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Top 5 Benefits of Google My Business for Print Shops 

Have you ever paid attention to the results you get when you type “printing near me” in the Google search box?

Google gives a map snippet that marks print shops around the you and a list of printing businesses in the vicinity.

And, a lot more! Yes, the important point is that apart from the location and map directions, the list gives minute details like the exact name, address, ratings, photos, timings, etc.

Such information helps the customer to either make a quick visit or contact the print shop.

All this is possible through Google My Business.

Google My Business for Print Shops

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free platform that facilitates local businesses to gain instant web visibility through Google searches and maps.

Here, you need an authentic Google account to create your Google My Business page.

Once a company creates a Google My Business page, it gets added to Google’s Business Listings.

The obvious benefit of being on Google’s Business listings is that the company gets ranked on local search results pages.

In addition, Google displays the shop or business for other related searches as well.

This multiplies the chances of getting noticed by potential customers.

The direct effect of this is a boost in conversion and sales. In fact, shops and businesses get 7 times more clicks through Google My Business listings.

Google My Business for print shops

Print shops like any other business, get immense benefits out of Google My Business listings.

Customers can easily locate the printing shops around them and contact them through text messages or mobile number given with the address.

They can even check the ratings and reviews to decide which print shop suits their requirements.

Basically, it allows customers to find the print store online and prompts them to visit the shop and avail the services.

What are the benefits of setting up a Google My Business listing for print shops?

The foremost benefit is that customers can access your contact information in a jiffy.

They just fire a search query and contact details are made available to them, in a blink and miss.

It is the quickest method to bridge the gap between the customer and the print shop.

There are many more advantages, which are jotted down as follows:

Your print shop will be found on Google Maps

Google Maps offer a roadmap to the print stores listed on the search results page.

Customers can easily reach the store and book the printing services of their choice.

They don’t have to wander around to locate the shop.

Even young children can reach the shop through their smartphones.

Google maps manage the job of bringing the customers to your doorstep.

Even if you don’t make it to the top search rankings, Google Maps will still display your shop with a red dot symbol.

Visibility of your print shop will increase on Google Search

Apart from the maps, the business information is listed in other searches as well.

Small print shops can beat their competitors through local SEO.

Google My Business helps you top the local SEO game and shows your shop on the map snippet for all relative queries.

This means it will show your shop details for queries like:

  • Print shop near me
  • Print shop in ABC, where ABC is your local area
  • Fast flyer printing services
  • Wholesale printing services in ABC

The first thing to appear on the results page is the paid ads followed by a map snippet.

If your company has setup a Google My Business page, it will be shown as a red dot or red location marker on the Google map.

Even if the website does not make it to the top of search rankings, your shop will still be visible on the map as a red dot.

Customers can zoom in on the map and find the way to the store.

It also enhances the visibility of the store on the internet.

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You can provide accurate information about your company

The best part about Google My Business listings is that it delivers many relevant details.

You can share the company address, website, mobile number, hours of operation, photos, and other details.

You can even get details about the possibility of in-store shopping or in-store pickup.

Customers can easily trust a store that provides all this information over print shops that lack such data.

This is also a shortcut to staying ahead of your competitors.

You can add photos of your business

You can add visual information like photos, 30-second videos of the print shop to attract customers.

It helps them to spot the shop once they reach the location.

Also, a photo of your team lends a professional appeal to the company.

In fact, businesses with photos receive 42% more direct visits through maps and 35% more clicks on their websites than those without pictures on the listings.

You can build good relations with the customers

Google My Business enhances the chances of interaction between the print shop and the customers.

You can thank them for positive reviews or offer better services to those who have posted negative remarks.

Also, your team can answer their specific questions to build a sense of trust.

This improves rapport with the customers and creates a brand image that maintains good public relations.

You can access information on how people search for your business

Most importantly, Google My Business gives you a glimpse of how customers are searching for your business and other details.

You will get the hands-on data about the following:

  • The search terms used by customers to find your store
  • Number of customers that land on your website
  • Ratio of customers that accessed your store through mobile or desktop
  • Number of customers that requested directions to your print shop
  • And more…

With all these details, a printing business can expand its brand and accelerate its marketing efforts.

Basically, the data helps to know the nerve of the customer.

It helps print shops to reach out to their target customers with a better approach.

Why Your Print Shop Needs Google My Business?

Brand recognition and instant connect

Google My Business is the quickest way to convert small businesses into brands.

It forms a connection between the customers and the brand.

They are just one search query away!

Print shops can build a solid rapport with their customers through interactive methods like photos, videos, reviews, and question answers. 

Print shops can also connect with other businesses in relevant niches by offering print services to companies like and widening both their service offerings. 

By getting data insights from Google My Business listings, print companies can modify their marketing efforts to suit the customer’s demands.

It helps them serve their customers with a higher degree of satisfaction.

Validation and credibility

Print shops can create a credible impression by sharing accurate information on Google My Business listings.

It shows a sincere, up-and-running business that wants to connect with its potential customers.

The printing business gets validation from both, Google and customers, by being on the listings.

Those who are not on the listings are not easy to locate and lose out on customers that seek printing services through the internet.

Gauge the competition

Print shops can observe their competitors through Google My Business listings.

In addition, they can monitor their own performance, pay attention to things that are working in their favor and improve their advertising strategies.

The data available from listings and analytics tool gives a clear indication of how the market is performing and how to take their business forward.

Encourage positive customer reviews

Customer reviews are important as they give an idea about what customers like about the service and what are they averse to.

This helps printing businesses to improve their services and build a rapport with their customers.

Replying to positive reviews creates interaction with satisfied customers.

More positive reviews build a good reputation for the printing service provider and encourage potential customers to choose them over other print shops in that location.

Communication and engagement

Google My Business listings help print shops to connect with customers who had no clue about the store.

The information given on the listings is a subtle way to tell customers about local print shops.

Google maps bring new customers to the shops and the reviews encourage them to avail the services.

It also gives businesses a chance to engage customers by answering their queries.

They can gauge their performance through Google Analytics and work on the loopholes.  

Conclusion: Google My Business is Excellent for Print Businesses

Local print shops can leverage Google My Business and all its features to create an instant connection with new customers.

With this, they have a tacit tool in the form of maps to literally bring customers to their doorstep.

All they need to do is setup the listings, fill in all details on the page, and start benefiting from it.

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