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MaxBounty Review 2024

8/10Our Score
  • good range of CPS and CPA offers from big brands
  • easy to use link generation tool and search function
  • dedicated affiliate manager for support
  • impressive commission rates of $50/50% or more per sale or lead
  • long signup process
  • account approval at a snail’s pace
  • no helpdesk
  • accounts could be terminated instantly

What Is MaxBounty Reviews

Have you suffered from the recent cut in commission rates on Amazon Associates? You are also on Commission Junction or Rakuten Advertising but would like to try something else? Maybe, something with a lot higher payouts while still having access to reputable products and services.

You might have to consider CPA offers.

That’s why you might be interested in my MaxBounty review.

What Is MaxBounty?

There are so many CPA networks to choose from.

Most of them are new however and cannot possibly be trusted.

MaxBounty on the other hand, is not new in the business of CPA networks. They’ve been around since 2004.

This should provide you with some comfort  knowing that your commissions, so you worked so hard to earn won’t disappear.

MaxBounty offers range from CPA offer to CPS offers and have partnered with some impressive brands too.

MaxBounty Login

Once reading through the pre-sell on the MaxBounty page, you can visit their signup page dedicated to new affiliates. If you don’t have an account already, click on Next and enter your name, company name and email address.

maxbounty login

You will then, be asked to generate a password and complete a number of security questions.

The following step is to provide your contact details. Make sure the contact number you provide is an active number as they’ll verify you by phone.

You’ll then be requested to input your address and information about your site including traffic sources and indicate the MaxBounty campaigns you are interested in promoting.

You will then reach the final page of the signup form where, you have to agree that you will neither sell your MaxBounty account nor send fake traffic to offers.

Click on Submit and you are done!

You will most likely have to wait to get approved. In the event you experience delays, try to reach out to your affiliate manager.

Brands To Promote On MaxBounty

Most of the offers you’ll come across are the kind of offers you will find other CPA networks.

However, you will also find a number of very big brand names that you will not find elsewhere easily.

Here are some of the big-name brand offers you will find on MaxBounty.

  • American Express
  • GoDaddy
  • Microsoft
  • McAfee
  • NortonLifeLock
  • Bark
  • HMA
  • Shutterstock
  • Squarespace

How To Use MaxBounty

The first term that comes to mind when looking at interface of MaxBounty is crowded.

maxbounty interface

There are so many offers presented to you at once. There is also no training for new affiliates making things even more confusing.

On the left of your dashboard, you have access to a number of options that are self-explanatory.

All in all, the MaxBounty user experience and interface is nothing to be excited about.

Finding MaxBounty Offers

This where you can find affiliate programs to make money online.

What you need to do is to choose Browse.

The default option is New Campaigns, but you can select Top Campaigns, Trending Campaigns, Suggested Campaigns, Recently Viewed Campaigns, Campaigns You’ve Just Been Approved For or Campaigns You’ve Bookmarked.

What I need to highlight at this point, is that in order to be allowed to promote CPA offers you need to receive your first payment.

Another way to find offers is to use the Search function.

This way you can search for Cost per action (CPA), Cost per lead (CPL) or Cost per sale (CPS) offers.

There is in excess of 2,000 offers in their database.

Finding offers seems to be relatively easy.

Generating Affiliate Links

At this stage, you have found the offers you want to promote and need to generate your affiliate link or else, tracking link in MaxBounty language.

Head over to the affiliate program you want to promote and click Build Tracking Link.

Choose what kind of traffic you want to send to your link, the type of creative and select the landing page of your choice.

It is a straightforward 3-step process.

How To Get Paid

With MaxBounty you have several payment options.

Payment Frequency

If you are a new affiliate, you get paid on the 15th of the following month.

However, you can be automatically start receiving weekly payments instead, if you earn enough.

Payment Options

Provided that you live in a Western Country, you can choose from the following payment methods.

  • eCheck
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payoneer

Not all options are available in all countries.

Also, all commission are automatically converted into your local currency.

Is There A Payment Threshold?

There is a payment threshold where you need to earn at least $100 to receive a MaxBounty payment.

MaxBounty Reviews

Let’s have a look at what other people think of MaxBounty.

The reviews I have come across are kind of mixed.

maxbounty reviews
Source: Trustpilot
maxbounty reviews
Source: Trustpilot
maxbounty reviews
maxbounty reviews

MaxBounty Pros & Cons

Now that we have completed a detailed MaxBounty CPA network review, let’s weigh it all up.


  • Decent interface
  • Good range of CPS and CPA offers from big brands
  • Easy to use link generation tool and search function
  • Dedicated affiliate manager for support
  • Impressive commission rates of $50/50% or more per sale or lead


  • Long signup process. Only for patient people.
  • Account approval at a snail’s pace
  • No helpdesk
  • Accounts could be terminated instantly

What Next?

MaxBounty seems to be a CPA network with a huge variety of CPA and CPS offers from big brand names.

They have a busy interface, but it is easy to navigate around the site.

Link generation is easy, and it is a tool they can brag about.

Your account could be terminated on the spot and they will keep your commissions, if they suspect you are not following their rules so be careful not to do anything dodgy.

If you are relatively new to affiliate marketing, why not starting out with less restrictive offers and networks?

If you don’t know how to do that, check out this free web-class on this subject.

Join Free Web-Class

You will learn how to find your niche, find keywords that rank and get a basic site up and running.

You don’t need to pay cent for the web-class.

Hope this MaxBounty review was helpful. Enjoy the web-class!

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