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Workew Review 2024: The Ultimate Guide for Remote Workers



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Job listings updated weekly.

Not as many listings.

Ads on the site can be distractive.

Workew is a free online platform that provides updated job listings on a weekly basis, catering to individuals seeking remote work opportunities.

While the platform offers a diverse range of listings, it has a smaller pool of job opportunities compared to other platforms, making the selection process more manageable for job seekers.

However, users may find the presence of advertisements on the site to be somewhat distracting while navigating through the available job opportunities.

Despite this, Workew remains a valuable resource for those looking for remote positions in various industries.

What Is Workew?

Workew is a job board and hiring platform specifically designed for remote workers and distributed companies.

The platform aims to connect skilled and talented individuals with companies that believe in the potential of remote work.

Workew offers free job listings that are updated weekly, providing a variety of opportunities for digital nomads and remote job seekers.

On the employer side, companies can reach a global pool of candidates who value the flexibility and advantages of remote work.

How Does Workew Work And What Are Its Pros & Cons?

workew remote jobs


  • Free
  • Weekly job listing updates


  • Limited job listings
  • Distracting ads on the site

Workew Features & Benefits

Here are some notable features and benefits of Workew:

  • Job Listings: Workew carefully curates remote jobs from well-known firms, providing digital nomads and remote job seekers a diverse range of opportunities.
  • Simple Navigation: The platform offers user-friendly job search options through either the Remote Jobs menu or the Browse Remote Jobs button on their homepage.
  • Free Service: Workew does not charge users for access to its remote job listings, making it a budget-friendly option for job seekers.
  • Weekly Updates: The platform regularly updates its job listings with new opportunities, keeping users informed about the latest available positions.
  • Social Media Updates: Workew also shares remote job opportunities on their Twitter account, offering an additional method for users to stay updated on new listings.

Though Workew might have a lower number of job listings compared to other platforms, it remains a valuable resource for those seeking remote work opportunities.

Workew Reviews

Various reviews suggest that Workew can be a useful platform for finding remote jobs, but it may have some drawbacks.

In general, users seem to appreciate the following aspects of Workew:

  • Offers free job listings
  • Job listings are updated regularly
  • Known for listing remote jobs from well-regarded firms

They also seem not to appreciate the following aspects of Workew:

  • The number of available job listings might be limited compared to other job boards.

Considering various sources, it can be concluded that Workew helps job seekers find remote long-term career opportunities.

Additionally, it appears that real users of the platform value its ease of use and job updates via social media channels, such as Twitter.

Overall, Workew can be a helpful tool for job seekers focusing on remote work.

However, users might need to explore additional platforms in order to find more job listings to increase their chances of finding a suitable remote career option.

Workew Alternatives

Comparing Workew with three of its main competitors, we will take a closer look at each platform’s features, pros, and cons.

The three alternatives chosen for comparison are RemoteUK, Virtual Vocations, and Remote Tech Jobs.

Workew– Job listings for digital nomads
– Free to use
– Job listings updated weekly
– Free access
– Regular updates
– Limited number of job postings
RemoteUK– Job listings focused on the UK
– Competitive pricing
– Easy-to-use
– Hiring tailored for UK citizens
– Limited to remote jobs in the UK
Virtual Vocations– Wide range of remote job listings
– Employee related hiring
– Easy-to-use– Pricing not mentioned in the search results
Remote Tech Jobs– Thousands of remote tech jobs listed– Large database of job postings– Limited to tech jobs

From the comparison table above, it is evident that each platform has its strengths and weaknesses.

Workew offers free access with regular updates but has a limited number of job postings.

RemoteUK focuses on the UK market with competitive pricing, while Virtual Vocations covers a wide range of positions but does not provide specific pricing information based on the search results.

Lastly, Remote Tech Jobs boasts an extensive database, although it is solely focused on technology jobs.

Therefore, users can confidently choose their preferred platform depending on their requirements and job preferences.

Who Is It For?

Workew is a platform aimed at various types of professionals searching for remote job opportunities.

It caters to:

  • Digital Nomads: Individuals who love to travel and are location-independent, seeking job opportunities that allow them to work from any part of the world.
  • Freelancers: Workew also offers remote job listings for professionals who prefer working on a contract or part-time basis in their area of expertise.
  • Remote Job Seekers: Those looking for full-time remote work or seeking to transition from a traditional office environment to a remote setting can browse the job listings on Workew.
  • Distributed Companies: Organizations that have remote teams can benefit from using Workew by hiring talented professionals across various time zones to match their business needs.

The platform primarily focuses on job opportunities in industries such as technology, design, marketing, and customer support.

In conclusion, Workew serves as a valuable resource for remote job seekers and employers looking to hire talent in today’s digital age.

what next?

Workew is a platform that targets digital nomads searching for remote job opportunities.

With job listings updated weekly and a user-friendly interface, it has become one of the popular choices for remote-work enthusiasts.

However, while it offers free access and updates, the number of job postings available might be limited compared to other remote job websites.

In conclusion, Workew has its merits and can be a helpful resource for remote job seekers, but it’s essential for users to explore additional options to widen their job search.

As the remote work trend continues to grow, choosing the best job boards will significantly impact the success of securing a suitable remote position.

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