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Allegis Transcription Review 2023

  • work availability is consistent
  • pay rate is variable, allowing for upward mobility
  • jobs are done based on completion
  • some audio files are difficult to transcribe
  • mistakes affect the rating and could affect pay or job assignment rate

Allegis Transcription Review – Transcription Jobs From Home

For some time, you might have been looking for a career change. You might be considering to take the leap and start your own online business. 

However, a change that big isn’t necessarily for everyone. Online jobs have been growing in popularity over the years, providing a nice change of pace for people looking for both part and full-time remote positions. 

Allegis Transcription is one such company that you will wish you had known about years ago. Whether you’re looking to earn a few extra dollars or a full-time remote position, Allegis could be a great option for you.

Here is my Allegis Transcription Review

Things To Consider Before Using A Transcription Jobs Website

You may have heard about transcription jobs, but more in terms of part-time positions that provided for small additional income. 

Interestingly, you can earn a full-time salary with a transcription company like Allegis. Before you get started, though, there are some key points to keep in mind.


When I was considering various online jobs, I had some concerns about having funds to pursue a new career. Fortunately, transcription jobs do not require a massive investment. The standard equipment required is a computer, headphones, and a few other minor items. Once you attain those items, you are set from an equipment standpoint. 

Also, at-home employment has other cost-saving attributes. Since there is no need to commute, fuel, oil, and additional vehicle maintenance costs can be reduced. It also results in the elimination of other work expenses such as your morning coffee and lunch.


One of the difficulties I faced in my previous work was the lack of flexibility in my schedule. It created so many difficulties and was something I hoped to rectify in my future. Because online transcriptionists are independent contractors, work assignments have completion deadlines but not specific hours. As long as you are getting your work done on time, your schedule is entirely up to you. 

How Much Does It Pay?

Independent contractor work can vary in pay, and a transcriptionist is no different. Depending on the type of contract work, the income is related to two factors, the rates that the company pays its contractors and the amount of work that the transcriptionist decides to take on.

However, other factors can come into play. Some companies measure pay rates by transcribed word. Others use time, such as audio minutes or hours. It is vital to understand the metrics because some companies have payment systems affected by accuracy scales. This form of payment could affect your salary and budgeting.

Skill Level And Requirements

There are specific requirements and skill levels needed to qualify to work for Allegis. They provide a technical compatibility list that gives all the information on software and required equipment.

The interview process lasts about two weeks and includes a series of Allegis transcription tests and an interview. Along with typing and research exams, there is also a grammar and punctuation test.

Who Is And Is Not The Ideal Candidate

If you are a self-starter and are disciplined enough to make and adhere to your schedule, online transcription jobs from home are an excellent route to take. Yet if you need a more structured environment or prefer a better range of pay.

What Exactly Is Allegis Transcription?

allegis transcription pros and cons

Allegis provides transcription services to companies that specialize in the legal and insurance industries. The company sends audio files to their transcribers, who place them into document form. Contracts will vary in size for each job, depending on the requirements for each client.

Because they transcribe for some well known and large companies, work is steady. I found that fact quite attractive as many transcription jobs from home do not provide a constant workflow. If you’re anything like me, you need something that is consistent and reliable.  


  • Work availability is consistent and can be adjusted to need
  • Pay rate is variable and not fixed, allowing for upward mobility
  • Jobs are done based on completion, not set hourly rate


  • Some audio files are difficult to transcribe
  • Mistakes affect the rating and could affect pay or job assignment rate

Features And Benefits

When evaluating a job, it is best to look at all of its benefits and features. For me, the quality of a job is one that adds to the quality of your life. Employment that is a constant source of stress or does not allow you to enjoy the other aspects of your life is not a benefit but a detractor. In looking at Allegis, I found these distinct benefits and features. 

Minimum Expenses

Starting any new job, especially one as an independent contractor, can be scary. Expenses are always a consideration. Online transcription jobs from home are one of the most cost-effective forms of employment.

There are only a few requirements from an equipment standpoint. A computer, comfortable headphones, an ergonomic chair, a foot pedal, the right software, and a few small items are all you need to get started. The transcription certification institute experts have the full list that will get you started on the right path.  

Excellent Pay Range

Pay rates for transcription jobs – just like Allegis – differ depending on several factors. The type of contract or position you are fulfilling, your hours spent per job, and of course, the pay rate of the company itself are all components in your income calculations.

In the category of transcription services, Allegis transcription pay rate is among the best. According to Indeed, although it does have a pay range from $11 to $21 an hour, it averages $19.40 an hour, making it 42% higher than the national average. Either as a part-time job or full-time position, Allegis can provide a healthy boost to your income.

Independent Lifestyle

If having more control over your daily life is as crucial to you as it is to me, then the lifestyle category is a significant benefit. Essentially, as an independent contractor, you are your own boss. Meeting deadlines is a part of transcription work. However, the hours you choose to complete that work is entirely dependent upon you.

Transcription is also not just a work from home job; it is a work from anywhere type of job. The freedom to not only choose when you work but where you work is a huge benefit. Suppose you prefer to work from your local coffee shop like me or have another favorite location, as long as you have WiFi connectivity. In that case, Allegis Transcription allows you to work from almost anywhere.

Excellent Supports

Unlike many other transcription jobs, Allegis has excellent support. I find it incredibly frustrating to take a new job and then be left out in the cold when a problem or a question arises. In my examination of reviews, team support has received high marks. They do offer a robust community network for additional support as well.

Workload Flexibility

For those looking for additional opportunities on top of another job, Allegis Transcription can be an excellent fit. Being an independent contractor, you decide the workload that you want to take on. So if you have another type of employment or sources of income that you are pursuing, Allegis online transcription jobs allow for that flexibility.

Like myself, many people have additional responsibilities such as family obligations or other time commitments that make for unusual or limited working hours. Allegis allows you to design your workload to accommodate those needs.

Low Barrier To Entry

Some people may be deterred from applying to positions based on the required education, background, or skill level to meet the employer’s requirements. 

Allegis does not require extensive background or educational requirements. It has certain skill levels that it looks for through the Agellis transcription test and the subsequent interview. Strong typing and good grammar skills are their main determining factor for employment.

Health And Safety

If the current times have made one thing clear, health and safety are of great importance. While having some beneficial features, the traditional workplace has a drawback on the crucial topic of health. Being in contact with coworkers or the general public can expose you to severe risks with dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other contagions. 

Transcription jobs from home allow you to control your environment and limit your exposure to things that can be harmful to your health. Also, the facilities that you use at home are only being used by you and other members of your household, providing additional safety.


Life does not always remain in one place. Vacations, business trips, or unexpected journeys do occur. Unfortunately, in the traditional work environment, it is nearly impossible to take your work with you.

Allegis transcription jobs do not tether you to one location. When you are required to take a journey, this job’s portable nature allows you to bring your work with you wherever you go.

Control Of Your Earnings

While the Allegis transcription pay rate is excellent, the flexibility in how much work you would like to do also allows you to have greater control of your earning power. Whether you want a modest boost to your income or have a significant impact on your finances, being able to choose your workload gives you more substantial input into your earning power.  

Zip recruiter reports on a great range of income. Depending on the hourly rate and workload, home transcriptionists can make anywhere between $14,000 to the average annual salary of over $50,000.

What Others Are Saying

When evaluating an employer’s quality, it is essential to look at what people who have experience with that employer are saying. During my investigation, I wanted to see those reviews.

After scouring the internet, I found very positive feedback on Allegis Transcription.

allegis transcription reviews
allegis transcription reviews 2

However, I did find very few negative reviews from ex-workers complaining like the on below. The company has responded to such reviews stating their official procedures so I am not sure about the validity of the negative reviews. It looks like Allegis was just not a good fit for some.

allegis transcription reviews 3


The home online transcription service is not exclusive to Allegis. While there are similarities in that they transcribe audio files, the types of audio files they transcribe, the rate of pay, and certain flexibilities in the work commitment may vary.


Fiverr is a unique platform in which you can buy or sell services and has become one of the largest marketplaces that specializes in online jobs, including transcription services. Unlike more specific types of online service companies, Fiverr operates in the true capitalist fashion of people listing their services for potential buyers.

Payment rates are flexible and sometimes negotiated. In essence, Fiverr acts as a middle man, taking 20% of every transaction. The advantage is that the provider determines their own cost, and the buyer determines if that cost is something they would agree to pay for said service.


  • Various freelance jobs
  • Protected payment from a third-party platform
  • Tight deadlines


  • Work with one company instead of various
  • Flexible amount of work
  • Superior quality standards

Check out my full review on Fiverr here.

Join Fiverr


Focusing on a wide variety of audio files and subject matter, GoTranscript utilizes its contractors to transcribe almost any audio file type. However, often the quality of the files can make the work challenging.

Pay uses a metric of audio minutes. Yet, your income can be inconsistent as transcriptions must meet accuracy standards. All mistakes affect your payment rate. The quality of your work goes toward your overall employee rating. Transcribers must maintain a 3.6 rating out of 5 for payment to maintain continual employment.


  • Mistakes affect payment rate
  • Variety of files
  • Audio quality may be subpar


  • Accuracy affects payment
  • High standards
  • Flexible workload

Check out me full review on GoTranscipt here.


Similar to Fivver, Jobspresso is a digital platform that specializes in connecting people who are searching for online careers with companies that need services. In a sense, it operates as a talent agent and covers the full spectrum of available digital jobs.

However, unlike other types of these platforms, the jobs are handpicked, meaning there is more care and attention to the types of jobs being offered and the companies who are providing them. Because of this attention to detail, Jobspresso has earned a reputation of being more reliable than typical online job services.


  • Numerous freelance jobs
  • Opportunities for transcribing and other remote work
  • High-quality jobs


  • Focus only on transcribing
  • Job security with one company
  • Easily control workload

Check out my full review on Jobspresso here.

How much does a Transcriptionist make at Allegis Transcription in the United States?

The hourly pay of an average Allegis Transcription Transcriptionist is $18.75, which is 14% above the national mean.

Is Allegis transcription a Scam?

Online transcription services have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a convenient and affordable way to transcribe audio files, making them a great side gig opportunity.

However, there has been some debate about the quality of these services, with some transcriptionists claiming that they are not well paid or not enjoying working for unscrupulous providers.

Allegis Transcription is one of the most popular online transcription services, and it has come under fire for allegedly providing poor-quality transcriptions.

While there are some complaints about the quality of Allegis Transcriptions, it is important to remember that not all online transcription services are created equal.

There are many factors that can affect the quality of a transcription, including the clarity of the recording, the experience of the transcriber, and the type of software used.

As such, it is unfair to judge all online transcription services based on the experience of a few transcriptionists.

While there have been some negative reports about Allegis Transcription, it is still possible to find high-quality transcription gigs to make extra money online.

What Next? 

When investigating options for online or home employment, it must address all of your needs. An online transcription job should offer reasonable pay, flexible hours, and excellent support while enhancing your quality of life.

Income And Hours

Allegis Transcription addresses these issues very well. Its pay rate is competitive and offers the choice of either full or part-time employment with varying pay scales. It is a completion driven business, meaning that the only requirement is you meet their deadlines.

Quality Of Life

By allowing for flexible hours and choice in workload, you can design your day around your needs. The job’s portable nature and its extensive support staff and community network add to the enjoyment and greater ease in meeting its requirements.

After considering all the factors, I rated Allegis a 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can click here to learn more about Allegis Transcription job opportunities.

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