The One Unconventional Investment That Separates The Wealthy From The Poor

How the wealthy invest their time (not working for money!) to make money work for them instead.

Studies have shown a 400% increase in productivity since 1960. On the other hand, according to the Economic Policy Institute, the inflation adjusted salary growth for the typical employee is flat or has even declined. This goes to show that a lot of you out there are exhausted, exchanging your valuable time for money when it is crystal clear that working more doesn’t not necessarily, mean making more. When you are working 60-70 hours plus a week for someone else, you don’t have control of what you are doing with your own time, waste your energy away or don’t get to choose who you spend your time with. You just let others dictate how to live your life.

Please, be honest with yourself. Are you truly, I mean truly, happy with your work?

If you answered no or even if you are in doubt, this may be one of the most important pieces of advice you will ever receive in your life.

How do you invest your time?

Currently, you have more time than ever in your hands. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic forcing most to be stuck at home waiting patiently, or shall I say impatiently, for this to end.

With social engagements being limited or non-existent, even the lucky ones that still work have more time in their hands than they used to.

Have you caught yourself being more stressed at the moment even though you have more free time in your hands? That’s understandable. Your mentality has probably shifted from working more to make more money to working more to keep your job.

You might have also experienced what has become known as “Zoom fatigue“. Rather than going to meetings at work, you are now joining video conferencing calls making you even more tired.

Some of you spend your days watching Netflix, which by the way has experienced record growth since the end of March. Not many are using their free time as an opportunity to grow and as a result, they’ll come out of this crisis poorer than ever before.

Stop investing your time working for money.

Most people live paycheck to paycheck feeling a false sense of security. This steady paychek is responsible for the loan they took to go to college to get a high paying job they dislike keeping them engaged for most of the day while leaving their loved ones and the all the things they like in the sidelines. Does this sound familiar?

This approach is problematic however. You can only make money while you work. You basically, have to sell your time to make money. And if you want to make more money, you have to work longer hours exhausting yourself.

Your time and energy are not unlimited. Consequently, your earning potential is limited as well.

If this isn’t a poor investment then, what is? Trading your finite resource of time for money is reflects the mindset of an employee, the poor mindset. The entrepreneur mindset, the wealthy one, on the other hand, where you invest your time in a very different manner.

Separating the wealthy from the poor making money work for them.

Wealthy people never work for money. They work for assets instead.

They make investments and create businesses that generate steady cash flow on a monthly basis involving little to no work on their end. They don’t waste their life away working for money but they wisely use their time learning how to make money work for them. In layman’s terms, the wealthy don’t work for money, they make money work for them.

You may be thinking that obtaining more assets requires working longer and harder. Well, this is not quite the case. This is very different from working for a paychek. The better educated you have become in making money work for you, the less you have to work to obtain high quality assets that provide you passive income even while you are sleeping.

Set goals to make money.

By no means am I saying that the wealthy don’t work. They just work in a different way.

Each year they set goals on how many new assets to acquire. Because high quality assets will generate money for a longer period of time even after the work involved for acquiring them is done.

They gradually build their portfolio of high quality assets while investing in their financial education. Wealthy people are not necessarily born wealthy. Anyone can do this provided they invest their time to grow instead of putting it into a job.

This way they earn passive income making money work for them instead of working for money.

Embrace the mindset of the wealthy today to be wealthy yourself tomorrow.

What are you investing your time in?

Are you investing it in passive income generating assets or are you wasting it away at a corporate job you hate living paycheck to paycheck?

What is really holding you back?

Today, I’d like to empower you to make the first step in investing your time in your financial education and building for your wealthy future through the power of high quality assets.

During these unprecedented times, I know it is hard but I encourage you to wisely invest your time in personal and professional development to be ready to shine when this is all over because opportunity is always present in the midst of crisis as they say.

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