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Tap2Earn Review 2023

1/10Our Score
  • free to sign up
  • banking info not required
  • high rates
  • minimum threshold before cashing out
  • no way to contact the company

Tap2Earn Review – A Scam Or Legit?

Ever since I started my online business journey, I have been in a mission to research and review for you just about every legit option for making money online.

Influencer marketing platforms like Tap2Earn make earning an online living sound not only possible but easy.

Instead of taking them at their word, I decided to dig a little deeper, which I’ll detail below.

Here Is My Tap2Earn Review

Things To Consider Before Choosing An Influencer Network

It’s understandable why ‘get paid to’ sites like Tap2Earn are growing in popularity, as more people than ever are looking for ways to make money from home.

All the promises of fast, easy money give the impression that the internet is chock full of cash, just waiting to be handed out to anyone who can click a mouse.

Earning a living online is absolutely possible, but many of these types of platforms over-promise their earning potential. So Tap2Earn might not be an excellent fit for someone looking to replace their current income completely.

Are You An Influencer?

Tap2Earn is an influencer marketing platform, which means they pay users to advertise on their personal social media platforms for the company. The more social media followers you have, the greater the earning potential since more people will be interacting with the links you share.

If you’re new to social media or keep only a perfunctory online presence, it might make sense to look into other ways to make money online.

Other Things To Think About

Before signing up for Tap2Earn, there are a few things you may want to think about:

Tap2Earn Business Model

Tap2Earn says that they earn money through affiliate marketing programs, and the profits are passed down to influencers. However, the rates they pay are too high for this to be a sustainable business model, so many suspect that they’re actually making their money by selling users’ info.

Tap2Earn Reputation

Unfortunately, Tap2Earn doesn’t have the best online reputation, with many reviews claiming that Tap2Earn doesn’t pay money owed. I’d advise being careful and doing your own research before signing up, just to be safe.

Tap2Earn Online Presence

Tap2Earn doesn’t have much of an online footprint, which may just be the sign of a new company. But since they claim to be the #1 Influencer Network in the world, you’d expect them to have a more substantial presence online.

Presenting Tap2Earn

Tap2Earn is the self-proclaimed #1 Influencer Network in the world and promises users free money in return for referrals.

You share their link, and every time someone in your social network clicks on it, you make money. Each click earns you $2, and you’ll get $10 for every friend who signs up.

However, you’re required to perform a certain number of tasks and earn a certain amount of money before you’re able to cash out your earnings.

A large number of users also report never being paid and having no way of contacting the company, which is worth noting.


  • Free to sign up
  • Banking info not required
  • High rates


  • Must meet minimum amount before cashing out
  • Users report never being paid
  • No way to contact the company

So is Tap2Earn legit? Let’s take a look at what they offer in a little more detail, and you can decide for yourself.

Features & Benefits

tap2earn 2

Tap2Earn promises that users can make up to $500 a day by sharing links and completing other simple tasks. If this is true, it holds tremendous earning potential.

But making promises is easy; following through on them is where it gets more complicated.

Below, I’ll break down every aspect of the platform, its earning potential, and ease-of-use to see which features live up to the hype and which could be improved upon.

Easy Signup Process

The process of signing up with Tap2Earn is simple. Just register on their site like you would do on any other website, filling in basic contact info like your email address and creating a password.

There are no real requirements to sign up – they don’t ask about your current number of social media followers or anything, which is suitable for influencers just starting out.

Importantly, they don’t require any banking or credit card info, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges. That gives new users confidence that Tap2Earn is legit and not after their money.

After the Tap2Earn login, you’ll be able to see your dashboard with your current earnings and available tasks that you can do to earn more.

Just signing up with the service gets you $25, but what they don’t tell you is that you’re required to perform at least five tasks, five referrals, and twenty clicks before you’re able to cash out. So if you were hoping to sign up, grab the cash, and go, you’re out of luck.

Earn Money From Your Social Network

Although there are other ways to earn money with Tap2Earn, their main selling point is paying influencers to share the company’s links on social media.

Many influencers have spent a good deal of time and effort building up their followers, so finding a way to monetize that hard work easily is appealing. And because you earn money every time someone clicks on the link or signs up using it, it’s a relatively hands-free way to earn once you post it.

That frees you up to travel or work on projects that are more meaningful to you. That kind of freedom is the main reason that many of us decided to find a way to earn a living online to begin with.

On the other hand, if you’re not especially active on social media, earning money from clicks might not be the best option for you. Unless you have an extensive network, the links you share are only going to make you so much money, no matter how often you post them.

Additional Tasks For Easy Earning Potential

In addition to earning money for clicks and referrals, you’re able to make money by completing additional tasks that you’ll find on the platform’s dashboard.

Additional tasks can be along the lines of:

  • App downloads and reviews
  • Surveys
  • YouTube reviews

Remember when I said that Tap2Earn doesn’t ask for your credit card info? Well, when you click on the additional tasks, you’re directed to third-party sites, some of which do want information like credit card numbers and phone numbers.

It’s up to you to decide if the earning potential is worth the risk, but it’s generally a bad idea if a company you’re not familiar with asks you to download something or provide financial info, so for me, this is a red flag.

Tap2Earn pays members $50 for YouTube reviews of the platform, making it hard to view the reviews as unbiased and legitimate – just something to keep in mind.

Higher Rates Than Competitors

Tap2Earn’s rates are impressive compared to other sites, paying $30 for surveys. This is significantly more than what better-established sites like Survey Junkie, for example, pay – about $2 per survey taken.

The earning potential for clicks and referrals ($2 and $10, respectively) are nothing to be scoffed at, either.

Although this sounds amazing at first glance, it leads many to wonder how Tap2Earn is making their money in order to be able to pay users such high amounts. The company claims to earn profits from affiliate marketing programs, but they provide no proof of this on their site.

Multiple Payout Methods

You can cash out your earnings from Tap2Earn in a number of ways, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of signing up for a specific online wallet. Once you reach your required earning limit, just follow the “cash out” prompts on the dashboard and choose how you want to receive payment:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash App
  • Paper check

Once you cash out, it’s supposed to take about two weeks for the amount to be approved, after which you’ll get your money. Unfortunately, this is when many users seem to run into trouble, never seeing a dime.

Many report that the payment never comes through and that there’s no way to contact the company. This is, naturally, very concerning to those hoping to rely on the platform for their income.

But if it does work according to plan, users should see money in their account delivered by the method they choose within two weeks or so – once the Tap2Earn team verifies your work.

Easy Online Income

If Tap2Earn does what it promises to, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online that I’ve found. After all, they give you $25 just for signing up, arguably making it well worth your time to try them out.

This is especially true since there are no hidden fees or obligations – what you see is what you get.

The clicks and referrals program is mostly hands-off, which allows for as much free time as you want. Just post it and forget it, and let your followers do the rest. Some of the additional tasks might take a little longer, but they’re simple enough to do while you’re watching Netflix or waiting in line.

Most importantly, you can earn money with this platform no matter where you are in the world, giving you complete freedom. You’ll need an internet connection while posting and performing tasks, but that can take as little as a few minutes a day.

Social Proof

I go out of my way to provide fair, unbiased reviews, but after an extensive search online, the only user reviews I was able to find were:

  • Negative (see below)
  • YouTube reviews that were pretty clearly posted by users to earn the $50
  • One positive review by a user who posted a follow-up video saying that although he received a payment confirmation from the site, money was never deposited into his account

Watch the video here.–oEz4h0I&

I would expect to find significantly more reviews overall than I did for Tap2Earn being such a supposedly prestigious influencer network, and certainly more positive ones than a handful of paid YouTube videos.

There are also complaints that once payment is due, the Tap2Earn team disappears. The contact email provided doesn’t work, and reaching out via social media is met with silence. The account managers listed for the company have no online presence and use stock model photos, so it’s reportedly impossible to pin down an answer or payment.

tap2earn reviews
tap2earn reviews 2


The following are alternative ways to make the most of your influencer status and actually make money doing so. They connect influencers with marketers who are hiring for ad campaigns, giving influencers a chance at real money, instead of a few bucks here and there for sharing links.


Activate is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that connects vetted influencers with marketers looking to create content.

Their services can be broken down into three main categories: maintaining a large influencer network, providing marketing services to influencers, and connecting marketers with talent for their projects.

  • Spotless reputation and have been around since 2007
  • Cater to both influencers and marketers
  • Have many well-known clients
  • Don’t require you to share links or perform “tasks”

Learn more about Activate here if you’re a marketer or influencer.

The Room

The Room bills itself as an influencer marketing club, and it works to connect marketers with interested influencers.

Influencers and Marketers apply to join (talent agencies are welcome too), then marketers post projects they’re looking to hire for. Then influencers bid on projects they’re interested in, and the marketers choose the best talent for the job – much like a traditional job board.

  • Influencers are put in touch with marketers seeking talent
  • Marketers have access to a pool of talented influencers
  • The jobs available are creative – no links, surveys or app downloads

Click here to get started with The Room.

Find Your Influence

Find Your Influence is an all-in-one influencer marketing solution that connects talented influencers and experienced marketers to brands who are looking for ways to market their product.

The platform not only connects companies with marketers and influencers, but it helps them manage and track the whole marketing campaign, too. This platform is a bit more heavily focused on the brand and marketing side, but influencers stand to get a fair amount of work from their profile search.

  • Proven well-known clients
  • Full marketing platform that makes the most of influencer’s skills
  • Talent management

Get more information about Find Your Influence here.

What Next?

Earning a living online in a way that doesn’t take up all of your time is the dream, and possible to do with a little hard work. But unfortunately, Tap2Earn isn’t the one to help you do that, so I have to rate it at 0 out of 5.

Overall, I’d have to suggest avoiding this company due to the overwhelming evidence I found online that indicates that the Tap2Earn scam doesn’t pay a dime. Outrageous claims about earning potential, vast numbers of negative reviews, and almost no online presence just don’t make this a company I can recommend.

I personally feel like The Room is one of the most powerful influencer marketing platforms out there, and I would recommend checking it out if you’re ready to take your career to the next level.

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