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Uscreen Review 2024: All-In-One Video Monetization Platform



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Welcome to myUscreen Review 2024.

I spent 24+ hours researching about Uscreen all in one video optimization platform that is one of the most popular video optimization platforms available.

In this Uscreen review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this software and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Uscreen.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Uscreen Review 2024

What Is Uscreen?

A lot of people think that if you have a video online then you’re automatically going to make money off of it.

The truth is that not everyone does; in fact, out of the billions of videos uploaded each day only about 20% actually get any views at all!

So what’s the problem? Why isn’t anyone watching these videos?

Well this is because content creators have a hard time monetizing their videos in the beginning.

In fact, it can be quite difficult to get any views at all if you don’t already have an audience.

This is where Uscreen comes into play!

You see Uscreen has built a video platform that helps entrepreneurs and content creators easily deliver their work online while also providing the tools and features they need to effectively monetize it.

The company also provides a mobile app that can be used by content creators directly from their phones; this is especially helpful when you’re on set or shooting something off site!

The best part of all?

You don’t have to spend money promoting your videos since Uscreen has its own paid promotion systems in place.

In 2015, this turnkey VOD platform was launched, with a team of more than 70 specialists located all around the world.

The video hosting site also has over 8.5 million end-users in 195 countries and 11,000 video producers supporting it.

You can develop apps and monetize all sorts of videos, including fitness, educational, entertainment, eLearning, faith, ecommerce, and so on.

The central data admin aids in managing every aspect of your video streaming business without requiring any coding knowledge.

You don’t need any third-party applications to distribute and monetize your video creations.

Why Uscreen?

Being a video content creator is not simply about capturing material.

You must figure out how to transform your material into cash.

While the concept of commercializing videos may appear straightforward, putting all of the pieces together is more difficult and challenging.

More ways to profit from videos online are becoming increasingly available, and the most popular so far has been Ad-based Video on Demand (AVOD).

YouTube is the most well-known example of this approach; video makers receive money based on advertisements served to their viewers while viewing particular videos.

As video creators worldwide continue to be frustrated with this ad-based video monetization approach due to its low income and unpredictable nature, they are increasingly looking for a more stable, controllable environment.

That means videos can be sold through SVOD (subscription-based video on demand), PPV (pay-per-view) and OTT (over-the-top) apps, all of which are offered by Uscreen.

Uscreen Pros & Cons

The VOD platform has both advantages and drawbacks.

I’ve compiled a list of all the advantages and disadvantages I discovered while researching it.


  • Easy to use website and landing page builder
  • Turnkey, mobile-friendly website themes
  • Straightforward pricing
  • Get paid right away
  • No hidden streaming, bandwidth or encoding costs
  • Complete ownership of customer data
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Integration with most popular payment platforms such PayPal, Stripe and
  • Uses the CDN of Netflix and Youtube called Akamai
  • Full integration with more than 1000 apps
  • You can try it out for free for 14 days at just $1
  • 24/7 email customer support


  • No ad-based video on demand monetization
  • Website builder choices are limited to only 3 with their Basic Plan

Uscreen Features & Benefits

Uscreen was created to assist video producers in increasing their reach and reputation. Controlling the ability to sell their work allows creators to profit from it year-round, instead of being reliant on one-time payments or ad revenue.

A Turnkey Video Monetization Platform

Uscreen is a one-stop shop.

They have video hosting, streaming, built-in billing, monetization and analytics technology included.

In addition to this, they provide end-user assistance, marketing and community tools, OTT apps and whatever else creators might need to succeed.

Complete Data Ownership

The only way creators can create a long-term business is to own their audience.

It allows creators to make better brand decisions without being ruled by platform policy changes, revenue model or demonetization updates.

Uscreen feels that it’s your right to control your audience fully and they give you the tools you need to easily migrate them.

Customizable Website Themes And OTP Apps

Customize your website and apps to reflect your company’s identity for a truly distinctive audience experience.

You may choose from a variety of themes for your store, including backgrounds, logos, and color schemes.

Earning Capabilities

They have clients that earn $30,000 or more each month.

They can use their secure and simple storefronts without having to worry about the technical details of setting up a shopping cart or payment gateway.

Customer Support

Uscreen has established a team of world-class customer support and success staff.

They not only help video content producers’ clients with any questions they may have, but they’ve also built a team of customer success account managers who are committed to assisting creators in setting up, launching, and managing their video content businesses.

No Additional Bandwidth, Streaming Or Encoding Fees

Upload your material worry-free, since they’ll take care of the encoding and any extra bandwidth expenses.

All Uscreen subscription plans include these fees as part of your pre-determined subscription plan.

Very Affordable

They’re ideal for both new and established video content producers.

When you compare Uscreen’s pricing plans and features to any other platform, you’ll see that they are the most cost-effective solution for both newcomers who are just starting out as well as organizations looking to scale VOD services.

How Does Uscreen work?

uscreen settings

Video Monetization

Uscreen gives you a lot of leeway in terms of economic arrangement for your VOD business.

When you upload a video, the price may be set up under the Content -> Pricing tab.

You get to choose from all of these revenue models:

  • Free trials
  • One-off purchase
  • Lifetime access for a one-off fee
  • Rentals
  • Pay-per-view
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions

You may also profit from each of these methods at the same time.

You have complete monetization control with Uscreen; it’s up to you how you want to make money off your VOD company.

You may also give your videos away for free by using the “Free for everyone” option while configuring your pricing.

Aside from a variety of revenue options, Uscreen also provides a number of incentives to entice your viewers to make the ultimate purchase.

Timers and other built-in components might also assist you in appealing to your audience and generating a sense of urgency.

There are various methods to offer discounts and coupons in order to encourage loyalty.

And it’s all so easy and straightforward since everything is handled from one admin dashboard.

Finally, they have a conversion-optimized checkout flow that includes fully functional checkout pages.

Other tools you can use to increase your revenue include in-app purchases, upsells and cross-sells, the ability to keep track of royalties and payments, the capability to calculate customer lifetime value and integration with “Rewardful” for creating your own affiliate programs.

Payment Solutions

Uscreen supports seamless integration with PayPal, Stripe, and’s payment services.

You may also accept credit cards, disregarding the currency and origin.

Uscreen also allows you to conduct transactions in over 130 currencies, allowing you to operate anywhere in the world.

If none of these suggestions work, your viewer may submit the payment through Uscreen’s Payment Gateway.

There are numerous other features, including SSL checkout protection, the ability to keep track of your sales, pre-designed checkout pages and much more.

Customizable OTT Apps

Uscreen offers you the chance to release your own OTT apps for smart TVs and mobile devices.

Your live streams, films, series, and collections may be viewed on these applications from anywhere in the world.

The programs are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The video monetization platform also works with Smart TVs ranging from Roku Box, Apple TV, Android TV to Amazon Fire TV.

Uscreen will be in charge of the heavy lifting, such as publishing, maintenance, and periodic updates.

You may also customize the appearance and feel of the applications as you choose.

The app also has some additional features, including in-app purchases, in-app notifications, live streaming capability, offline viewing, more detailed analytics, and an average release time of 30-60 days.

You also get the option to run your Apple watch app, which is a fantastic feature.

This allows users to operate the player from their wrist while working out.

However, you must have a custom plan to access branded OTT apps.

You may also incur an extra charge in order to use this function.

Website Themes & Page Builder

Uscreen helps you design and build your own website for your video on demand business.

You may use the website to store and distribute your movies, as well as interact with your audience.

It includes everything you’ll need to quickly build your website without the need for any code.

You get a visual website builder, pre-designed templates, automated updates, free web hosting, and more.

Furthermore, the subjects are appealing, mobile-friendly, and adaptable.

They also include a number of web pages, such as a home page, checkout page, subscription page, and more.

In your CMS, you’ll notice that all of these pages are referred to as your storefront.

You may modify the theme’s appearance to your liking after you’ve chosen one.

You can change the text, colors, photos, and other branding components.

Furthermore, each theme has a large number of blocks that include customizable features such as the primary banner, text beneath the banner, and so on.

Most of the templates enable you to include testimonials or videos to your site.

Some even allow users to share on social media right from the site’s front page.

There are several options for previewing your website on a variety of platforms (from the top right corner).

You may optimize the visibility of your site for future visitors by changing various SEO parameters.

You may change the SEO Title, Description, URL Handle, and Tags for videos, video collections, live events, categories and authors.

There are no tags for the Categories or Authors sections.

Uscreen also modifies other hidden SEO parameters such as generating open graph meta tags, the mark-up on your web pages and more.

The greatest disadvantage is that you are unable to add or even shift around blocks on pre-designed templates.

You can only change the components, such as text, colors, title, basic images, and so on.

If you need to make changes beyond this, you’ll have to get it custom coded in the “Code Editor” built into the program.

Here are some more features of the website customization option.

You get your own custom domain.

They provide free web hosting and will translate your website into any language you want.

The checkout page has a free SSL certificate, which is built in.

Marketing And Community Suite Of Tools

Uscreen offers a complete marketing suite to assist you market your video streaming company.

There are different tools for various situations, such as customer retention, cross-selling, upselling, minimization of client churn, and abandoned cart recovery.

Here’s a brief rundown of all of the marketing services you may utilize.

Reduce Churn Tool

The Reduce Churn tool is an automated solution that can help you avoid cancellations and increase client retention.

Customers will be prompted to provide feedback if they attempt to cancel their membership.

This can assist you in determining why customers are canceling their subscriptions.

The tool will then automatically place the client into a win-back offer sequence and emails to keep them as paying subscribers.

Subscription Upsell

Another marketing technique that may help you increase the lifetime value of your existing customers is a subscription upsell.

For example, if a customer purchases a quarterly subscription, the program will display special savings on the annual purchase.

Customers are given a strong push to make an annual purchase after hearing about the possibility of obtaining special rates.

These types of generous offers not only help you boost your income, but they may also aid in the creation of client loyalty.


Leadzen is a built-in automation funnel and lead generation solution that aids in the conversion of leads into paying clients.

It allows you to create automated sequences that help you build your email list and get the customer to go ahead with the final purchase.

It starts by providing optimized and responsive landing page templates as well as a landing page builder to construct landing pages.

The builder is also simple and straightforward to use.

You can also change things while seeing results at the same time, thanks to the customizability option.

Desktop and mobile versions of a preview are available as well.

Landing pages are perfect for gaining followers and convincing them to share their email addresses with you.

To entice visitors to convert, you may include free giveaways, flash sales, and other incentives on your landing page.

You’ll be able to set up automated emails to nurture new leads.

The collected emails are saved in the Leadzen software, and you may download the list at any moment.

You can also link Leadzen to your existing membership systems.


You can use subscriptions, certain videos, or bundles with it to create unique coupons and discount offers.

You may also set a deadline and restrict the number of people who can use your incentives.

Coupons are a great way to nurture leads, keep customers, increase sales, and more.

Abandoned Cart

This tool helps you capture and recover your nearly-subscribers.

At the last minute, these subscribers abandoned their basket — just as they were about to complete their purchase.

If enabled, it will automatically send emails with offers to entice last-minute abandoners.

It should assist you in reeling them back in and completing their checkout process.

You may also pick the offer type and discount amount, leaving the rest to the automated tool.

A series of automated emails will be sent to the customer at predetermined intervals.

The best thing is that Uscreen provides ready-to-use email templates.

However, if you wish to alter the tone of the email, you can modify its content.

Uscreen also includes a library of email templates that you may discover under Settings > Email Templates.

Templates are available for several situations (confirming an order, welcoming a client, payment failed, and so on).

You may also sell gift cards and reintroduce free trials to leads who didn’t convert the first time using the turnkey VOD platform.

If a potential customer wants more time to make up their mind after the expiration of a free trial, another session might assist them.

Video CMS

Uscreen allows you to upload, organize, and distribute your clips from a centralized admin area, functioning as your video content management system.

It supports video hosting services through the CMS, allowing you to manage your videos.

Upload your videos utilizing the bulk uploader to start.

You can also upload audio files, documents, photographs, presentations, and even live streaming besides video recordings.

It’s simple to use.

Simply go to your dashboard and select the Content > Videos link. You may also upload video files directly from your Dropbox account.

In addition, if you go offline or move to a different page, it allows you to “pick up where you left off.”

In any case, your upload progress will not be lost.

In addition, they offer fast transcoding and a no-buffering guarantee.

However, make sure you’re using one of the supported browsers, and avoid uploading anything larger than 13GB at a time to get faster outcomes.

After you’ve uploaded your video, numerous options will appear to assist you optimize it and make basic changes.

You may add your clip titles, descriptions, subtitles and even a download button to the video.

You can access everything from your administrator area’s “Video” section.

You can also make playlists, collections, chapters and even arrange your videos in order to create a full series.

Furthermore, it enables you to manage and schedule the availability of your material.

You have the option to establish a release date and an expiration date for each item, and everything you configure will be carried out automatically.

Furthermore, the CMS lets you upload custom thumbnails, add captions and subtitles, include basic SEO elements such as meta-data and search tags, link with Vimeo and Wistia, pick a trailer video, customize filters to help your viewers navigate what they’re searching for.

Finally, it comes equipped with a geo-blocking function that lets you restrict access to your video material.

You can limit access to particular videos or even your whole website.

Uscreen does not support the addition of content types such as quizzes.

You’ll need specific online course platforms for this.

It’s a platform that allows you to host videos and build video-based membership sites, with the primary focus being on OTT and VOD.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with how simple the entire system is to use.

The sidebar with all options is always accessible, allowing you to handle anything with a single click and swiftly access every option.

Reports & Analytics

Uscreen’s analytics offers a detailed look at your subscribers’ activity, including how long they spend watching videos on each device.

You may also select videos, collections, countries, and platforms to filter your watch time.

The data on the tab is updated every 24 hours to keep you up to speed.

You’ll also be able to discover which of your videos are doing well so you may concentrate on duplicating them.

Uscreen’s marketing solutions are linked to their analytics.

Authors analytics lets you handle royalties and payouts for your affiliate program.

The report captures the total number of plays and seconds watched for videos assigned to each author or video content creator based on customers’ behavior data.

This will assist you in distributing payments to affiliates appropriately.

Click on the “Export CSV” option to download a spreadsheet containing all of these stats and analyses.

Leadgen also gives users access to extensive data.

You’ll get a full picture of information like the number of people submitted the lead capture form, leads opened the welcome email and so on.

Aside from your marketing and video views, Uscreen also offers reports on your business transactions.

You will be able to see all of your invoices and financial reports in one place.

Following are the sales reports that can be accessed through the video platform:

  • Invoices
  • Annual Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Coupons Report
  • Payouts Report

Live Streaming

Uscreen’s full HD live streaming capability can assist you in providing an interactive viewing experience for your audience.

The ability to broadcast live events on the web, mobile applications, or OTT TV apps helps you expand your audience and increase engagement.

You may also activate the Live Chat feature while setting up your live stream event.

The option to “Enable Live Chat” is accessible under the “Content” tab of the “Live Event” part.

You may use the Live Chat to connect and interact with your audience in real time.

With a single click, you may start conversations, reply to comments, and even report offensive remarks.

You can also remove remarks and ban people using this feature.

You’ll be able to see how many total users and active viewers there are currently.

Creating a live event is also simple, and you can accomplish it by going to the Content >> Live Event page.

Add aspects like the event title, start date, full description, pre-registration information, and so on.

You may also utilize timers to illustrate your registration options ahead of time to boost urgency and create interest among your user base.

Once the Live Event is available for pre-registration, it will be included in your video catalog immediately.

You may also sell your Live Event by including them in your subscription packages, allowing one-time purchases, bundling them, or offering them via a pay-per-view paywall.

You may also give them away for free.

If you want to host regular live events, create a custom live events page for your website and list all of your planned gatherings.

Viewers have the option of adding your events to their personal calendars.

You may even send out email notifications and push alerts to the apps in order to boost your event’s attendance.

Every time you broadcast an event, your subscribers will be informed.

Live streams that are recorded automatically, may be made available right after the event, and encourage user interaction through a pre-sales page are just a few of the other live streaming tools.

Note that an OTT app is required to play your live stream on Roku or AppleTV.

You can broadcast live events on mobile devices without the need of an app, but they cannot be viewed on TV without one.

HTML5 Online Video Player

While technological advancements and content management software improve the backend of a VOD system, providing an exceptional user-end experience is just as essential.

Uscreen offers a built-in HTML5 video player that delivers fast delivery, full HD video quality, white-labeled experience, speed controls, ES6 JavaScript player, multi-bitrate HLS streaming, support for VTT captions as well as screen readers.

The platform is powered by a top-tier global CDN, Akamai, ensuring a secure and quick video delivery to your viewers.

There’s also no need to worry about video buffering regardless of the location.

App Integrations

With millions of monthly active users, Uscreen allows you to connect all sorts of third-party business tools.

Click the Settings > Integrations button on your Account page for a view of all available native integrations.

Native integrations eliminate the need to use different programs or dashboards.

A hassle-free checkout process is possible thanks to native connections with third-party payment services such as Stripe, PayPal, and

Other noteworthy connections are MailChimp, Zapier, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Slack, and Google Analytics.

Apart from native integrations, you may further link Uscreen with thousands of applications using Zapier integration and the Uscreen API.

How Much Does It Cost?

Uscreen comes with a free 14-day trial and 3 payment options.

It costs just $1 to try it out for 14 days.

The subscription options include:

  • Basic – $49 per month
  • Amplify – $399 per month
  • Enterprise – Ask for quote

These costs are only for yearly memberships. If you choose a monthly membership, the price goes up significantly; with the $49/month plan increasing to $99/month and the $399/month plan increasing to $499/month.

Finally, the first two options do not include access to branded OTT applications. If your only purpose is to utilize Uscreen as an OTT platform, you’ll need to contact their staff for pricing on the Enterprise plan.

Who Is It For?

Uscreen was designed to help content creators of all sizes manage their fans.

Their mission is for video producers and entrepreneurs to be able to profit from their work online and establish flourishing internet communities around their videos.

To make this feasible, they give content providers with everything they need to market, sell, and deliver video media to their audiences.

Over the years, they’ve worked with a wide range of clients – from health & fitness, educational, arts & crafts and entertainment to YouTubers and enterprise businesses.

Uscreen Reviews

Uscreen has a score of 4.5/5 on Trustpilot.

Their users seem to find it a fantastic platform and praise for their customer service team.

They also find it easy to use and reasonably priced.

uscreen positive review

I did find some negative reviews stating that this platform is a rip off or fraud and customer service takes weeks to reply.

uscreen negative review

However, they replied to them and it seems that such users didn’t respond to the customer service team’s attempts to get in touch with them, hadn’t read what is included in the pricing plan or tried to upload copyrighted material without having proof of ownership.

Overall, it seems that Uscreen is a solid platform.

Watch this video review to see how their client Christine Bullock used their platform to grow her online fitness business.


In the realm of video monetization, Uscreen emerges as a standout contender amidst a field of competitors.

Unlike singularly focused platforms, Uscreen offers a holistic solution, encompassing customizable website themes, live streaming capabilities, and integrated marketing tools.

While platforms like Vimeo and Wistia concentrate on video hosting, Uscreen’s comprehensive approach extends to monetization through subscription-based, pay-per-view, and over-the-top (OTT) apps.

Unlike YouTube, Uscreen liberates creators from ad-based models, ensuring stable income.

Furthermore, Uscreen’s user-friendly interface and responsive customer support differentiate it, while transparent pricing distinguishes it from the complexity of Kaltura and Brightcove.

Amidst the competition, Uscreen stands as an adaptable, all-encompassing choice.

What Next? Uscreen Review

In my personal experience with Uscreen, I found the platform to be remarkably user-friendly and effective.

During my time exploring its features, I was impressed by the seamless integration of video hosting, monetization tools, and customizable website themes.

The platform’s live streaming capabilities added an interactive dimension to my content, enhancing audience engagement.

Moreover, the responsive customer support team promptly addressed my queries, indicating their commitment to user satisfaction.

While my firsthand experience highlighted Uscreen’s advantages, its limitations, such as the limited website builder choices, were also evident.

You can also check out its 14-day free trial if you’re unsure about this video platform.

If you think that Uscreen’s platform doesn’t suit your needs, the free trial will allow you to discover whether it meets them.

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