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16 Best Books For Starting An Online Business: Top Recommendations for 2024

Best Overall


How To Start Your Drop Shipping Business



Limited depth.

Best For Shopify

Dropshipping & Shopify

Dropshipping & Shopify

Easy to understand.

Affordable price.

Might be too basic.

Best For SEO

Starting a Business

Starting A Business


Step-by-step guidance.

Focuses on US.

Starting an online business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor.

In today’s digital age and with millennials doing 60% of their shopping online, many entrepreneurs are finding success by creating their own online ventures, from eCommerce stores to service-based businesses.

As the marketplace continually evolves, newcomers can benefit from learning the strategies and tactics that have helped countless entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

One way to gain valuable insight into building a successful online business is through reading books written by experts who have experienced the journey first-hand.

These books often provide step-by-step guidance, actionable advice, and inspiring stories of personal triumphs and setbacks.

With so many options available, choosing the best books to help bring your online business vision to life can be a daunting task.

When selecting a book on starting an online business, it’s important to consider factors such as the author’s experience, the relevance of the content, and the readability of the book.

Look for authors who have successfully started and grown their online businesses, and whose writing resonates with you.

It’s essential to select books that offer practical, up-to-date information and can guide you through the rapidly changing online landscape.

Armed with the perfect collection of books, you’ll be prepared to tackle the challenges of starting an online business.

We have spent significant time researching and selecting some of the best books for starting an online business.

These comprehensive resources offer sound advice, proven strategies, and essential skills for launching and growing a profitable online venture.

Best Books for Starting an Online Business

We have curated a list of the top books to help you kickstart your online business journey.

These books cover essential topics and provide valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.



This book is ideal for those who are keen on learning the essentials of starting an online dropshipping business, with both valuable information and a few caveats.


  • Concise and beginner-friendly
  • Covers various aspects of dropshipping
  • Provides marketing strategies


  • Limited depth for advanced users
  • Only 37 pages long
  • Self-published

After going through “HOW TO START YOUR DROP SHIPPING BUSINESS,” we believe it is a solid book for those who are new to the world of dropshipping. The author breaks down the process of starting an online business step by step, making it easy for beginners to grasp the necessary concepts. We appreciate the marketing strategies shared to help generate sales and target the right audience.

However, for individuals who already have some experience in online business or dropshipping, this book may not provide a significant amount of new information. As it is only 37 pages long, the content is concise and straight to the point, but it may lack depth for more advanced users. Furthermore, it is independently published, which might affect the quality of editing and overall presentation.

That said, this book still serves as a good starting point for beginners looking to explore the world of dropshipping. The practical tips and step-by-step methods make it a worthwhile investment for those looking to build their online business with ease. Overall, we recommend “HOW TO START YOUR DROP SHIPPING BUSINESS” for newcomers in the online business realm, but experienced entrepreneurs may want to look for a more comprehensive resource.

2.Dropshipping & Shopify: 2021 Edition

Dropshipping & Shopify Book Cover

A good choice for beginners to learn the basics of starting an online business using dropshipping and Shopify.


  • Easy to understand for beginners
  • Provides step-by-step guidance
  • Affordable price


  • Might be too basic for advanced users
  • Some spelling errors reported
  • Lacks depth in certain topics

This book, titled “Dropshipping & Shopify: 2021 Edition – A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners on How to Start Your E-Commerce Business and Make Money Online,” is an excellent starting point for people who are new to the world of online business and dropshipping. The author breaks down the process in an easy-to-follow manner, making it accessible to those without any prior experience in this field.

Apart from the step-by-step guidance, the book also shares valuable insights into the pros and cons of starting a dropshipping business. This helps readers to make an informed decision when embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. The affordable price also makes it an attractive option for those looking to explore this path without heavy investment.

However, this book may not be suitable for everyone. Advanced users or those with prior experience in e-commerce may find the content too basic and lacking in-depth information for their needs. Additionally, some readers have reported spelling errors within the book, which might detract from the overall learning experience.

In conclusion, we recommend “Dropshipping & Shopify: 2021 Edition” for those who are just starting out and want a clear, easy-to-understand guide on setting up an online business using the dropshipping model. It offers an excellent foundation and covers the necessary steps to get started. However, for more advanced users or those seeking in-depth knowledge of specific topics, other resources may be more suitable.

3.Starting a Business QuickStart Guide

Starting a Business QuickStart Guide

This book is a must-have for those looking to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality by launching a successful small business.


  • Simplified and beginner-friendly
  • Covers a broad range of business aspects
  • Practical examples and step-by-step guidance


  • Focuses on US taxation and business rules
  • Could be more detailed in some sections
  • May be too basic for experienced entrepreneurs

We found the Starting a Business QuickStart Guide to be a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, due to its beginner-friendly language and easily digestible content. The book breaks down various aspects of starting a successful small business, making the process seem more realistic and achievable.

What makes this book stand out is its step-by-step guidance on turning your vision into reality, complete with real-world examples. It covers a wide range of topics, including the importance of proper planning, identifying market needs, branding, and financing. The book is particularly useful for those with little to no business experience, as it provides a solid foundation to build on.

However, the guide does have its limitations. As it mainly focuses on US taxation and business rules, international readers might find certain sections less relevant to their specific situation. Additionally, some sections could be more detailed, offering more in-depth information for those who seek it. Moreover, experienced entrepreneurs may consider the content too basic, as it caters more to beginners.

In conclusion, the Starting a Business QuickStart Guide is an excellent choice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their first small business. It offers a simplified, yet comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the process. Although it does have a few shortcomings, the positives outweigh the negatives, making it a valuable addition to any entrepreneurial bookshelf.

4.Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies

Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies

If you’re exploring options for starting an online business, this book acts as a comprehensive guide with loads of practical advice.


  • In-depth coverage of various online business models
  • Easy-to-follow guides and actionable tips
  • Packed with a wealth of information for aspiring entrepreneurs


  • Some parts might be too basic for experienced entrepreneurs
  • Bulky size may be cumbersome for some readers
  • Some content might not be applicable for non-US readers

We recently had the chance to delve into “Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies.” For those looking to start an online business, this book offers a lot of valuable information. We were impressed by the comprehensive coverage of different online business models and easy-to-follow guides which can be beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As we went through the book, we found it packed with actionable tips that would help not only those starting from scratch but also those who are in the early stages of their online business journey. The book also addresses some of the common challenges and uncertainties faced by newcomers in the world of online entrepreneurship.

However, we also noticed that “Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies” might not be for everyone. The size of the book, considering its 896 pages, could make it a bit cumbersome for some readers. Additionally, experienced entrepreneurs may find some sections too basic and not catering to their advanced needs. It is also worth mentioning that some legal aspects mentioned in the book may not be directly applicable to non-US readers.

Overall, we believe that “Starting an Online Business All-in-One For Dummies” is a great investment for those keen on exploring different approaches to online business and looking for a comprehensive guide to help them through the process. While this book might not answer every question, it surely provides a solid foundation to start and grow an online business.

5.Ecommerce Empire: The Definitive Guide

Ecommerce Empire

We believe this book is a valuable resource for someone looking to start an online business, thanks to its detailed steps and expert insights.


  • Comprehensive guide for beginners
  • Actionable steps and strategies
  • Real-world examples and success stories


  • Some information may not be new
  • Self-published
  • Potential for better organization

Ecommerce Empire provides a thorough introduction to starting and scaling an online business, specifically focusing on the essentials. As we dove into this book, we found that it covered a wide range of topics – from mindset and goal-setting to marketing strategies and customer engagement.

As we applied the tactics outlined in the book to our own online ventures, we noticed that the author, Peter Pru, shares practical advice for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike. The real-world examples and success stories gave us inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward with our businesses.

On the other hand, our experience with the book revealed that some of the information might not be particularly new or groundbreaking to those already well-versed in ecommerce. Additionally, it is a self-published book, which may raise some concerns about the credibility and editing quality. Lastly, we felt that the organization of the book could be improved to enhance readability and flow.

Overall, Ecommerce Empire is a helpful resource for someone looking to start an online business or improve their existing one. Although it has its shortcomings, we believe the book’s pros outweigh its cons and recommend it to budding entrepreneurs seeking guidance in the world of ecommerce.

6.LLC Beginner’s Guide

LLC Beginner's Guide

This book is a must-have for anyone wanting to start an online business with a strong foundation in LLC formation and management.


  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand information
  • Covers legal and operational aspects of LLCs
  • Up-to-date with current regulations


  • Assumes limited prior business knowledge
  • Focuses more on LLC formation than online specifics
  • Some topics might need state-specific information

We recently had the chance to read “LLC Beginner’s Guide: How to Successfully Start and Maintain a Limited Liability Company Even if You’ve Got Zero Experience (A Complete Up-to-Date & Easy-to-Follow Guide)” by Walter Grant. This book turned out to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to enter the world of online business through the formation of an LLC.

One of the aspects we appreciated the most was the comprehensive and easy-to-understand information the book provided. The author explains the legal and operational aspects of running an LLC in a way that’s accessible, even to those new to the business world. Moreover, the book is up-to-date with the current regulations, ensuring readers are well-prepared and in compliance with the laws.

However, there are a few limitations to the book that we should mention. It assumes that readers have limited prior knowledge about business, which might not suit more experienced entrepreneurs. It also focuses significantly more on LLC formation than on the specifics of starting and running an online business. Additionally, some of the topics discussed might require further research, as state-specific information might be needed depending on where you’re based.

Overall, we believe “LLC Beginner’s Guide” is a valuable resource for anyone looking to start an online business by forming and maintaining an LLC. Just keep in mind that you may need to complement this book with other resources for a more comprehensive understanding of running an online business.

7.The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy

The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy

This book is a must-have for anyone looking to turn their Etsy shop side hustle into a full-fledged business.


  • Engaging and encouraging writing style
  • Packed with valuable information and tips
  • Useful for beginners and experienced sellers


  • Some business and tax advice specific to the US
  • May not cover more advanced strategies
  • Potential for information to become outdated

As we began reading “The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy,” we were instantly drawn in by the author’s engaging and encouraging writing style. It felt like we were receiving advice from a successful friend, rather than reading a typical how-to guide. The book is packed with valuable information and tips on how to effectively set up and run an Etsy shop, making it an incredible resource for those just starting out as well as more experienced sellers.

One downside we encountered was that some of the advice on taxes and setting up a private company is aimed at a US audience, which might not be as helpful for readers located in other countries. Additionally, while the book provides an excellent foundation, we found ourselves wishing for more advanced strategies to take our Etsy shop to the next level. We also recognize that, since the book was published in 2021, some of the information may become outdated as Etsy and the e-commerce landscape continue to evolve.

Nevertheless, we found “The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Etsy” to be an incredibly helpful and motivating read. It gave us practical insights and guidance in turning our side hustle into a successful online business. The fact that the authors are Etsy shop owners themselves adds to the book’s credibility and relatability. We highly recommend this book to anyone looking to start or grow their Etsy shop.

8.How to Start an Online Business: Create a Business Around Your Lifestyle

How to Start an Online Business

This book is a valuable guide for those looking to start an online business and design their ideal lifestyle.


  • Comprehensive, resource-packed guide
  • Actionable insights and steps
  • Helpful recommendations on tools and services used by the author


  • May not offer new information for more experienced online entrepreneurs
  • Some readers might find the content overwhelming
  • A few sections could use more in-depth explanations

We were genuinely surprised by the quality and value this book provided for us when we dived into its pages. As beginners trying to start an online business, it covers everything from A-Z for navigating the vast world of online entrepreneurship. The step-by-step guidance, paired with the recommendations on tools and services the author personally uses, empowers us to take the leap with confidence.

As we read further, we found that this book is not just for beginners. It serves as a solid reference guide for those already in the online business world who may need a refresher or extra advice on how to level up their existing operations. The actionable insights provided are easy to follow and can be applied immediately to our own ventures.

However, it’s worth noting that the book might not be the best fit for those who already have advanced knowledge of online business management. It doesn’t offer as much new information for experienced entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, the book is what we believe to be an excellent investment for aspiring online business owners or those in the early stages of entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, “How to Start an Online Business: Create a Business Around Your Lifestyle” is a practical and insightful tool for beginning online entrepreneurs looking to make their mark and create a successful, fulfilling lifestyle based on their business. While it may not be the most advanced resource for online business veterans, it still has valuable lessons to offer as a reference guide.

9.1-Page Marketing Plan

1-Page Marketing Plan

This book is a must-read for those looking to streamline their online business marketing strategy effectively.


  • Easy-to-follow format
  • Actionable advice
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Might be too basic for experts
  • Some information may be repetitive
  • Only available in English

As we dived into the “1-Page Marketing Plan,” we found it to be an engaging and informative read. The author simplifies the marketing process and outlines a concise plan that can easily be tailored to any online business. For those who are just getting started, this book provides a solid foundation for creating an effective marketing strategy.

Throughout the book, the author shares valuable insights and proven techniques to help online businesses reach their target audience. One particular aspect that stood out to us was the emphasis on building trust and providing value. This approach encourages nurturing customer relationships rather than simply focusing on making a sale.

While the “1-Page Marketing Plan” is an excellent resource, it may be less useful for seasoned marketing professionals who are already familiar with many of the concepts presented. Due to its beginner-friendly style, some details might be repetitive for those with more experience in the field. Additionally, the book is only available in English, which may limit its accessibility for a global audience.

In conclusion, the “1-Page Marketing Plan” is a helpful resource for entrepreneurs who are just starting their online business journey. With its easy-to-understand format and actionable advice, this book can serve as a reliable guide to designing a successful marketing campaign. However, experts in the field may find the content too basic and repetitive.

10.Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Start with Why

We believe this book is a worthwhile read for anyone looking to improve their leadership skills and understand the importance of a strong “why” in business.


  • Insightful concepts and ideas
  • Compelling real-world examples
  • Broad applicability to various aspects of life


  • Some redundancy in content
  • Might require patience for full comprehension
  • Not a quick fix – requires deeper reflection and self-discovery

After reading “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, we’ve found the book to be quite inspiring and enlightening. The core concept – understanding the “why” behind what we do – is presented in a way that encourages us to rethink our approach to leadership and success. Sinek explores how having a strong sense of purpose can lead to more successful endeavors, both professionally and personally.

The book is filled with real-world examples, including stories about the Wright brothers, Southwest Airlines, and Walt Disney, which help to illustrate the importance of having a clear and powerful “why.” These anecdotes make the content engaging and relatable, enabling us to easily grasp the concepts and see how they can be applied to our own lives and businesses.

However, while we appreciate the depth of information and ideas presented in “Start with Why,” we also recognize that some readers may find certain parts of the book to be repetitive. It can take patience to fully absorb and understand the material, but once we do, the rewards are well worth it.

In conclusion, “Start with Why” has the potential to transform our leadership skills and overall approach to life. Although it may require some patience and introspection, we believe that the valuable insights it offers make it an essential resource for those who want to excel in their professional and personal endeavors.

11.The ChatGPT Millionaire: Making Money Online has never been this EASY

The ChatGPT Millionaire

This book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start an online business using AI tools like ChatGPT.


  • Informative and captivating content
  • Practical tips and insights
  • Quick and easy read


  • Some information may seem basic
  • May not cover all aspects of ChatGPT
  • Effectiveness of “act as” prompts could be debatable

We recently read “The ChatGPT Millionaire: Making Money Online has never been this EASY” and found it to be a game-changer for entrepreneurs who want to leverage AI tools like ChatGPT. The author, Neil Dagger, provides an in-depth exploration of the intersection between entrepreneurship, finance, and artificial intelligence.

Throughout the book, we noticed practical tips, insights, and a roadmap for leveraging technology and harnessing the power of ChatGPT. The author’s knowledge and passion truly shine through, giving readers the confidence to start their own business using what they’ve learned.

Even though the book is filled with captivating content, we must admit that some information might seem too basic for those already familiar with ChatGPT. However, the quick and easy read offers a brilliant overview for beginners wanting to use ChatGPT confidently in their businesses. Additionally, we feel that the effectiveness of the “act as” prompts could be debatable, but it’s still worth a try for any aspiring entrepreneur.

In summary, “The ChatGPT Millionaire” is an excellent investment for newcomers looking to start an online business using AI tools. The informative content, practical tips, and easy-to-consume writing make this resource a must-read in today’s digital world.

12.Start Your Online Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

Start Your Online Store

We highly recommend this book for anyone looking to establish a profitable eCommerce business with Shopify.


  • Comprehensive guide for Shopify beginners
  • Offers step-by-step instructions with visuals
  • Written by a trusted expert in Shopify


  • Only available in English
  • Some advanced topics may not be covered
  • Digital format may not suit all readers

Start Your Online Store: A Step-by-Step Guide To Establishing a Profitable eCommerce Business with Shopify (Shopify Made Easy Book 1)” is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start an online store. This practical guide, written by Veronica Jeans, helps its readers understand the essentials of setting up a Shopify store correctly.

Throughout the book, we found it easy to follow and appreciated the author’s step-by-step instructions accompanied by pictorials. This makes it simple for beginners to get started and immediately apply the knowledge to their own online businesses. As a highly-regarded expert in Shopify, Veronica Jeans has crafted a valuable resource for readers who are new to ecommerce.

One potential drawback for some readers is that the book is only available in English. However, it’s important to note that the information provided is comprehensive and specifically tailored to help beginners become successful store owners on Shopify. Also, while the book does delve into various aspects of setting up a store, advanced users may find that certain complex topics are not covered in detail.

Overall, “Start Your Online Store: A Step-by-Step Guide To Establishing a Profitable eCommerce Business with Shopify” is a must-read for anyone considering opening an online store. Despite a few minor shortcomings, the book provides an easy-to-understand guide for Shopify novices and will undoubtedly help them kickstart their ecommerce businesses.

13.Build an Online Business In 24 Hours

Build an Online Business

We recommend this book for individuals looking to kickstart their online business journey quickly and efficiently.


  • Comprehensive blueprint
  • Easy to understand
  • Applicable for various business types


  • Some information might be found online
  • No step-by-step guidance
  • Difficulty accessing companion resources

We recently read “Build an Online Business In 24 Hours (Updated and Extended Edition)” and found it to be an insightful resource, covering everything from e-commerce fundamentals to branding and marketing strategies. The author has organized the book efficiently, making it easy for readers to follow even without technical expertise.

The key strength of this book is that it offers a comprehensive blueprint for starting an online business, whether it’s a side hustle or primary occupation. Some of the essential topics covered include choosing a niche, creating a website, optimizing your content, and leveraging social media platforms for your online business.

Although the book is packed with valuable information, it’s worth mentioning that some of the content may already be available through online research. Furthermore, this book may not be suitable for readers seeking a step-by-step guide, as it offers more of an overview than a detailed roadmap.

One minor downside we encountered was the difficulty accessing the companion resources, such as the free course, workbook, and worksheet. It seems that the links provided in the book were not user-friendly, and the author’s website merely redirected us back to the book’s Amazon page.

Nevertheless, “Build an Online Business In 24 Hours” is an excellent read for anyone aspiring to venture into the realm of online business. Its easy-to-understand format combined with practical advice makes it a valuable addition to any entrepreneur’s library.

14.How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business (2022 Version)

How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business

This book offers essential guidance for anyone looking to start their own e-commerce business with confidence and clarity.


  • Easy-to-read with practical advice
  • Guidance for various stages of e-commerce journey
  • Shares insights from a successful entrepreneur


  • May cater more towards beginners
  • Lacks advanced strategies
  • Limited real-world examples

After spending some time with the book ‘[2022 Version] How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business: Answering the 5 Fundamental Questions of eCommerce and Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap‘, we found it to be an excellent resource for beginners looking to dive into the world of online business. It covers the basics thoroughly, ensuring that aspiring entrepreneurs are well-equipped with foundational knowledge.

The book is genuinely easy to read and understand. The author does a great job of providing practical advice, especially in the realm of e-commerce. It cuts through the information overload and helps to focus on essential aspects of starting and growing an online business. The guidance feels tailored for individuals in various stages of their e-commerce journey, making it a versatile addition to your bookshelf.

One of the drawbacks we noticed is that the book may cater mostly to beginners, meaning that more experienced business owners may not find the material as relevant. The book seems to lack advanced strategies and real-world examples that would be beneficial for those looking to take their existing business to new heights.

In conclusion, ‘[2022 Version] How to Start and Grow an E-Commerce Business’ is a valuable read for those initiating their journey in the online business world. Although it may not provide all the answers for seasoned business owners, its practical advice and focus on the essentials make it a worthwhile investment for new e-commerce entrepreneurs.

15.How to Write a Business Plan With No Experience

How to Write a Business Plan With No Experience

A vital resource for any aspiring entrepreneur, providing practical guidance and thorough insights on crafting a successful business plan


  • Comprehensive and accessible
  • Offers numerous real-world examples
  • Presents a step-by-step approach


  • May not offer advanced strategies
  • Limited to beginners
  • Only in English

We recently delved into “How to Write a Business Plan With No Experience” and found it to be an incredibly valuable tool for those stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. The book breaks down the complex process of creating a business plan into simple, understandable steps, addressing common concerns of beginners and providing practical guidance throughout.

One aspect that truly stood out to us was the author’s ability to present numerous real-world examples, making it relatable and giving readers a clear sense of how to apply the concepts. This approach greatly helps demystify the process of crafting a business plan, empowering those with little to no experience and setting them up for success.

Beyond the simplified language and clear step-by-step approach, this book also offers a wealth of practical resources for readers to build upon. The inclusion of helpful templates and tools enables us to put the learned concepts into action, transforming our ideas into tangible and result-driven plans.

Overall, “How to Write a Business Plan With No Experience” serves as a fantastic entry-level guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. While it may not cover advanced strategies or cater to seasoned business owners, it remains an indispensable starting point that can significantly boost the chances of success in the world of business.

16.A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market

A Beginner's Guide to the Stock Market

This book is a great starting point for those looking to learn about online businesses and the stock market.


  • Easy to understand language
  • Clear guidelines for trading beginners
  • Concise and informative


  • Some market terminology might be confusing
  • Not suitable for those seeking explosive growth
  • Further research may be required

We found this book to be a valuable resource for anyone wanting to dive into the world of online businesses and the stock market. The author uses simple language and clear definitions, which makes it easy for beginners to understand. The trading strategies and guidelines provided in the book are straight forward and beneficial for those just starting out.

On the other hand, some readers might find the market terminology used in the book a bit confusing and might need to re-read sections multiple times. Additionally, this book might not be the best choice for those looking for quick tips that will lead to explosive growth in their investments; it’s more focused on long-term strategies and building a solid foundation in market understanding.

In conclusion, “A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market: Everything You Need to Start Making Money Today” is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in starting an online business or learning about the stock market. While it may not deliver immediate wealth, the knowledge gained from this book can serve as a strong foundation for future investment decisions.

Buying Guide

When looking to purchase books that teach us how to start an online business, there are several factors that we believe should be taken into consideration before making a decision.

In this guide, we will discuss the key features to pay attention to when choosing the perfect books to help grow your online business.

  1. Relevance: The online business landscape is continuously evolving with time, so it’s essential for us to pick books that reflect current trends and strategies. While it may be hard to find a book that’s entirely up-to-date, checking publication dates and searching for recent editions are good starting points.
  2. Expertise of the author: The credibility of the author plays a vital role in determining the quality of information and advice provided in the book. Look for books written by well-established entrepreneurs or experts in the field of online business to ensure we receive trustworthy and actionable guidance.
  3. Subject matter: Different books cater to different aspects of starting and growing an online business, such as marketing, branding, product development, and more. It’s crucial for us to identify the specific areas we need help with and select books that specifically address those needs.
  4. Actionable content: The best books not only provide knowledge, but they also offer practical steps and exercises for us to implement as we build our online business. Look for books that include case studies, templates, checklists, or step-by-step guides that can be directly applied to our own situations.
  5. Clarity and readability: Books that are easy to read and understand are more likely to keep us engaged and motivated to learn. Look for books that are well-structured, written in plain language, and have clear explanations of complex concepts. This will make our learning experience more enjoyable and productive.

By considering these factors, we can make informed decisions when selecting books to help us build and grow our online business.

Keep in mind that reading multiple books is beneficial, as each one may provide unique insights or approaches to overcoming the challenges of starting an online business.


I’m not tech-savvy. Are there any books that simplify the technical aspects of starting an online business?

Absolutely. “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber is a fantastic choice. It emphasizes the importance of systems and processes, which can be very helpful for those who are less familiar with the technical side of things.

I’m interested in dropshipping and e-commerce. Are there books that specifically cover these areas?

Yes, definitely. “Dropshipping: A Step by Step Guide to Make Money Online with Shopify” by Dan Moore and “Ecommerce Evolved” by Tanner Larsson are two highly regarded books that delve into the world of dropshipping and e-commerce strategies.

Are there any books that focus on building a strong brand and marketing strategy for an online business?

Certainly. “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller offers insights into creating a compelling brand narrative, while “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk discusses social media marketing strategies that can help your online business thrive.

I’m looking for a book that covers a wide range of topics related to online business. Any recommendations?

“The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss is a popular choice. It covers various aspects of building an online business, from automation to outsourcing, making it a well-rounded resource.

Are there books that provide guidance on finding a profitable niche for an online business?

Absolutely. “Will It Fly?” by Pat Flynn is a book that helps you validate your business ideas and choose a niche that has the potential to be successful.

I’m concerned about the financial side of starting an online business. Any books on managing finances and budgeting?

“Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz is a book that introduces a unique approach to managing finances for businesses. It emphasizes allocating profits from the start and maintaining a sustainable financial structure.

What book can help me develop a resilient and entrepreneurial mindset for my online business journey?

“Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol S. Dweck is a highly recommended book that explores the concept of a growth mindset, which is crucial for overcoming challenges and embracing a resilient attitude in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

What Next?

In the world of online business, knowledge is your power, and these 16 Best Books For Starting an Online Business are your essential tools.

At the forefront stands “How To Start Your Drop Shipping Business” as the ultimate pick.

This book holds your hand through the ins and outs of dropshipping, making it perfect for beginners.

It breaks down everything – finding stuff to sell, dealing with customers – giving you the know-how to thrive in online selling.

With this book, you’re not just starting a business, you’re setting up a solid foundation for lasting success in the digital marketplace.

If you are sort on time and don’t want to read physical books, the best way is to get a Kindle Unlimited Membership here and listen to audiobooks instead.

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