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Web Designer as an Independent Contractor: How to Become One and Make Money Online?

How to Become A Web Designer and Make Money Online?

There are so so many websites on the Internet today: there’re almost 1.14 billion sites now!

Numerous of these pages wouldn’t function or appear as they do now without the work of excellent and experienced web designers.

Basically, website development and upkeep are the responsibility of designers.

Therefore, it becomes clear why web design is a growingly popular industry that has the potential to be both financially and creatively rewarding.

So, today we’ll share few tips on working as a web designer (freelancer of independent contractor), and make a good fortune online.

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Brand yourself

A lot of freelancers simply use their personal name as a brand.

Thus, the client is aware that they are referring to a certain person and this may mean a more flexible approach.

But if you plan to grow your company in the future, consider a more promotional or creative name.

How do you want to be interpreted: as an individual entrepreneur or a young growing company?

Mull over how future clients will read your brand name and whether it fits your values.

Make a portfolio with the best cases

It will be strange if you find yourself a wheelbarrow without a wheel.

Create a site aka portfolio: it should concisely and clearly display the services you provide, have a clearly defined section that displays ways to contact you, and display pieces of your work if possible.

If there are no works yet, work for free.

For example, choose a growing industry like car rental and find a company that is just entering the hiring market.

Create a website for a rental company, fill in details like lamborghini price uae, fill the website with beautiful photos of rental cars and make it user friendly.

Think about charitable organizations in your city, social or sports clubs, churches – they will be super grateful if you create them a website, banner, social media page, blog or whatever.

Thus, you’ll do a worthy job and collect yourself a portfolio as well.

Add 3-4 such works and your portfolio already looks more or less respectable.

No one uploads all the works, 3-4 best works are enough.

Determine the price

There is a simple formula for calculating your rate as a freelancer.

Determine your monthly expenses – taxes, food, transportation costs and multiply this by 12.

This will be the annual wage.

Divide the amount by 48 to find out the sum you need to do during the week (with a 4 week vacation).

From here you can calculate the hourly rate.

The majority of freelance sites suggest the range from $30 to $80 as an hourly rate for independent web designers.

Study some SEO tricks

It’s very easy for a website to drive traffic with good design, but to make sure the traffic belongs to the target audience and generates user interaction, web designers need to understand a few SEO metrics that will help them design a website in a way that will stay on top of their search results.

Having a grasp of SEO will enhance your already amazing skill set and make you a more sought-after designer.

Boost your communication

As a rule, designers are introverted, because introverts are recharged by spending time alone.

They lose energy when they are around people for a long time, especially in large groups of people.

Nevertheless, top-notch web designers who wish to work successfully with their clients and potentially their peers in their own marketing situation must have great communication skills.

Web design is not a one man show no matter what your niche is.

That’s why it’s so crucial to boost your communication skills.

Seek for criticism

You must always try to get better at what you do.

Having a professional or colleague nearby who can offer you frank and useful feedback on your new endeavors might be incredibly beneficial.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any peers in the web design industry.

Connecting with other web designers is super easy thanks to a myriad of internet forums, chats, and groups. Simply share your work and request feedback.

what next?

If you are a very free-spirited person and creative at the same time, consider working as a web designer.

Finally, we want to give advice – always keep in the loop.

There comes a time for everyone when further education in web design is part of their personal and professional evolution.

Often the basics that we learn become outdated and we need to update our knowledge base, portfolio. Keep improving!

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