gender, and language. 

The demographic feature allows them to get the most realistic feedback possible by choosing the most realistic potential consumers to conduct the test. This aspect is also beneficial to you as a user tester because it will make your feedback all the more valuable and hopefully hold your interest as you take the test.  

Screening Questions

Coinciding with Userfeel’s demographic feature is the screening option. It takes tester filtering to a new depth by allowing clients to create various screening questions before a Userfeel tester rates the site. 

It’s much like the demographics feature only more intensive and selective. For example, if a client’s website sells children’s clothes, they may pose you the question, “do you have children?” If you say yes, you can move forward with the evaluation. If not, you will not continue. 

Your answers to any and all questions are strictly confidential, along with your personal data. Information about you, either from your answers, your name, or data, will not be shared. With that in mind, understand that you must answer all screening questions honestly. If you don’t, you end up wasting the clients’ time and risk receiving payment.  


A usability test would amount to nothing if it did not come with a comprehensive result. clients want detailed, specific feedback, not generic “it was good” or “it was bad” type comments. They want as much information as possible to build their platforms better and more accessible to their audience. 

That’s where your usertesting rating comes into play. The tasks, ratings, and questions section of Userfeel allows customers to milk as much information out of testers as possible. It’s here where they create detailed questions about specifics you want insight on, such as “how easy was it to find yellow-colored shirts” or “how easy was it to checkout?” 

Pay attention to these questions and tasks as you conduct your evaluation. You want to dictate what you’re doing and why so that the customer knows you’re performing one of their required tasks or mentioned comments. Address the tasks and questions directly and thoroughly to provide the customer with the best feedback possible. In doing so, you won’t just get paid, but you are more likely to receive a greater rating. 

User Testing Notifications

Since there is a cap on the number of tests you can take per day and no guarantee as to how many tests you’ll receive, you want to know when they become readily available. That’s why Userfeel sends notifications when you get assigned to a test. While it doesn’t negatively affect your user testing rating, other testers will take your tests if you don’t start the assignment once you get the notification.  

You want to have the notifications readily available at all times since usertesting opportunities can pop up at any time, or you risk losing the assignment to someone else. Then, who knows when the next test will be. 

Social Proof

Finding a part-time freelancing gig is rewarding not only for your wallet but for your professional growth, and Userfeel just so happens to rank among the best freelance user testing websites. If you don’t take my word for it, check out what these users have to say about it.

Userfeel Review Social Proof

Userfeel Review Social Proof 2


While Userfeel is a high-quality usability testing platform with a solid pay-per review system, there are alternatives with comparable features such as Fiverr, Jobspresso, and Go Transcript.


If you’re searching for freelancing work, Userfeel can provide some sporadic work as a user tester. However, if you want something steady that potentially leads to a supportable income, Fiverr is a comparable platform to use. 

Fiverr is a platform where you can market yourself to freelance for various jobs. The Fiverr team vets each freelancer and recommends them to jobs depending on their abilities and job specifications. 


  • Higher pay potential 
  • Diverse jobs and specifications 
  • More suited to experienced freelancers 


  • Pays 
  • Not steady employment 
  • No experience necessary 

Check out my full Fiverr review here.

Join Fiverr


Searching for employment? Jobspresso is a platform much like other job sourcing platforms but specializes in remote work. While you can work as a usability tester for Userfeel for a max of five tests per day, Jobspresso helps individuals find more solid work in varying fields, including tech, marketing, and customer support. 

While you can make money working for Userfeel, Jobspresso is ideal for those with experience who want a steady job in their desired field. 


  • Job sourcing platform
  • Potential for full-time employment
  • For experienced backgrounds


  • No experience necessary
  • Low pay
  • Not a supportable income

Check out my full Jobspresso review here.


GoTranscript is a platform dedicated to transcribing various audio works for its clients. While Userfeel’s user testing positions focus on providing video feedback for websites, GoTranscript’s employees convert audio and video into high-quality transcriptions for various media at a fair price with a quick turnaround. 

The GoTranscript platform network is ideal for individuals who not only want to make money but who are capable of typing quickly and efficiently and have superior hearing to transcribe audio with accuracy. 


  • $150 average monthly earnings
  • Always looking to hire
  • Competitive rates


  • $10 per test
  • 5 tests per day maximum
  • Weekly payouts

Read my full GoTranscript review here.

What Next?

Searching for a business online can be exhausting to no avail.

If you want a leg up on the freelance search, Userfeel is a smart source to look to.

It provides reasonable pay on a weekly basis and does not ask for any previous experience in the digital media field. While the work is a bit sporadic, there is no Userfeel scam at hand, so you can confidently work and earn some extra income.

Click here to check out Userfeel.

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Userfeel Review To Start a Side Hustle [year] - Be Your Maverick

You might be considering to become a Userfeel user tester but are not sure sure whether it is a scam or legit. That is why I've compiled this Userfeel review.

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