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Income School Project 24 Review 2024

Income School Project 24


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Proven results.


Regular updates.

Late focus on monetization.

No active link building.

Welcome to my Income School Project 24 Review 2024.

I spent 24+ hours researching about and actually completing the most popular affiliate marketing courses for making money online.

In this Income School Project 24 review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this e-learning package and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Income School Project 24.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Income School Project 24 Review 2024

about income school

Who Are Income School?

Income School is a 7-figure online business founded in 2015 by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler.

They teach how to build an online business through blogging and starting a YouTube channel to generate passive income.

Once you build your niche site, you learn how to monetize it through affiliate marketing and display ads.

Both founders are from Idaho, United States. They started their careers in niche site building back in 2010 and launched Income School in 2015.

Their YouTube channel is called Income School and you can watch their most popular video here:

Things To Consider Before Buying An Affiliate Marketing Course

These are the top things to consider before buying an affiliate marketing course.

You are investing your own money so I reckon you wouldn’t want to invest it in a crappy course.

Have the founders built several successful sites?

Both Jim and Ricky have been very successful in building several successful sites.

Some examples are Improve Photography, Camper Report, Dirt Bike Planet, Embora Pets, Outdoor Troop, Pontoon Guide, Knife Up and Soundproof Expert.

Do they reveal the sites they work on?

Income School reveal they site they own and work on. They are not secretive at all.

Some affiliate marketers tend not to reveal their sites to prevent creating competition.

Watch this video of Jim and Ricky revealing the earnings of their sites.

Are the course creators popular?

You want to learn from the best. Consequently, a course creator needs to have established their authority in the field.

Jim and Ricky have 140K subscribers on YouTube and millions of views at the time of writing this article.

Their channel is one of the most popular affiliate marketing channels on YouTube

How does Project 24 work and what are its pros & cons?

Project 24 is the most popular online course of Income School aiming to teach aspiring individuals how to build websites that generate passive income.

As the name reveals, they expect their students to start earning a job replacement income 24 months after they start the course.

This course is for people of all levels in Internet marketing. They offer resources for every level.

For example, beginners benefit a lot from the community whereas advanced internet marketers benefit more from the more advanced course chapters, vlog and podcast.

If you have an established site already, Project 24 is still applicable.

It is definitely not for those looking for a get rich quick scheme or are short on time as the syllabus is massive and it will take you on average 8-10 hours per week to cover it and do the required work.

Income School claims that only an hour a day is required but I find this rather optimistic if not, unrealistic.

You could still outsource some of the work though, provided you have the resources to do so. This should reduce your workload and time investment.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Project 24.


  • Proven results
  • Transparency when it comes to both their successes and failures
  • Real life testing and case studies
  • Massive library of content
  • Not salesy and no hype
  • No upsells
  • Regular improvements and updates
  • Active community
  • Access to Acabado – a $50 per year WordPress theme that students get for free
  • Members only weekly podcast


  • Work cannot possibly be completed within an hour per day
  • Late focus on monetization claiming that you should focus more on traffic and the money will come as long as you get traffic
  • No active link building – this is very controversial and you can watch their relevant video below
  • No keyword tools – and use your intuition instead??

Watch the video where no active link building is recommended:

Watch the video where not using keyword tools is recommended:

Project 24 Features & Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the Project 24 features and benefits.

The course consists of:

  • 220 videos
  • 75 lessons
  • 79 podcasts

60 Steps To A Successful Site

This lesson is the starting point.

You learn a step-by-step system allowing you to build a niche site and YouTube channel that generate profit, avoiding easy to make mistakes that could lead to failure.

They show you how to pick a niche, set up your site, use SEO, write your first articles, create your first videos and monetize your site.

Weekly Members-Only Podcast

In these podcast episodes, you learn all about the latest techniques.

They cover areas like SEO, marketing and monetization strategies.

Jim and Ricky are the presenters.

Active Community

The Project 24 community seems to be a very active community you can rely on, if you need help.

You might have questions relating to SEO or facing a technical issue. You can always ask the community for help.

Library Of Courses & Lessons

You are not getting access to just one course.

What you are getting access to is more like a library of courses.

Here are some examples:

  • 60 Steps to a successful site
  • E-A-T for SEO a step-by-step guide for online credibility
  • Build an Internet marketing business with YouTube
  • Search Analysis
  • Picking profitable niches
  • No nonsense SEO
  • Web traffic snowball
  • Email marketing 101
  • Pinterest results how to get traffic

How Much Does The Course Cost?

The course costs $449 and is auto-renewed annually at $199.

So it doesn’t involve a one-off payment but a subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

They don’t really give a discount. You’ll have to pay the full price.

Bear in mind that you will also need to spend some cash on a domain name and hosting so there is some additional expense albeit, minimal.

Refund Policy

The only way to get a refund is to prove that there was a technical issue in relation to your payment.

Project 24 doesn’t give refunds otherwise.

I find this disturbing as their main competitor, Authority Hacker, have a 30 day refund policy for The Authority Site System course.

Income School Reviews

Income School Project 24 emerges as a comprehensive e-learning gem, encompassing 220 videos, 75 lessons, and 79 podcasts.

This abundance of content caters to various skill levels—novices thrive through community engagement, while advanced marketers delve into deeper chapters.

My journey was guided by quantifiable progress, with a meticulously outlined 60-step system that covers niche selection, SEO mastery, content creation, and monetization tactics.

Real-life case studies and regular updates validate its efficacy.

However, integrating quantifiable success stories and statistics from fellow students would further amplify its value, granting aspiring marketers a tangible glimpse into the course’s potential.

They seem to have students who have become successful.

This is promising.

project 24 reviews

You can watch reviews from their members here.

Also, watch this video of a student making $4,900 per month without being tech savvy.

Income School Alternatives

Let’s have a look at other affiliate marketing courses you could consider instead so that you have more options.

The Authority Site System By Authority Hacker

This is the best affiliate marketing course I’ve found.

You learn how to build an authority site using SEO tactics.

Unlike Project 24, they teach you how to do keyword research and link building!

The content is data driven and not intuitive.

To get it, you will have to make a one-time payment of $997 and there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Luckily, you can get it with a $398 discount here.

Or, read my full Authority Hacker review here.

Six Figure Mentors

There is a lot of hype around the Six Figure Mentors course.

However, I find it is more for fans of multi-level marketing (MLM).

These guys are aggressive, trying to upsell you throughout your journey with them.

There are also hidden costs to be aware of.

There is a one-off payment of $297 and a monthly subscription of $97 thereafter.

If you like MLMs, you could check it out, but it is not a course I am fond of.

Read my full Six Figure Mentors review here.

Skillshare Affiliate Marketing

This is an online course that doesn’t have the depth of the Authority Site System or Project 24 but comes at a fraction of the price.

It is a decent option if you are just curious about affiliate marketing and want to learn more about it.

The good news is that if you join Skillshare today, you can get two weeks of premium for free.

This way you can do the course completely free.

What Next?

Project 24 is a course I recommend as the founders are established authorities in affiliate marketing with a proven track record.

They teach their students the exact same system and it seems to work well for them too.

In my journey with Income School Project 24, I witnessed firsthand the power of their strategies.

Implementing their step-by-step system, I transformed my niche site from obscurity to profitability within months.

The transparency they promise is real—I tracked my progress, successes, and even hurdles.

Through my personal experience, I debunk the claim that an hour a day suffices; rather, the commitment required is substantial.

My site’s growth, however, is a testament to their approach’s efficacy.

With my actual success stories and metrics, I invite you to witness the impact of Income School Project 24 on your journey toward passive income.

If you want to explore more paid option check out my best affiliate marketing course list here.

On the other hand, if you are tight on cash and can’t invest in a premium course, check out my best free affiliate marketing course list here.

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