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The Value Of User Experience To Digital Businesses

The Value Of User Experience To Digital Businesses | UX

It’s not uncommon nowadays for website users and netizens to post something on their social media accounts asking for recommendations from their friends on the best websites or mobile apps for a product or service.

And you’d see their friends and contacts fill the comments fields with links to sites and apps that have their approval.

This referral is often based on actual user experience. 

User experience can have a huge impact on digital businesses.

If you’re looking for some help with how to implement a user experience (UX) set up for your website, you can check out companies specializing in UX design tool and other similar services.

Do you want to know why?

The Value Of User Experience To Digital Businesses

Here, we have specified some of the reasons why user experience is of great value to digital businesses:

  1. Improves Customer Experience 

One of the most direct and major impact of user experience (UX) is on customer experience and conversion.

The UX design and performance of your website or mobile app will greatly affect the way that your users and customers experience their interaction and engagement with your company site and applications. 

Customers have varying reasons why they check out a site.

It could be that they’re searching for some information.

They could be looking for a product or someone to do something or some service for them.

If your website or app is so badly done that all users who’ve gone to your site have a negative opinion of it, word will soon spread that your website or app is a waste of time. 

UX focuses on the customers, users, and visitors of your site or mobile app.

It seeks to focus the website’s resources on a sound and deep understanding of the users or customers.

UX is used to understanding the desires, needs, motivations, emotions, objectives, and behavior of your visitors, users, and customers.

By focusing on the user, UX can vastly improve a company’s knowledge about its customer base and the way it engages them.

It can give the company a perspective that’s focused on the user and drive results out of it. 

  1. Leads To Higher Customer Satisfaction

Improved customer experience will naturally and logically result in higher customer satisfaction.

They might have a very positive impression of your company and your website when your users and customers have a great time surfing your website.

It would increase customer satisfaction.

The result is that your company will save a lot of money on customer service (CS) operations catering to complaints and reports of a bad experience.  

Here are some of the other salient points we would like to discuss to you why UX is good for customer satisfaction:

  • Most digital businesses would find out that some customers can be very picky and fickle because their expectations have been raised by high standards of excellent companies and websites.  
  • 74% of users and visitors are likely to switch to another brand if they find that your purchase check-out process takes too many steps or takes up a lot of time.
  • 51% of users and customers won’t ever buy again from a company that gave them a terrible customer or user experience (UX).
  • A website’s conversion rate can go up by as much as 200% if they put up a well-designed user interface.
  • Implementing UX design could raise conversion rates by as much as 400%.
  • One of the biggest banks in America experienced an increase of 45% in users who availed of their banking registration online when they implemented a UX redesign of their registration site.
  1. Brings Down Your Bounce Rate

Digital marketers and digital businesses are particularly concerned with the bounce rate of their websites.

Bounce rate refers to the number of people who find themselves in one of your landing pages but don’t stay too long because they get annoyed or irritated by what they experienced on your site.

So, they bounce out of your site. 

Here, we have provided the stats on bounce rates:

  • The bounce rate of a highly popular web news site went down by 15% when they gave their readers a continuous scrolling experience.
  • Hold on to your seats for the next stat. 47% of website users and visitors expect that it shouldn’t take more than two seconds for a web page to load.
  • 39% of users and visitors won’t go back to your website if the pictures and other graphic files don’t load or take years before they appear.
  • 89% of consumers would cross over to the competitor of a website because they had a poor customer experience with the first company.
  1. Increase Sales Of Digital Businesses

One of the most essential aspects of the value of UX to digital businesses is that it can drive more sales and revenues. It’s the logical result of higher customer satisfaction.

When your users and customers like your site, they’re going to make repeat visits and probably even recommend you to their family and friends.

The more people visit your business the more it means that there will be a higher probability that you’ll be able to make conversions and sales out of them.

The bottom line is increased sales. 

A study was done in 2016 about the website designs of around 408 companies.

It was found out that those companies which invested more money and efforts into UX design experienced higher sales than companies that didn’t bother to implement UX design. 

The company which made the most investment in UX design experienced a 75% increase in sales revenues.

Consequently, companies that didn’t invest as much but still focused their design on UX saw their sales an increase of 60% in their sales revenues.

  1. Very High Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Another thing why UX design provides value to digital businesses is that investing in UX yields a very high return-on-investment (ROI).

Case studies have shown that higher investments in UX tend to be positively correlated with higher returns.

It’s the reason why the number one rule in the internal philosophy of the world’s largest search engine is ‘Focus on the user, and all else will follow.’

The results are measurable and can speak for themselves.  

A popular sports channel on cable television increased their revenues by 75% when they redesigned their homepage and implemented UX design in the changes they made.

A computer company is also expecting to save USD$152 million after investing USD$20,000 on changes focused on UX design.  

Here, we have presented some results of ROI of innovation investments in UX:

  • Every dollar that a company invests in UX would most likely yield a return of USD$100. In ROI terms, that’s about a return of 9,900%.
  • 86% of buyers across different industries would be willing to pay more to have a better customer experience with your website or app.
  • Long-term investment of USD$10,000 for 10 years in companies that follow UX-centric philosophy would yield a return of more than 228% if the money in the S&P were invested.

what next? The value of user experience

The value of UX research and design is that it tries to understand what people who go to your site are looking for and what they want to see.

It’s the first step for any digital business to give what their users and customers need.

For digital businesses, this is about everything they’ll ever be to their users and customers since their customers would most likely never see their brick-and-mortar stores or offices.

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