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How to Make Money with Cloudways Affiliate Program in 2024

Cloudways Affiliate Program


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How to Make Money on Autopilot with Cloudways Affiliate Program [Step-by-Step Guide]

In recent times, the huge inclination towards passive income has led to the popularity of affiliate marketing among the masses.

And from those programs, the web hosting industry has emerged as a desirable option because of its high commissions.

As the demand for hosting solutions increases with time, their affiliate programs have also improved, providing exciting commissions.  

Cloudways, a popular cloud hosting provider, counts among the leading hosting solutions with the best affiliate program.

They have recently improved their programs, offering higher and better commission plans to benefit the affiliates with maximum passive income support.

But, is the Cloudways affiliate program beneficial for starters?

How can you get started with it? Keep reading as I cover the nitty-gritties of their program in this blog.

Before we get into the details, let’s go through a quick overview of Cloudways.

Watch our video on how to make $200 per sale with Cloudways Affiliate Program:

What is Cloudways? 

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider, popular for its amalgamation of robust security, reliability, ultra-fast speeds, scalability, and 24/7 support; making it a trustworthy hosting option. 

It offers users the freedom to choose from the following five IaaS providers for outstanding uptime and extreme performance:

  • DigitalOcean 
  • AWS 
  • Google Cloud 
  • Vultr 
  • Linode
Cloudways IaaS providers

Unlike other hosting providers, Cloudways does not focus on a particular type of audience but instead understands the needs of all kinds of users.

Regardless of the business scale, anyone can get started with Cloudways’ affordable plans to launch their journey in the online world.

Why Should You Join the Cloudways Affiliate Program?

No matter if you are a starter or an established name in the online world, Cloudways’ affiliate programs cater to the needs of all businesses & individuals, regardless of their scale. 

As an affiliate, you don’t want your marketing efforts to go in vain.

Cloudways understands this and offers three different payout models to ensure you get maximum recurring commissions with high payouts.

Cloudways’ affiliate programs

If you feel stranded at any point, Cloudways affiliate managers will help you through everything associated with the cloud affiliate program.

Their experts will guide you at all points to ensure a seamless and smooth collaborative experience.

Nobody fancies an affiliate program that offers meager commissions.

Keeping this in mind, Cloudways offers market-competitive commissions on all its web hosting programs.

If you are a pro in affiliate marketing and bring high sales, you’re honored by Cloudways with their customized affiliate commission that includes you in their top-earning tier.

How Much Can You Earn with the Cloudways Affiliate Program?

Earning with the Cloudways Affiliates program varies on the number of referral sales you bring in a month.

Starting from $50 per sale, you can make up to $200 per sale, depending upon the structure you choose.

Cloudways has distributed its commission structure into three parts, offering varying commissions, so you may choose the one that fits your requirements. 

1. Slab

The slab commission structure comprises four slabs and a Super Affiliate option. The slabs ascend as the number of monthly referrals increase, resulting in higher commissions. 

Earning with the Cloudways Affiliates program
  • Slab 1 gives a commission of 50$/sale when you have 1 to 5 monthly referrals.
  • Slab 2 gives a commission of 75$/sale when you have 6 to 20 monthly referrals.
  • Slab 3 gives a commission of 100$/sale when you have 21 to 45 monthly referrals.
  • Slab 4 gives a commission of 125$/sale when you have 46 to 80 monthly referrals.
how to estimate cloudways monthly earnings

2. Hybrid

If you want recurring commissions to ensure stable passive income, you should take advantage of the Cloudways hybrid model.

This model offers an upfront bonus of $30, and 7% lifetime commissions (quite a bargain).


The earnings from the hybrid model depend upon the number of referral sales, IaaS provider, and server size. 

To calculate how much you can make via the hybrid model, visit the Cloudways affiliate program page.

Enter your details in the hybrid calculator to calculate your estimated monthly and yearly earnings.

hybrid calculator

3. Custom

Are you a well-recognized name in the affiliate marketing domain?

Or are you confident enough of getting mad referral sales each month?

If yes, then you can benefit from the Cloudways custom tier and get crazy commission rates.

commission structure

The custom tier is a stellar combination of slab and hybrid commission structures and gives you the best of both.

You can make as much as $200 per sale with the custom tier. Contact a Cloudways Affiliate Manager to get enrolled in the custom tier.


Please read the following options for a payout of the affiliate commission with Cloudways.

  • For Affiliate payout, via PayPal, the threshold is $250 in approved commission.
  • If you are a Cloudways customer, you can avail of the funds’ transfer option where you must have $100 in approved commission to avail the commission as funds.
  • For Bank wire transfer, your earnings must be $1000 and above in approved commission.

Who Can Become a Cloudways Affiliate?

Literally anyone can become a Cloudways affiliate.

Cloudways does not restrict users, whether it’s a newbie trying their luck with affiliate marketing or an established website or business trying to make extra bucks.

All you need is to sign up with the Cloudways affiliate program and start earning.

How to Become a Cloudways Affiliate [Easy Steps]

The Cloudways Affiliate Program provides added flexibility to get higher commissions, access their resources, and get their dedicated support.

Follow the easy steps below to become a Cloudways affiliate.

Step 1: Log in to Cloudways

Visit the Cloudways homepage, and log in with your credentials. If you are a new user, then sign up for a new account.

Cloudways affiliate login

Step 2: Create Your Affiliate Profile

  • Navigate to the grid symbol, and click on Affiliate Program.
become a cloudways affiliate
  • Fill the form with the required details.
cloudways affiliate program profile
  • Once you are done filling out all the details, click the Create Your Affiliate Program button.

Step 3: Access Your Affiliate Panel

  • Click Access Your Affiliate Panel to access your Affiliate Panel.
  • Make any changes if required. Click Save Changes at the bottom.
access cloudways affiliate panel

Step 4: Copy Your Affiliate Link

  • Copy your affiliate link from the affiliate panel to use in your marketing activities.
copy cloudways affiliate link
  • Select Campaigns from the menu, and find exciting creatives and banners for your use. You can also get dynamic links for the banners and place the code on your sites.
cloudways campaigns

That’s it! Start marketing the product and fill your account with high commissions. 

Track Real-Time Sales with Cloudways

Cloudways offers another useful feature for Affiliates to optimize conversion rates and track sales and clicks effectively. 

You can add data1 and data2 parameters in the affiliate link to track clicks/signups/sales from different campaigns, and the parameters will reflect in the commission reports.

This will enable you to understand which campaigns are generating signups and conversions and in this way you can further improve them.

To add the parameters, please check these guidelines:

– Add this for your tracking: data1={keyword 1}&data2={keyword 2}

– Once you add this, your Cloudways affiliate panel will automatically pick “keyword 1” in extra data1 and “keyword 2” in extra data2 in raw clicks and commission reports.

Track Real-Time Sales with Cloudways

How You Can Get The Payouts:

As soon as a referral upgrades their account, the sign-up is converted to a sale and eventually approved when they pay the two full invoices.

Affiliates can get payouts via funds added to Cloudways/ PayPal/ Wire Transfer.

The payouts are processed on the 10th of each month:

  • If you are an affiliate and have a website hosted on Cloudways, you can transfer approved commissions to the Cloudways account. The minimum threshold for funds transfer is $100 in approved commissions.
  • For PayPal, the minimum threshold is $250 approved commissions.
  • For wire transfer, it has to be at least $1000 in approved commission. Cloudways affiliate team will contact you for bank account details and invoice copy at the time of payouts.

what next?

In conclusion, the Cloudways Affiliate Program presents a lucrative opportunity to monetize your online presence.

By promoting a reliable and user-friendly cloud hosting platform, individuals can earn substantial commissions while assisting businesses in finding top-tier hosting solutions.

The program’s user-friendly interface, competitive commission structure, and comprehensive tracking tools empower affiliates to maximize their earnings with ease.

As the digital landscape continues to expand, partnering with Cloudways not only offers a chance to generate passive income but also to connect businesses with a high-performance hosting service.

Embracing the Cloudways Affiliate Program can be a strategic move towards financial growth and industry collaboration.

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