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Start A Smart Passive Income Online Business

Top tips on how to start a smart passive income online business

Why would anyone want to start an online business?

As Warren Buffet has said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”. 

There are several ways to earn smart passive income online.

Affiliate Marketing

One option for starting an online business where you will be able to earn passive income is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you promote other companies’ products on your website. When someone uses a link on your site to make a purchase through one of those companies, you get a portion of the profits. Affiliate marketing for web-based commerce is what revenue sharing is for a brick and mortar store or what a referral is for attorneys. Probably the most important benefit to affiliate marketing is that you can make money while you are sleeping or being away from your computer. Another benefit of affiliate marketing is that it’s commissioned based and you control all of the techniques and strategies to make sales. There are several other benefits to a business based upon affiliate marketing. A big benefit of affiliate marketing is that it involves only little to no start-up costs. Secondly, affiliate marketing does not require expertise in the field to be successful. You can also work when and wherever you want while conducting a business online involving affiliate marketing. Also, a benefit of you engaging in affiliate marketing as an online business is that you only need minimal marketing material and the material is normally supplied by the company who makes the product. A major benefit of operating an affiliate marketing business online is that there are no issues with inventory. The inventory is kept by the producer of what you are marketing and you merely direct the visitor to that company’s website.

Display Ads

You can also earn passive income from an online business through the use of display ads. A display ad on your website or blog serves the same purpose as a billboard on a highway and that is to provide advertisement space for another company’s product. Instead of owning the land where the billboard is placed, you own the website where the advertisement is placed and you get a form of rent for it being there. You get paid based upon the amount of traffic that views the ads on your website.

Cost Per Click Ads

Cost per click ads are another way you can earn passive income from an online business. With cost per click ads one of the benefits is that you get income as long as the viewer clicks on the advertisement.


Creation of an e-book is another way you can earn passive income from an online business. Creation of an e-book may take a lot of work up front but the benefit of an e-book is that once it is online it is always available for sale. The author beyond creation of the e-book does not need to do anything to earn money from e-book. With each online sale, the author will receive a royalty for the e-book. Another example of a way to earn money passively online is to offer an online course.

Online Courses

Online courses can take a lot of time to setup. You have to create a course in which there is a demand and you have to be knowledgeable in that area. A benefit to offering an online course is that you do not need to sell a lot of these courses to make a significant amount money. For example, to make $10,000 a year from this course you only need 40 people to buy it at $250. The creator of the course can be at home asleep while a student is paying money taking the course.

Youtube Channel With Ads

Passive income can also be earned by making a YouTube video and having ads attached to it. The benefit to this is that you can make money any time of the day and it doesn’t take much experience to make most of these videos.

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