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5 Best YouTube Course 2023

Based On Comprehensive Analysis And Evaluation Spanning More Than 150 Hours

In this guide, we will be sharing with you our top picks for the best YouTube courses available online.

Our recommendations are based on over 150 hours of research, testing, and purchasing various YouTube training programs.

We have also taken into account feedback from real students to ensure that our selections are of the highest quality.

Without further ado, here are the best courses that we have reviewed…

Best YouTube Course

Best Overall

make money matt

Tube Mastery and Monetization

In depth modules.

Proven student success.

The modules are long.

Best For Fast Results

mr reis

YouTuber Pro

Process for easy planning.

Focus on income growth.

No pay-as-you-go option.

Best For Fundementals


YouTube Success

Perfectly paced lessons.

Expert guidance.

Limited to video creation

In this article, we will also provide you with the following information:

  • The reason why we have chosen the Tube Mastery and Monetization course as our top pick.
  • The low ratings of popular courses.
  • The best places to learn YouTube for free.

The Advantages of YouTube Courses

Before you go with a YouTube course, you’ll want to understand the associated benefits, so you don’t waste money on the courses.

  • Receive direct advice and instructions
  • See what works for others
  • Don’t go in without direction

As you go through those courses, you can receive advice from people with experience on the platform.

You’ll learn what they suggest and get instructions to apply those ideas and concepts to your channel.

The courses will also inform you what works for others when they work on their channels.

You can learn from their ideas and mistakes to ensure you apply the best points and don’t waste your time on efforts that won’t lead to anything.

Having direction can also help you identify what you want to do with your channel.

Some people create channels and hope for the best but don’t know what to try or do. Instead, you’ll know what works to make the most out of your channel.

The Length and Price

As you look into options, you’ll want to consider the length and price of the course.

If the course takes too long for your situation, you won’t want to take it.

Instead, you should know how many hours you want to take from a class and look through the options.

The price also matters.

If you don’t have a continuous source of income, you may find it challenging to afford an expensive course.

Ensure you look through your choices and make a budget based on them, so you won’t spend too much on the course.

As you compare the price and length, you’ll narrow down your search.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a good amount of money since doing so could help you make money in the future, especially if you intend to make YouTube a career.

It comes down to your financial situation and what you feel comfortable with, so think about what works.

Some may offer lifetime versions while others have you pay per class or month, so consider those points while you look at prices.

Things to Look For

Once you get a feel for how much you want to pay, you’ll want to look for crucial points and features to ensure a great experience.

  • Having a community or communication
  • Consistent lessons and resources
  • A person with experience

Sometimes, these courses will help you connect with others since they’ll offer communities or a way to speak with people.

As long as you have a community or a way to talk with the person in charge, you can receive support and answers to your questions.

You also want a course that offers consistent lessons or resources for you to access.

If you can constantly get information and find ways to improve, you’ll develop your YouTube channel, making such courses vital to your success.

As you look into programs and the people who offer them, you’ll want to find someone with experience.

They either need to know about business, digital marketing, or have a YouTube channel with multiple subscribers.

Considering these factors, you can narrow down your search for the best YouTube course 2023 offers, so you won’t waste time or money.

Precautions Before You Start

If you want to get involved with a YouTube course, you should keep some precautions in mind to avoid problems and facing losses.

  • Check reviews and information beforehand
  • Commit to your YouTube channel
  • Remain open to criticism

Some people may attempt to scam you by promising information, but they don’t provide anything useful.

To avoid that problem, you’ll need to read reviews and check the details before joining it, so you won’t waste money or run into problems.

You also must commit to your YouTube channel if you want to succeed.

While you can work on YouTube as a hobby, you’ll need to work on it like a business if you plan to make money or improve your channel.

You should also realize that if you have direct communication and feedback, you must remain open to criticism.

Doing so will help you apply the criticism and improve your channel, so don’t remain proud or too close-minded.

best youtube courses in 2023

1. Tube Mastery and Monetization: Matt Par

Best Overall

make money matt

Tube Mastery and Monetization

As you consider your options, you should look through Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization to see what you can learn.

The program has multiple students and testimonials verifying its authenticity and ability to help others.

The course has multiple modules, ensuring you tackle them steadily while going through the information needed to succeed on YouTube.

The modules- over 70 of them- will help you pace your studies so you’re taking in information at a steady but manageable pace.

Each module builds upon the one before it. 

There are several course options to choose from, starting at about $4000.

You’re able to pay in installments if you’d prefer. 


In depth modules.

Proven student success.

3-step process for easy planning.

Progressive learning


The modules are long.

Pricey compared to other options.

Read the full course review here!

2. YouTuber Pro: Pro University by Philipe Reis

Best for Fast Results

mr reis

YouTuber Pro

YouTuber Pro: Pro University is the perfect solution for anyone looking to take their YouTube channel to the next level.

For a one-time payment of $247, you’ll gain permanent access to a course that teaches you the secrets to success on YouTube.

The creator of this course achieved an annual income of $30,000 in just six months using the methods taught in Pro University. With a simple three-step process, you’ll find it easy to follow, remember, and plan your ideas. You’ll also have access to a community of over 1,500 people who can provide advice and support along the way.

The course focuses on helping you build consistent income throughout the day, giving you a steady revenue stream. You’ll learn how to make and edit videos while growing your channel, allowing you to produce high-quality content that engages your audience.

It’s important to note that the course requires a one-time payment of $247 and does not offer a pay-as-you-go option.

However, this commitment ensures that you are fully invested in the process and dedicated to achieving success on YouTube.

The course is only six lessons long, which may bother some people who prefer longer courses.

However, the concise nature of the course means that you’ll be able to quickly implement the strategies and see results in no time.


$247 for lifetime access.

Creator made $30K in 6 months.

3-step process for easy planning.

1,500+ community for collaboration.

Focus on daily income growth.

Learn video creation, growth.

Read the full course review here!


No pay-as-you-go option.

6 lessons only.

3. YouTube Success: Script, Shoot, and Edit with MKBHD

Best for Fundamentals


YouTube Success

You can also go with a Skillshare course, like YouTube Success: Script, Shoot and Edit with MKBHD to get started on your YouTube career. 

If you choose to go with MKBHD, you will have 11 lessons to go through that last no longer than 15 minutes, making them easy to watch.

The lessons cover the basics of how to make a YouTube video from start to finish, allowing you to learn how to use YouTube with no prior experience.

The class doesn’t offer much information on helping your channel grow. 

Marques Brownlee has over 13 million subscribers, so he understands YouTube and how to grow on it.

Over 90 percent of people who took the course felt it met or exceeded their expectations.

You’ll never be alone as you embark on your YouTube journey.


Perfectly paced lessons.

Introduces learners to video making processes.

Expert guidance from an experienced YouTuber.


Not a lot of resources outside of video creation.

Not geared towards already established creators.

Read the full course review here!

4. How to VLOG – Complete Beginners Guide

Best for Vlogging

jeven dovey logo

How to VLOG

Those focused on vlogging may want to go through the How to VLOG – Complete Beginners Guide to receive some help.

The course covers what vlogging entails, the necessary equipment, the editing process, and even how to share content for growth.

The channel creator has a decent following, indicating his experience in the niche, and encourages you to share your first vlog with others who have taken the course, fostering a community of like-minded content creators who have all learned together. 

In the course, you’ll get links to use music for vlogs and the gear Jeven uses for his vlogs, helping you get the correct equipment and start on the right foot with your channel.

88 percent of people felt the course met or exceeded their expectations.


Supportive community.

Experienced instructor.

Additional tools and resources are provided.


Course only covers vlogging.

Lessons are short compared to other courses.

5. YouTube Creator Academy

Best for Budget

youtube logo

YouTube Creators

The YouTube Creator Academy, now the YouTube Creators channel, offers some substantial benefits to make it an excellent course for your YouTube needs.

Since it’s a YouTube channel, you can watch their content and videos for free.

They have organized playlists that cover specific topics and post new videos every few weeks, even though there’s no particular order to the videos being released. 

You’re able to subscribe to them and be notified of new videos as soon as they drop.

The channel has been going for years, and as such has  years of content, allowing you to binge their videos and learn as much as possible.


Supportive community.

Experienced instructor.

Additional tools and resources are provided.


Course only covers vlogging.

Lessons are short compared to other courses.

best youTube Course 2023: Our top pick

The best YouTube course is Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization.

It has a comprehensive approach to teaching all aspects of YouTube content creation, including niche selection, video creation, channel growth, and monetization strategies.

Many students have reported significant growth in their channels and earnings after completing the course, making it a highly recommended option for anyone serious about building a successful YouTube presence.

Do your best to go through the options, see what you like, and get started with your YouTube career.

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