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Website ATM Review 2023

Website ATM


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May help you earn some extra cash.


Easy to use.

Service fees and upsells.

Lots of negative feedback from users.

Welcome to my Website ATM Review 2023.

I spent 24+ hours researching about Website ATM website builder that is one of the most popular website builders to make money online available.

In this Website ATM review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this software and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Website ATM.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Website ATM Review 2023

website atm process

Things To Consider Before Using A Website Builder

Making money online isn’t always easy, especially when you have limited time on your hands. Services such as Website ATM promise to help you earn some extra cash without having to lift a finger. 

Builders like Website ATM promise to automatically create profitable websites at just the click of a button. These sites are carefully designed to attract traffic, which then generates cash flow via affiliate links.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to use a website builder. Many of us don’t have the skills or the know-how to design an engaging website from scratch. It often takes an intimate knowledge of different programming languages. 

With a website builder, an experienced professional or program designs a webpage for you. Many allow you to add elements with just the click of a button. 

You can drag and drop elements such as pictures, text, and even videos to make your website more appealing. Some website builders even have ready-made themes to give your site a professional feel. 

Different website builders give you different levels of customization over the setup and operation of your site. 

Most website builders are geared towards the tech illiterate. Those who are more advanced might prefer something that gives them more control over their website. 

Instead, they can find online training courses to learn more about building a site from scratch. Services such as Authority Hacker offer training tailored to helping entrepreneurs create a  more profitable online presence. 

Using a website builder isn’t necessarily the right decision for everybody. There are a couple of questions you should keep in mind when looking at available options:

  • How much does this website builder cost?
  • Is the platform easy to use?
  • What features can I add to my site?
  • Are there any social sharing options?
  • What free and paid templates are available?

About Website ATM – pros & cons

website atm intro

Website ATM is a one-push button that promises to pay out more than $500 per day. The entire process is hands-off so that you can focus your time on other money-making ventures. 

Users pay a small fee for the service to build high-ranking websites made to earn affiliate cash quickly. Unlike other leading profitable website builders, Website ATM takes care of everything from programming to maintenance. 

This push-button service is designed for people who are looking to supplement their regular income. Though the site advertises making as much as $500 per day, this number isn’t guaranteed. Users shouldn’t rely on Website ATM to earn a healthy living.

Entrepreneurs looking for a more stable financial solution may want to think about opting for a more hands-on website building service. Platforms such as The Authority Site System and Elementor give you more control over building and managing your website for a higher potential profit.

According to founder Nick Harvey, the program is limited to 300 online users to maintain exclusivity. 


  • May help you earn some extra cash
  • Completely hands-off
  • Easy to use, even for tech novices


  • Includes service fees and upsells
  • Doesn’t always pay out as promised
  • The site has received lots of negative feedback from users

Features & Benefits

website atm what you get

Here, we’re going to go over everything that Website ATM has to offer. Most services are available to paying account holders, with certain additional options available for an additional fee. 

Build A Website Fast

Building a website isn’t easy, especially for those with no web development experience. These days, online visitors expect a certain degree of quality from the sites that they visit. The most high-traffic websites are all sleek, attractive, and easy to navigate. 

Even those of us who are computer literate might not know the intricacies of adding images embedding links into a webpage. It can take years of training to learn how to create a professional website from scratch.

With Website ATM, you can build a fully functional website in just a few clicks. You don’t need any sort of technical expertise or web building experience to make a quality website that’s sure to attract attention. 

Website ATM promises that with your new website, you can start making money immediately. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

One of the most important factors in a website’s success is its search engine ranking. If it’s not on the first or second page of engines such as Google, there’s a slim chance that you’ll get much traffic. 

Even though Website ATM claims immediate ranking on search engines, it usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks for Google to index new websites. However, this doesn’t mean that your site won’t reach the front page eventually. 

Just know that while it might take only minutes to build a website through Website ATM, it will often take significantly longer for your site to gain enough interest to start earning money

Receive Paid Training

Website ATM doesn’t just promise to build profitable websites. It also aims to train entrepreneurs on how to make the most of their online presence. 

With an upfront deposit of $47, you gain access to all of Website ATM’s basic training materials. They offer information on important issues such as attracting new guests, boosting engagement, and creating repeat visitors. 

It’s a good idea to engage in some basic training if you plan to make money online. Even though Website ATM promises to take care of the technical aspects of building your website, they can’t always deliver on marketing.

With proper training, you can drive more online traffic to your websites. The more visits that you get, the more money you stand to make. Additionally, high traffic can boost your rankings on Google and other search engines, further improving visibility.

While Website ATM users gain access to a variety of educational resources, their training course isn’t as extensive or as comprehensive as with similar services such as The Authority Site System. 

If you’re thinking about using Website ATM for educational purposes, you may want to supplement their course material with some of your own. You can find books and other online articles to help you flesh out the site’s limited training options. 

Gain Access To Exclusive Content

If you’re willing to pay additional fees, Website ATM offers access to what they refer to as a “secret system” for success. 

While the website doesn’t go into much detail, additional services are designed to boost your online success and increase your overall profits. 

Additional Website ATM content can be pricey. While the basic training course and website builder cost $47, some other packages run in the $1000 range. 

Their secret system promises to introduce you to surefire tips and techniques not available to the general public. However, users have mixed reviews over how effective this exclusive advice really is. 

Make sure that you do your due diligence before agreeing to upsell fees. Though Website ATM promises access to additional resources, it’s questionable just how much value they add for the average user. 

Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a relatively new way to make money that’s been blowing up recently in the online sphere. 

The concept is simple. You add product links to your website, and when a customer follows that link and makes a purchase, you get a small percentage of the profits. Companies use affiliate marketers as a clever way to broaden their advertising scope.

You can make some real, legitimate cash through affiliate marketing schemes. Most major retailers, including Amazon, all use affiliate marketing to improve their bottom line. 

Website ATM promises to help you take advantage of this trend to make some extra money. The sites that they build contain affiliate links designed to earn you cash for clicks. 

Unfortunately, it’s harder than they might suggest getting enough attention to make a real profit. Each click only nets you a few cents on the dollar, at best. You need fairly heavy web traffic to make the $500 per day advertised.

If you want to make a healthy profit, you may have to work on attracting traffic to your site yourself instead of relying on Website ATM. 


We’ve scoured the Internet to see what Website ATM customers have to say about the service. Many had complaints, including one user who points out the site is seemingly disingenuous from the start. They argue that the founder and his family, like the service, are nothing more than a marketing ploy.

website atm social proof

It’s always a good idea to do your research and read plenty of honest user reviews before investing your money in a new get-rich quick scheme. With Website ATM, it seems many former would advise against using the service. 


If you don’t think that Website ATM is the site for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternative ATM website options, including both training courses and website builders. Here, I’m going to go over three of the top options for people looking to create a profitable site. 


Elementor is a popular website builder behind more than 5,000,000 sites. It’s a little bit more complicated than Website ATM but offers you more customization features. 

This platform is a better fit for advanced tech users looking for more control over their website and profits. There’s also a free version, making it a better option for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Elementor vs. Website ATM

  • No initial fees or upsells
  • More control over website content
  • Harder to use for the tech illiterate

Check out my full Elementor review here.

The Authority Site System By Authority Hacker

While Authority Hacker isn’t a website builder, it can help entrepreneurs like you to navigate the often murky waters of profitable web development. It’s best for those who plan to build a site by themselves but don’t have the know-how to do so. 

The Authority Site System is a comprehensive training course designed to help people learn the best methods for building an authority site to make money. While it’s more expensive than Website ATM, at nearly $1000 per student, the service also had better feedback from previous customers.

Authority Site System vs. Website ATM

  • More comprehensive training available
  • Greater upfront expense
  • More positive feedback

Check out my full Authority Hacker review here.

Website Profits Pro

Website Profits Pro offers a very similar model to Website ATM, though the service is newer. With just a few clicks, the service will create a profitable website that promises to pay out daily. 

As with Website ATM, you need to pay an upfront fee of $47 to use Website Profits Pro. It’s geared towards the same audience, particularly those looking to make just a little bit of extra cash on the side. 

Website Profits Pro vs. Website ATM

  • Newer than Website ATM
  • Same upfront cost and basic services
  • Similar feedback from customers

What Next? 

In my experience using Website ATM, I found the platform’s promise of easy website creation intriguing.

The initial steps were indeed user-friendly, allowing me to build a website with minimal technical expertise.

However, my excitement waned as I awaited the promised immediate search engine ranking.

It took several days for my site to gain any traction.

This misalignment between the platform’s claims and reality left me skeptical.

While the basic training materials were helpful, they fell short of comprehensive guidance.

My advice to fellow users: supplement Website ATM’s offerings with additional research to ensure a well-rounded approach to online success.

If you’re looking to build a profitable website, I recommend turning to Elementor instead.

You can also try out the Authority Site System by Authority Hacker to learn expert tips and tricks on how to earn money online. Get a $398 discount with this link.

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