The Best Way To Save Your Relationship From Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress and Its Negative Effects

It does not take a doctor to tell you how impactful stress can be to a person’s life. Today, we measure the impact of events by ranking their relative stress. Losing a job, financial problems and other related activities consistently rank near the top of the list when it comes to most stressful life events. We also are all aware that chronic stress is not a healthy state to live in and can lead to a number of health problems as we age. One area that is not always discussed quite so openly is the impact that workplace stress can have on our relationships. It can impact them in a number of ways oftentimes, without us even realising that such an impact has occurred in the first place. It can be helpful to be aware of the various ways that this can impact you so that you can take steps to help mitigate and even repair some of the damage that has been done.

How Workplace Stress Can Impact Your Relationships

For many of you, the ways in which workplace stress can destroy your relationships with others may seem obvious. On the other hand, there are just as many of us out there who might need things spelled out a little more clearly. There is no shame in reading up on the signs. When you are involved in a job that causes chronic stress it is not always easy to leave this workplace. Your body will still have elevated levels of stress hormones by the time you get home as it can take up to 24 hours to fully clear the body of cortisol. This can leave you in an irritable state where it is easy to lash out towards loved ones even when they have not done anything wrong themselves. Remote work is a great way to manage stress.

This can begin the process of communication breakdown that plagues so many couples across the country. After having one too many snappy encounters with your partner after work it can become easy to try and avoid each other subconsciously. All this does is create more distance between you two. This is an obstacle to the reestablishment of intimacy between the two of you. Until you can find a way to break this cycle and reestablish a healthy means of communication between the two of you it will be difficult, if not downright impossible, to make any progress.

This leaves us off with the question of how to get rid of or change the way we deal with workplace stress. Luckily, there are a number of strategies that you can use in order to improve your perception of workplace stress.

Solutions to Workplace Stress

The two best ways to go about workplace stress are to change your workplace or change your relationship with it. This can allow you to change the perception of the stress and reconceptualise it in a more positive manner. If it is not possible to do these things, then, perhaps you should consider transitioning to a work at home model. More and more scientific data is beginning to emerge that supports the view that office spaces are not a natural human environment and can lead to an increase in the stress levels of employees when compared to working the same job at home.

Working From Home

Working from home offers an elegant and modern solution to the problem of workplace stress. Say you do not want to change your career but the stress of the workplace is so bad that you cannot take it anymore. What better solution than doing the same job but from home. For most of us out there we feel the most comfortable whenever we are in our homes. If you can bring this same level of comfort to your work, chances are you will be far less stressed by the end of the day and week. This can lead to transformational changes in the nature and dynamic of your relationships. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly science has to say about the benefits of working from home and how it can impact our lives in powerfully positive ways.

Benefits of Working from Home

There are a number of advantages to working at home when compared to a traditional work environment. One of the most important aspects that many people fail to appreciate is the flexibility of the schedule and work environment. While it is called working from home in the majority of cases you can really do the work from anywhere with a stable internet connection. This means you can go traveling and still be in the job if you wish. You can also keep a schedule that is more harmonised with your own natural rhythms. Many of us are forced to adhere to a set of office hours that are is necessarily the most optimal working hours for our bodies. By working at home you can stick to a schedule that has you feeling your best all of the time. This can directly lead to an enhanced resiliency towards stress and other negative events in your life like sickness.

Working at home can often give you the time you need to live more healthy in other ways too. Many people spend over one hour a day commuting to and from their place of work. This can add up to as many as 10 hours a week or more than you can now, use to do things like keep an exercise routine or prepare home-cooked meals. You will save money by not wasting money on gas and you will be less tempted to spend money eating out for lunch or coffee on the way to work. All of these savings together can additionally relieve some financial stress from you. This will also help to reduce your overall stress levels and improve your relationships by allowing you to be a happier, more carefree person. 

How to Transition to At Home Work

If you have been intrigued and are interested in experimenting with the work at home model consider reaching out to your supervisor or manager and discussing the possibility with them of transitioning to a work at home model. You can even start off by trying just a few days a week if they seem hesitant at first. Many times, once they see you are just as productive or even more productive when working from home they will allow you to complete the transition entirely. You can also consider starting your own fully remote business, if you are unable to do so at your current job.

Let Us Know What You Think

Have you experienced workplace stress? Comment below to share with us how it made you feel. We love hearing from our readers and look forward to reading through all of your responses and help you start your own online business to relieve you from workplace stress.

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