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Why is it so important to make videos for the blog?

make videos for the blog

Beautiful beaches, foreign cultures, exciting adventures: travel bloggers have turned their passion into a profession, travel around the world all year round, and get paid for it.

How hard is the job really?

We tell you how to start your own blog and become a real travel blogger.

make videos for the blog

What is a travel blog?

At some point, the day of the return flight arrives.

It’s time to fly home, sometimes with a heavy heart.

Already at the gate of the airport, reality usually catches up with you again.

The roaring of the engines tells you that the vacation is over and that everyday life is calling.

Now it’s back to saving money for the next trip.

This rhythm of life is certainly familiar to most.

But why not turn the tables and earn money by traveling?

Does that sound like a dream job to you?

As a travel blogger, you turn your passion into a profession, explore exotic places around the globe, and get paid for your stories.

However, in order to get your travel blog off to a great start, there are a few things you should know. 

What does a travel blogger do?

As a travel blogger, you are constantly on the road, traveling to distant countries and learning about life and cultures in various places around the world.

However, you do not keep your experiences to yourself but also share them with other people.

With your stories, you inform other travel enthusiasts about places you visit.

You are also putting people or special places in the center of your stories and thus show your destinations from an individual point of view.

This is exactly what people want to read.

Through personal articles, you also reveal a lot about your own life.

Your readers want to know who you are and what matters to you in life – only then can they understand and like you.

That’s why most travel blogs also include a section about how the author became a travel blogger.

Every travel blog has started small, and it takes time to build your own community.

Patience is key to making your travel blog a success.

Be selective about what you make content about, which countries or topics interest you, and thus which collaborations you enter into – only then can the authenticity be maintained.

How to become a travel blogger?

Basically, anyone can start a travel blog.

You should be enthusiastic, open-minded, and curious about many things.

But it also takes a lot of courage to give up your regular life and want to earn money by traveling.

After all, as a wandering blogger, you give up the financial security that a «normal» job offers.

You must first «prove» yourself as a travel blogger and show that you have a real passion for this craft.

Only then will readers take you seriously and show real interest.

In fact, a travel blog is a lot of work and requires skills that you may have to acquire.

For example, what about your editorial skills, can you write engaging and appealing texts?

Do you already have a blog, or do you need to set it up?

Can you take pictures or edit videos?

These are some of the things that determine the success of a travel blog. Basic knowledge is enough to start, everything else certainly can be obtained along the way.

Content for a travel blog

If your talent lies in writing texts, a classic travel blog with stories is more suitable.

Skilled photographers can upload their pictures on Instagram or their own blog.

Do you know web design?

Great, create an appealing website for yourself!

Other travel bloggers can achieve a high reach via social media.

Your strengths will determine your focus and, thus, your path to success.

Not all travel blogs are the same.

Before you start working on your blog, you should first consider what your strengths are.

Are you especially skilled with a video camera and also good at editing?

In this case, it might be worth considering transforming your travel blog into a vlog, at least partially.

Most importantly, don’t forget that different social networks use different video formats.

You can use programs like Movavi Video Converter for Mac to adapt your video content.

How to create a great travel video

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Even an exciting topic like traveling can put the audience to sleep if presented too slowly.

However, you must also not jump from step to step too quickly or leave out important and interesting moments.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes before you start editing.

As we already said, anything made for a blog should tell about some aspect of your personal life, and videos are no exception.

Tell about your hobbies, friends, favorite movies or books, basically everything that seems appropriate.

This creates a recognition effect.

Viewers start to feel that they are watching a real person and join you on the adventure.

There are a lot of programs for video editing, and we recommend using them from the beginning.

For a vlog, there is nothing worse than an unedited video that is full of pointless scenes, bad sound, and no effects.

Editing is especially useful when making dynamic clips.

Imagine, for example, going down the mountain on a bike with a huge speed in slow motion and making video louder during a climactic moment.

Do not forget to shoot at 60 FPS, otherwise, you will get a ‘mushy’ picture with a floating effect.

Have you shot a video with that frame rate?

Go to your computer, edit your video how you want, and capture the attention of the viewer.

what next?

After you have learned how to edit your videos, you need to start promoting them, if you do not already have a successful blog of course.

Share your videos on social media, join forces with other popular bloggers, and find your own style.

Do everything right and from the heart, then one day you will wake up popular.

Your blog will become more than just a hobby, it will be an actual source of income.

Charismatic people who are always on the go are interesting to advertisers since you can find customers even if you visit a tropical island or ice planes of Antarctica.

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