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11 Best Affiliate Programs Canada In 2024

Based On Comprehensive Analysis And Evaluation Spanning More Than 300 Hours

In this guide, we will be sharing with you our top picks for the best Affiliate Programs Canada.

Our recommendations are based on over 300 hours of research and testing various affiliate programs.

We have also taken into account feedback from real users to ensure that our selections are of the highest quality.

Without further ado, here are the best affiliate programs Canada that we have reviewed…

Best Affiliate Programs Canada 2024

Best Overall

Cloudways Logo


Recurring commission.

High commissions.

High payment threshold.

Best For Global Recognition

20 Easy Ways To Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings


Global recognition.

Vast product selection.

Low commission rates.

Best For Low Threshold

eBay Partner Attribution Program Review

EBay Partner

Low payment threshold.

Range of marketing tools.

Short cookie duration.

What to look for in a good affiliate marketing company or network

commision rates and payments

Find out not only how much you’ll earn from a certain affiliate program, but also when you’ll get paid.

Net 30 is the most common payback period for affiliate programs, although Net 60 and Net 90 are also available.

That is, most affiliates are paid 30 days after a sale is made, but others aren’t compensated for 90 days.

That’s a long time to wait for your affiliate income, especially if you have to pay bills.

Ease of use

When you’re just getting started in affiliate marketing, make things as simple as possible for yourself.

This involves joining affiliate programs that make sense, as well as being well-planned and designed.

After all, the last thing you want to deal with is a complex affiliate program.

This may make generating affiliate links, or posting a banner, extremely difficult.

Affiliate networks, on the other hand, are less likely to have that problem. Their aim is to make your life in affiliate marketing as simple as possible, so they don’t have this problem.

If you’re not making money (i.e. passive income), neither are they, nor are their clients.

But, again, the main thing we want to emphasize is that ease of use should be a consideration when selecting an affiliate program.

When you have a larger stake in the game, it won’t be as much of a problem.

contact point

There will be difficulties.

The links will cease working or you’ll have a question about last month’s sales report.

That’s when you’ll want the assistance of a specialist affiliate manager.

Affiliates networks generally have a minor edge because you may count on their customer care staff as well as the affiliate manager for whatever program you need assistance with.

Just keep in mind that affiliate managers are just as competent as face-to-face managers, with some being excellent and others terrible.

Before you join up for any affiliate program, be sure to inquire about the support that will be provided. For example, do you have a dedicated affiliate manager?

Best affiliate programs canada

1.Cloudways Affiliate Program

Best Overall

Cloudways Logo

Cloudways Affiliate

Cloudways is the smarter way to host your website.

With Cloudways you can get more for less with all the benefits of managed hosting, including fast load time, an easy-to-use interface, and 24/7 support.

Would you like to make some money too?

Join the Cloudways affiliate program today!

They offer flexible commission payout models with some of the highest payouts and lifetime recurring commissions.

Commission: Minimum $50 per sale

Payment Threshold: $250

Cookie duration: 90 days


Recurring commission.

High commissions.

Real-time tracking.

International reach.


High payment threshold.

Competitive niche.

Conversion challenges.

Learn how to make money with Cloudways Affiliate Program.

2.Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Best For Global Recognition

20 Easy Ways To Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Amazon Associates

Amazon is an American eCommerce company that has its own affiliate program known as Amazon Associates.

This network has expanded across the planet, and it can now be found in Canada as well.

Amazon Associates is a program that allows you to advertise to your customers and earn a commission on items sold.

Commission: Varies

Payment Threshold: $10

Cookie duration: 24 hours


Global recognition.

Vast product selection.

High conversion rates.

Cross-promotion earnings.


Low commission rates.

Short cookie duration.

Strict terms and conditions.

Learn How To Become An Amazon Influencer.

Here are 21 Easy Ways To Boost Amazon Affiliate Earnings.

3.EBay Partner Attribution Program

Best For Low Threshold

eBay Partner Attribution Program Review

eBay Partner Attribution

eBay Partner Attribution Program is the best option as they have a great range of affiliate marketing tools available and user-friendly dashboard.

Commission rates have dropped recently but just at Amazon levels.

Be aware of the earnings cap and 24-hour cookie.

Commission: Varies

Payment Threshold: $10

Cookie duration: 24 hours


Low payment threshold.

Range of marketing tools.

User friendly dashboard.


Short cookie duration.

Low commission rates.

Earnings cap.

Check out my in-depth review of eBay Partner Attribution Program here.

4.Target Affiliate Program

Best For Selling Gear

Target Affiliate Program Review

Target Affiliate

Target’s affiliate program is a great program to sign up for if you are interested in health & beauty, baby gear & furniture, home & outdoor living or apparel & accessories.

Otherwise, you will have a hard time making affiliate marketing work for you since you will be earning 0% commission on your sales.

They have a great cookie policy and commission structure.

Commission: Up to 8%

EPC: $12

Cookie duration: 7 days


EPC available.

Long cookie duration.

Reputable brand.

Long cookie duration.


Low commission rates for some products.

Check out my in-depth review of Target affiliate program here.

5.Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Program review

Walmart affiliate

The Walmart affiliate program benefits from its massive brand recognition and if you focus on the products that generate 4% commission, you can make good enough earnings.

However, they don’t seem to have caught up with competition.

Commission: Up to 4%


Cookie duration: 3 days


Massive brand recognition.

Wide product range.

Strong e-commerce infrastructure.

Comprehensive tracking & reporting.


Short cookie duration.

Low commission rates.

Check out my in-depth review of Walmart affiliate program here.

6.MaxBounty Affiliate Program

MaxBounty Review

MaxBounty Affiliate

MaxBounty has a fantastic link generation tool, an easy to navigate site and a great variety of both CPA and CPS offers from reputable brands.

On the other hand, if you do not honor their rules, your account could be terminated effective immediately and your commission earned will be lost.

Merchants: 200+

Offers: CPA, CPL, CPS


Easy to use.

CPA offers.

CPS offers.

Variety of merchants available.


Abrupt account termination possibility.

Check out my in-depth review of MaxBounty Affiliate Network here.

7.Pepperjam Affiliate Program

Pepperjam Affiliate Network Review

Pepperjam Affiliate Network

Pepperjam affiliate network is a bit odd as they indirectly force you to use PayPal as your payment method and do not make EPC metrics available.

Merchants: 930+

Offers: CPA & sale


A variety of merchants.

CPA offers.

Integration capabilities.


No EPC metrics.

Forced to use PayPal for payouts.

Check out my in-depth review of Pepperjam Affiliate Network here.

8.Rakuten Affiliate Program

rakuten logo

Rakuten Affiliate

One of the most popular affiliate networks in Canada is Rakuten.

They work with some of the top retail names and are, in fact, breaking new ground across Canada as Canada’s eCommerce sales continue to rise.

The majority of the top affiliates are members of the Rakuten Network.

They focus on brands with a strong eCommerce presence in Canada or a prominent name about to enter the market.

This firm is one of the top three eCommerce corporations in the world, with more than 100,000 items from over 40,000 shop owners and almost 20 million consumers.

Payment threshold: $50

You get paid: Net 30


Wide range of advertisers.

Global reach.

Strong analytics.

Strong analytics.


Stringent approval process.

User interface & dashboard can be a bit complex.

9.ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareAsale logo

ShareAsale Affiliate

Although not in Canada, ShareAsale has been operating for more than 20 years.

It’s only been a few years since it arrived in Canada, and it’s already become a popular network for eCommerce firms because of its inexpensive cost to advertisers.

It captures a significant amount of share from new eCommerce businesses that have just started affiliate marketing in Canada.

They also have affiliate programs in various vertical industries, as well as exceptional client care across the board.

Payment threshold: $50

You get paid: Net 30


Wide range of merchants.

User-Friendly platform.

Timely payouts.

Second-Tier commissions.


Merchant quality varies.

Communication issues.

Network fees.

10.Affiliate Window (AWIN) Affiliate Program

Affiliate Window (AWIN)

Affiliate Window (AWIN)

AffiliateWindow (AWIN) is another popular affiliate network in Canada that aims to assist advertisers and publishers develop their online business.

This worldwide network links more than 200,000 active affiliate partners from across the world to expand their consumer base.

This network allows affiliates to create a business relationship with their best brands in various industries.

Payment threshold: From $20

You get paid: Once or twice a month options


Wide range of advertisers.

Global reach.



Strict approval process.

Fees and thresholds.

11.Peerfly Affiliate Program

Peerfly logo

Peerfly Affiliate

PeerFly is unquestionably one of the most reputable affiliate networks in the world.

More than 8 million conversions are reported by advertisers on this network, and they will be assigned account managers and other advantages.

Affiliates can expect to receive over 2,000 real offers, free training and resources, as well as high commission rates.

Simply sign up on the platform, become a merchant or a content provider, and take advantage of the perks.

Payment threshold: $50

You get paid: Net 30, net 15 or weekly payments


Diverse offers.

User-Friendly platform.

Global reach.

Timely payments.


Strict application process.

Restricted geos and verticals.

Network reputation.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the best affiliate marketing firm?

It’s difficult to declare that an affiliate network is the finest since it varies by vertical industry and has various advantages.

All of the above affiliate marketing firms have been thoroughly evaluated and found to be trustworthy and competent, with varying goods and services available at different commission rates.

What does the phrase “affiliate marketing company” imply?

An affiliate marketing firm serves as a go-between for advertisers and merchants and publishers/affiliates.

Is affiliate marketing legal in Canada?

The answer is yes, it is legal to be an affiliate marketer in Canada. There are a number of great Canadian affiliate programs available, and many of them offer excellent earning potential.

what next? affiliate programs canada

In conclusion, the Cloudways Affiliate Program emerges as a standout opportunity within the realm of affiliate marketing in Canada.

Its exceptional features, including generous commissions, transparent tracking, and a reputable cloud hosting service, make it an ideal choice for affiliate marketers seeking substantial rewards.

With the ever-growing demand for reliable hosting solutions, Cloudways offers a compelling value proposition that resonates well with both affiliates and potential customers.

By aligning with Cloudways, affiliates can harness a program that not only maximizes their earnings but also ensures the promotion of a top-tier product.

This program undoubtedly secures its place among the best affiliate programs in Canada.

If you want to learn more about how to get started with affiliate marketing, check out our list of best affiliate marketing courses in 2024.

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