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How To Start A Christian Blog In 2023

How To Start A Christian Blog – Step By Step Guide To Grow Your Faith Based Blog

In the digital era we live, do you have an effective way to connect with other people and their faith?

Creating a Christian blog is constructive way to reach other like minded people and grow together spiritually.

If you love writing about your faith, learning how to start a Christian blog is easier than you think.

You don’t have to work for a church or be a minister.

Picking a niche, choosing the right platform and domain name, implementing digital marketing and getting everything up and running might be making you feel overwhelmed.

This is why I’ve put together this step by step guide on how to start a Christian blog

Define Your Christian Niche

Choosing a Christian niche is all about finding something you feel excited about.

There are may niches to choose from.

You could focus on a niche related to faith such as bible studies, Christian retreats or devotionals.

Alternatively, you could pick completely different niches such as finance, arts and crafts, pets or moms and incorporate your faith content into them.

If you already have a blog and it is not related to faith, worry not as you can always pivot.

Stick To Consistency

Whatever your publishing schedule is, you need to be consistent.

You can publish an article twice a week, once a week, once a month. It is up to you really.

Whatever you choose though, do it in a consistent manner.

You can even choose to publish your articles at the same time each day.

Apart from your publishing schedule, consistency also has to do with your writing stye and tone.

Use a tone that reflects you and be consistent with it.

Decide on your level of formality and stick to it.

Your readers prefer knowing when to expect new articles so avoid being sporadic as you will lose their trust and loyalty.

Create a content plan to help you. Try and test different publishing times and days and see what works best for your audience.

Pick Low Competition, High Traffic Keywords

Think about the topics you are passionate about and whether there is a gap in the Christian field for these.

Avoid being a generalist. The more specialist you are, the more effective you will be in reaching your target audience.

To identify keywords that have a lot of search volume and low competition, you can use tools like Ahrefs. Aim for keywords with search volume of at least 100 and keyword difficulty of a maximum of 10.

Blogging about faith or Christianity is not specific enough and you won’t be able to serve your target audience effectively.

Check out these examples of Christian niches instead:

  • Christian motherhood
  • Christian resources for women
  • Christian marriage
  • Christian bible studies
  • Christian dating
  • Christian lifestyle
  • Christian addiction recovery
  • Christian homeschool
  • Christian parents
  • Christian business

Create Awesome Content

To get inspired and write amazing content, you can check out other popular Christian blogs.

You can also watch Christian themed movies.

Your source of inspiration can even be the bible.

Whatever you choose as your inspiration source, to make your content authentic, use your own voice.

Accept Guest Posts

Keeping up with your posting schedule can be hard.

Your loyal readers visit your faith based blog on a regular basis expecting to read new content regularly.

If you can’t keep up with your demanding posting schedule, you have the option to accept guest posts.

With guest posting you can let other like minded people write about their inspiring stories on your blog.

This way, you can establish your name as a Christian blogger, reach a bigger audience and attract more traffic.

Needless to point out that you will form solid, working relationships with other Christian bloggers.

Such relationships will also assist you with link building and boosting your domain rating, increasing the authority of your site.

Focus On SEO Optimization

Understanding, learning and implementing SEO optimization tactics are essential for the success of your Christian blog.

SEO optimization will help you outrank other Christian blogs with higher authority than yours.

You need to create content with search intend in mind to attract traffic from organic search.

Consider SEO optimized content as the foundation of your blog to grow your site.

Use WordPress Plugins

When you start your blog, power it up with WordPress plugins for faster and easier results.

Here are my favourite WordPress plugins I recommend:

Claim Free Elementor Account

Claim Free SEO Press Account

Claim Free Link Whisper Account

Choose A Wise Christian Blog Name Idea

Choosing the right blog name plays a crucial role in attracting attracting more traffic and achieving higher conversion rates.

Once you come up with a blog name, go to Namecheap to check wether the domain name is available.

See NameCheap

Avoid rushing into picking your blog’s name. It be closely related to your target audience, reassuring them they’ve visited the right site.

Don’t forget to also check wether the relevant social media handles are available as well.

For example, if you blog’s name is “My Christian Blog”, check whether the domain name is available and also, the corresponding social media handles such as @mychristianblog on Twitter and Instagram.

Use The Power Of Video

Nowadays, it is easy to connect with your target audience using video on social platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Snapchat.

Producing videos is not difficult either. You could streamline your processes, producing and uploading your videos on multiple platforms at the same time.

You could built a growing following by uploading your videos on your site, emailing your list each time your upload a new one, prompting the to share them with their friends on their social media channels.

Do you feel ready to start your own Christian blog?

Keep reading to discover whether now is a good time to start it, what the best niches are and discover the best tools to succeed.

Is Now A Great Time To Create A Christian Blog?

Starting a Christian blog is well worth the hard work involved especially, if the idea of writing about your faith fascinates you.

This is an evergreen niche, meaning that if your content is SEO optimized and you have created it with search intend in mind, it will remain relevant on an ongoing basis.

As a result, your return on investment is high enough to go for it.

Top Christian Blog Niches

There are many faith based blogs out there but not all them are successful. The most common mistake is not to choose the right topic for your blog.

Select a niche you are interested in and shift your focus there.

Your content should be authentic, engaging and easy to read so that you have return visitors.

By now, you should know that it should also be SEO optimized.

Going after keywords like “Christian” right from the get-go, is impossible as you will most likely not mange to rank for it on Google. It is an extremely competitive keyword.

The keyword difficulty of “Christian” is 93/100 according to Ahrefs!

keyword difficulty of "Christian"

“Christian Parents” on the other hand, is a lot less competitive with a keyword difficulty of 7.

keyword difficulty christian parents

You can use the keyword explorer of Ahrefs to find the best preforming keywords for your blog.

Topics For Your Christian Blog

Here is a list of potential Christian blog ideas you could write about:

  • What does it mean to be a Christian?
  • How to be a good Christian.
  • How to be a better Christian.
  • What makes you a Christian.
  • What is the solution to human problems according to the Christian worldview?
  • How to be a good Christian wife.
  • Why be a Christian?
  • What is a true Christian?
  • What happens when a Christian dies?
  • How to be a perfect Christian.
  • What is Christian ethics?
  • How to stay Christian in college.
  • How to read the bible and still be a Christian.

Christian Blog Logo Design Ideas

Having a professionally designed logo will your Christian business get established.

You logo should be aligned with your vision.

The best Christian blog logos are usually modern and clean.

You also need to think of your target audience. You wouldn’t use the same logo design for university students and moms or retired Christians.

Get A Professionally Designed Logo For Just $5 

You can hire  a professional graphic designer on platforms like Fiverr to design a neat logo for you. 

See Fiverr

Getting an awesome Christian logo designed for your on Fiverr is very affordable.

Christian logo design

When you vet a graphic designer on Fiverr, check out the quality of their portfolio and their reviews.

A designer that suits you, should have positive reviews, has designed logos that you like and offers revisions.

Get Your Fiverr Logo Designed

Get Started With Your Christian Blog

The next thing you need, is a hosting plan to host your site.

Your site’s files need to be stored on a server to make it easily accessible.

Getting a hosting plan is easy and inexpensive when you choose SiteGround.

Best Hosting For Christian Blog

My recommendations is SiteGround.

Siteground is officially recommended WordPress and it’s one of its largest hosts.

They are a reputable company providing fully managed hosting and migration services.

Siteground’s hosting plans are affordable and optimised for WordPress.

In addition, you get a free SSL certificate and get access to a built in Cloudflare integration.

This is the best hosting service provider to get your faith based blog up and running.

Get Started With SiteGround Here

Once you are done with setting up Siteground, use the tools I recommend below to personalize your Christian blog and make it unique.

Best WordPress Themes For Christian Blogging

A WordPress theme is the front end of your website. It’s the layout and design of your site.

Consider it as a direct representation of your brand.

Nowadays, such designs are fully responsive, scaling the layout of your site according to the device your visitors are using.

You want to choose the right theme to run a professional blog.

A great theme comes with a range of built features such as page templates, image galleries and so on.

GeneratePress WordPress Theme

generatepress theme

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme and is one of the fastest loading.

It is user friendly and customizable.

I highly recommend and it is the theme I am using for this site.

It also integrates perfectly with most page builders.

The page builder I use and recommend is Elementor and you download its free version here.

Download GeneratePress Free

Astra WordPress Theme

wp astra

WP Astra is clean, compatible with most page builders and does a fantastic job.

It performs at a high standard as well.

Download WP Astra Free

What Next?

Hope you found this article on how to start a Christian blog useful and feel ready to get started with your faith based blog.

If you want to get inspired by other Christian blogs, you can check these out:

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