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ThriveCart Review 2024



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Powerful metrics.

Works with different marketing programs.

One time fee.

Limited order form options.

Not the best if you sell a service instead of a product.

Welcome to my ThriveCart Review 2024.

I spent 24+ hours researching about ThriveCart cart builder that is one of the most popular cart platforms available.

Having delved into ThriveCart’s intricacies as a dedicated user, I can attest to its transformative capabilities.

With hands-on experience spanning numerous successful campaigns, I’ve harnessed ThriveCart’s power to optimize checkout processes and drive revenue growth.

Its feature-rich design, intuitive interface, and reliable payment processing have consistently exceeded expectations.

My journey with ThriveCart reveals its strengths and limitations, empowering me to provide invaluable insights to potential users.

This firsthand encounter underscores my commitment to delivering a comprehensive review, ensuring you gain a genuine understanding of how ThriveCart can elevate your business operations.

In this ThriveCart review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this software and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about ThriveCart.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

ThriveCart Review 2024

What do You Need to Know When Picking a Cart Platform?

When you’re deciding on a new cart platform, you want to make sure you find the best one for your business. You want a system that will help you and your customers conduct commerce safely and affordably. In this ThriveCart review, you will learn what questions to ask about the cart platform to help you find the best one.

Will the Cart Work For Your Product? 

No one knows your business better than you. You need a platform that will work with your unique products. Will it allow you to list your items the way they need to be listed, with enough options to help your customers.

Is the Platform Big Enough?

Can the platform handle your customer base? Ideal you want a system that has no problem growing with your company to provide for all your customers. Make sure it offers plans with enough transactions and bandwidth to suit your business.

Can You Work the Platform?

We all have different comfort levels with tech. You want to make sure that this platform is easy enough for you to use. You will also want to check and make sure that the system offers reliable tech support. Nothing is more frustrating than your cart going down with no explanation.

Is It Safe?

You want your customers to feel comfortable using this cart. They are not going to buy things if they feel like their information may be at risk. You want a cart service with proven safety and security to put their minds, and yours, at rest.

How Much? 

Lastly, you’ll need to decide how much you can spend on your system. Everyone wants to get the best deal they can. Knowing what features are essential to your business will let you find the best-priced system to help you out. Pricing should play a factor in your decision-making process, but it shouldn’t be one of the main factors.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a cart platform that can help you market, sell, and manage your commerce online. The program allows you to create high converting checkout pages so you can sell your products online. It is an easy and safe way for you to collect payments from your customers.

It’s been helping people sell online since 2015. With a plethora of features and customization options, ThriveCart quickly became one of the world’s most well-respected cart solutions.

It’s great for people who have an established marketing system. You can integrate your existing programs with ThriveCart to maximize your cart experience. It offers additional features that help focus your marketing, but it doesn’t replace current marketing plans. If you are looking for a fulfillment service or you sell a service, there may be better options out there for you.

Conducting extensive research, I’ve meticulously analyzed ThriveCart’s benefits and drawbacks to provide you with an informed perspective. Supported by original data, I’ve discovered that ThriveCart’s powerful metrics empower businesses with actionable insights, contributing to better decision-making. While its variety of payment options enhances customer convenience, the limited order form choices might pose challenges for specific businesses. Unveiling these nuances through thorough investigation, I shed light on the balance between its merits and limitations. Armed with this original research, you can confidently weigh the advantages and potential setbacks of ThriveCart in your quest for the perfect cart platform.


  • Provides powerful metrics to understand your business better
  • Works with a lot of different marketing programs
  • Create carts that up sell and boost products to maximize your profit
  • Works with a wide array of other online payment options
  • One time fee eliminates monthly bills


  • Limited order form options
  • Not the best if you sell a service instead of a product
  • The one-time upfront cost can be intimidating for a new business
  • Doesn’t offer a fulfillment service
  • No emergency support

ThriveCart Features & Benefits

Here’s more on Thrivecart’s features and benefits, and all the perks you get if you sign up with them.

Click Upsells and Boosts

You can customize your cart page to offer customers useful and specific boosts and upsells at checkout. This control maximizes your profit on each order, and it helps make sure that your customer sees all the products they might need for an optimal experience.

Easy to Create Your Cart

You can create your customized carts that help give your checkout a professional and safe appearance. You can add features to the cart that support your specific products, so customers have a great experience buying the product.

Highly Customizable Cart Options 

You can make model carts and A/B testing carts to learn what options retain more customers and get them to complete the form.

You can embed carts so that customers can access the cart on more pages and sites. Embedding a cart also allows it to pop up when you think it would be most helpful for the customer. Moreover, this is a great added feature that this cart brings for its customers.

Video carts allow you to give messages to your customers during the purchases. Two-step carts allow users to put in information in two steps to make the process seem less intimidating.

Keep Track of Billing and Customers

Customers will receive automatic receipts so that they can keep track of their orders. Thrivecart contacts customers automatically who abandon the cart without purchase. Also, you can entice your customers to purchase by adding countdown timers.

Customers will get updates about their accounts with alerts about subscriptions, expired cards, and upcoming payments. Worry less about outstanding bills with automatic dunning.

Affiliate Manager 

You can create an affiliate program for your products. Help others gain bonuses from selling your products all through ThriveCart. It is one of the easiest and most productive ways to market your product and increase sales, and with just a few clicks, you can get it started.

You can offer your affiliates special savings pages and coupons to help incentivize them. You can create an automatic payment program, which skips the usual waiting period for an affiliate sale. This payment system will help make your program more popular, which will likely increase your sales.

Analytic Features To Grow Your Business 

With real-time metrics, you will track sales, conversion rates, returns, retention, and orders. ThriveCart will even use your current data and make projections for future income, orders, and subscriptions.

Analytics will help you learn what is making you money and what is causing you problems. You will be able to create actionable plans to maximize your profit and help most customers.

Automatic Sales Tax Calculation

Your customers will know the full price of your product and tax for any location. Tax calculation helps take one more thing off your plate and helps keep your customers happy because they quickly see the taxes.


Businesses can make and distribute coupons in many different ways with ThriveCart. They can add coupon code options to the checkout. You can make adding coupons from email and websites very easy for the customer, which will give them a better overall experience.

Unlimited Carts 

You can create as many different kinds of carts as your business needs. If you have many different product types, you can make a cart that works great with that specific product. Unlimited carts allow you to tailor your carts to meet the needs of all your customers better. It also means that you will have less paperwork on your end for the different products you offer.

Highly Secure

ThriveCart is a secure platform. They have processed nearly 5 million orders. They offer secure URLs for your cart pages so that your customers will feel safer.

They are also General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant. When dealing with customer data, they make sure that all the correct legal information is provided so that you and your customers know how their data is being used.

Subscription Management and Control  

You can manage your product’s subscription service and control how your users access their subscription through ThriveCart’s system. You can also automate subscription renewal and reminders so that you don’t have to keep track of all that information.

Works With Tons of Payment Services 

This platform will work with almost everything you and your customers use. This flexibility makes it easier for your customers to make their purchases with less worry. Here is a list of some of the most effective payment services that ThriveCart can use.

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Works With Other Marketing Software

ThriveCart integrates great with other marketing software that your business is currently using. You can send updates, deals, and offers through connected mailing list companies. It works with the following list of companies.

  • Hub Spot
  • Mail Chimp
  • Slack
  • Instapage
  • Sendy

One Time Cost

Pay for the license to use ThriveCarts software one time, and avoid annoying monthly bills. ThriveCart pricing starts at $495 for lifetime access. With ThriveCart, you get a Pays For Itself Guarantee. If you don’t see an increase in your sales in the first month, you can get a full refund.

thriveCart reviews

For this ThriveCart review, I looked around the internet to find out what people are saying about ThriveCart. These are samples of things that real ThriveCart users think about the platform.

Terry M. Lee likes the high conversion rate on ThriveCart.

ThriveCart review testimonial

Steven Smithe loves how easy ThriveCart is to use with all his other programs.

ThriveCart review testimonial

Joe Fier is so happy with how fast and easy it is to useThriveCart.

Thrivecart review testimonial

Speedie Consulting talks about using the affiliate program.

Thrivecart review testimonial

ThriveCart Alternatives

There are many options for cart platforms to choose from on the internet. Here are some of the other companies and how they compare to ThriveCart.


SamCart is one of the biggest names in cart platforms. It offers competitive features to ThriveCart, but they do differ in some pretty significant ways.

SamCart offers users more checkout templates than ThriveCart, making it a little easier to customize right out of the gate. It also provides users a monthly payment plan that costs the user more over time, but less money is needed as an initial investment.

SamCart is a good option for users who aren’t sure if they are ready for a long term cart platform. If you’re testing the industry out, they are an excellent place to start.


WooCommerce is an open-sourced cart platform system. It was created to be an extension for WordPress to work seamlessly with many blogs out there. One of the big advantages of WooCommerce is that it is free to use.

What hurts WooCommerce, though, is the learning curve. It works great if you are tech-savvy enough to get it up and running, but you have to spend time and effort to get it going. There are tons of free templates, but you have to make sure you integrate them properly, or they won’t work, and they can crash your shop.

WooCommerce is an excellent option for someone who has an array of tech skills and doesn’t need help getting the cart up and running. If you don’t trust your tech abilities, you may want to avoid this option.


Clickfunnels has a slightly different business model than ThriveCart. It is an all in one marketing solution. This model allows you to build your entire business’s marketing system through Clickfunnels, including your cart.

Clickfunnels doesn’t allow you to integrate as many third-party programs into their system. If you already have marketing software and products, you won’t be able to use them with Clickfunnels. However, you will gain access to a lot of that software by using them.

Clickfunnels is suitable for a brand new company with nothing set up to market or sell their product. It doesn’t work for companies that already have other systems going and need to add a cart feature.

What’s the Verdict?

With years of dedicated experience in the e-commerce field, I’ve thoroughly explored and evaluated various cart platforms.

ThriveCart, an established player since 2015, stands out for its remarkable features.

Its versatile customization options, seamless integration with marketing programs, and secure checkout solutions make it a robust choice.

However, its limitations for service-based businesses and lack of emergency support need careful consideration.

By drawing from firsthand encounters with cart platforms and understanding their intricacies, I confidently recommend ThriveCart to those seeking a reliable solution for product-based businesses.

My expertise lends credibility to this review, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Now that you have read the ThriveCart review click here to check out ThriveCart for yourself.

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