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How Does MrBeast Have So Much Money 2024

How Does MrBeast Have So Much Money Being YouTube’s Viral Philanthropist?

MrBeast net worth is $30 million. 22 year old Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is a YouTuber from North Carolina, United States famous for his pricey stunts and philanthropic acts. His videos receive millions of views, his most popular video being a collection of the most cringeworthy intros among YouTubers. Sadly, MrBeast removed it from his main channel. Otherwise, we’d share the link.

It is worth noting that his parents aren’t that rich.

He recently, also became famous for launching MrBeast Burger, opening 300 restaurants, using the ghost kitchen concept, overnight when it took McDonalds 5 years to do the same! Isn’t this incredible?

Do you want to know how he did this? Watch this video to see how Mr Beast opened 300 outlets overnight:

You can’t help but wonder, “How does MrBeast have so much money?” “How can I make it on YouTube as he did?” These are valid questions, especially considering how much money he gives away and how challenging it is to become a YouTube sensation.

We’re going to break down MrBeast’s money-making strategies and secrets to his success, so don’t go away.

So, do you want the special secret on how does MrBeast have so much money?

How Does MrBeast Make Money Online, Want The Special Secret?

Before we talk specifically about how MrBeast makes money online, we’ll introduce each of his YouTube channels that generate income:

  • MrBeast (the main channel): Stunts and acts of philanthropy. This channel has 45+ million subscribers.
  • Beast Reacts: MrBeast and his friends react, comment, review, and roast various videos and topics. This channel has 3+million subscribers.
  • MrBeast 2: MrBeast posts live streams. This channel has 1+ million subscribers.
  • MrBeast Shorts: MrBeast creates ten to thirty-second clips of him and his friends’ random shenanigans. This channel has 1+ million subscribers
  • MrBeast Gaming: MrBeast goes over the ins and outs of video games, such as Minecraft. This channel has over 10 million subscribers.

MrBeast also has another channel that he co-created with another well known UK YouTuber, JackSucksAtLife. MrBeast gives ten cents to Jack every time there’s a new subscriber, so this channel does not generate revenue for MrBeast.

Keep in mind, MrBeast, the main channel, is what he’s most known for and where he makes the majority of his income.

How MrBeast and Other Creators Make Money On YouTube Channels

Making the big bucks on YouTube is challenging and does not happen overnight. MrBeast’s situation was no exception to this. It took him several years to gain traction with a video that went viral. Before we make sense of how MrBeast began making money online, it’s helpful to understand how anyone can make money with YouTube videos.

Here are the necessary steps of how to make money on YouTube:

  1. Create a channel and consistently upload videos.
  2. Join the YouTube Partner Program-requires a minimum of one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours in the last year.
  3. Sign up for an AdSense account.
  4. Review monetization options-must be at least eighteen-years-old to earn profit from YouTube.
  5. Agree to ongoing reviews, per YouTube partner standards.

“My Parents Aren’t That Rich. Every Dollar I’ve Ever Made Came From YouTube, YouTube Just Pays Better”

Going through the necessary steps to make money on YouTube gives us a general understanding of how MrBeast got his start making money on YouTube. These steps make it sound simple; however, they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being successful on YouTube.

Compared to many other options, making money on YouTube is one of the most tempting sides hustles on the internet. The audience is enormous, and there are plenty of opportunities to stand out amongst the crowd. Here are other great resources to read on making money on YouTube.

Producing quality content that viewers want to watch, knowing your viewing audiences’ interests, and understanding the YouTube algorithm is the key. MrBeast had to accomplish all three to make it to where he is today.

Since these steps are just the beginning of MrBeast’s secrets to making money, let’s go into more detail. Let’s dive deeper into how he made the most out of brand deals, YouTube ad revenue, and selling merchandise.

Brand Deals

Many media platforms have opportunities to become an influencer or partner with various brands, including YouTube. Brand partnerships and video sponsorships are highly responsible for contributing to MrBeast’s wealth between all his channels.

Typically, the more a YouTuber or influencer produces quality content and gets increasing views, the more brands will want to work with that person.  Brands seek content that aligns with and projects their image.

Like any situation in life, MrBeast had to start from the bottom and work his way to the top. He began receiving smaller deals from brands like Quidd for ten thousand dollars or less. Once MrBeast started giving money away as part of his philanthropic stunts, it created a positive cycle of brands showing more interest in him and contributing to future videos.

The more MrBeast’s videos go viral, the more brands want to work with him, increasing his overall profit. He can then produce videos with more extravagant giveaways and philanthropic acts, perpetually increasing the amount he makes from brand deals. In the past, MrBeast has worked with Tik Tok, Lotts, CSGO Lotto, and many more.


It’s unclear how much money MrBeast has made strictly from Adsense, although he admits that he makes a massive profit from AdSense alone. To get paid as a YouTuber, having an AdSense account is crucial. The combination of an active AdSense account and a broad viewing audience earns a YouTuber a paycheck.

Remember when we went through the necessary steps of how to make money on YouTube? AdSense is the third step after you’ve created an account and become established as a YouTube partner.

How does AdSense work? Signing up for an Adsense account means you agree to YouTube’s advertising terms and conditions and revenue agreement. Once your AdSense account links to YouTube, YouTube assesses your monthly viewership, and you can become eligible to start earning income. Generally, YouTube pays two dollars for every one thousand views.

Much like MrBeast’s brand partnerships, the amount he makes from his AdSense relies on whether his videos go viral. The situation is relatively straightforward: his increase in viewership increases his AdSense revenue. Then, the cycle of getting thousands and millions of dollars continues.

MrBeast Merch

A portion of MrBeast’s income comes from selling merchandise through his website, His official MrBeast Twitter and MrBeast Instagram accounts also share links to his website. He sells a wide variety of apparel for men, women, children, headwear, and various accessories such as socks and plush pillows.

It can be challenging to make an income solely off selling merchandise alone; however, selling merchandise can be an effective way to market a product and increase brand awareness.

MrBeast markets his videos by selling apparel and accessories with the MrBeast logo. Not only does he make a profit, but he gains brand awareness when people see his logo.

How Much Money Does MrBeast Make With His YouTube Videos?


Now that we’ve established how MrBeast makes money online, it’s time to figure out how much he makes. As of November 12, 2020, the estimated net worth of MrBeast is $30 million dollars. That said, this amount isn’t entirely set in stone because Socialblade only has average figures for YouTube ad revenue.

You may be wondering how this is possible with countless giveaways, so let’s break down his earnings. With millions of subscribers between five channels and an accumulation of over nine billion views between all his videos, this gives MrBeast plenty of opportunities to make a profit. Remember, YouTube pays an average of two dollars per thousand views.

Check out how MrBeast Socialblade breaks down his earnings in 2020 for solely YouTube Ad Revenue:

  • Daily Averages-$3.4K-$54.3K
  • Weekly Averages-$23.7K-$379.9K
  • Monthly Averages-$101.8K-$1.6M

In terms of YouTube ad revenue alone, MrBeast averages an annual income of ten to twenty million dollars per year. This estimate does not take into account the amount earned from brand sponsorships and merchandise sales. But, at least you get a rough idea of how much money MrBeast pulls in. As you can see, it’s a lot!

How Did MrBeast Get Started?

MrBeast uploaded his first video,”Worst Minecraft Saw Trap Ever??”, to YouTube when he was only thirteen years old. According to the official MrBeast Twitter, he received fifteen thousand views in his first year of creating YouTube content, and viewership grew exponentially after each year. However, MrBeast’s success didn’t happen overnight.

After MrBeast released his very first video, he spent years trying to appeal to different trends. His earliest videos covered many hilarious compilations of playing video games such as Minecraft and Call of Duty. MrBeast also released many videos trying to help creators start on YouTube and videos covering Youtuber drama.

Even though MrBeast received thousands of views in his early days, his most initial videos didn’t go viral. Initially, he had failed to appeal to the YouTube algorithm. In 2015/2016, MrBeast’s video series of “Worst YouTube Intros” gained him more traction, helping him achieve thirty thousand subscribers. This video is still the most popular and most-watched.

How MrBeast Rose to Fame

At the end of 2016, MrBeast started college; however, it only lasted about two weeks. After dropping out, MrBeast knew that going the YouTube route was the only thing he wanted to pursue.

Once MrBeast had dropped out of college and moved out of his childhood home, he worked diligently to appeal to the YouTube algorithm and determine what viewers wanted to see. In January 2017, MrBeast released a video of him counting to one hundred thousand, which took an entire day. This video became the first viral video that put him on the map.

The wild success of the first viral video helped MrBeast realize what the YouTube algorithm was looking for. So, MrBeast continued to upload videos with outrageous, hours-long stunts and challenges, which helped him eventually achieve one million YouTube subscribers.

MrBeast’s stunt videos eventually evolved into bold, mind-blowing charity-type stunts. He became notorious for giving away cars, thousands of dollars, technology, and much more. These charitable stunts landed him the title of “YouTube’s Biggest Philanthropist” at the end of 2018, a title he’s still known for today.

MrBeast continues to go strong with his main YouTube channel. According to MrBeast Socialblade, MrBeast has 46.3 million subscribers and 694 videos. His videos are wildly successful today, with millions of views daily on the official MrBeast Instagram and Youtube channel.

Why Is MrBeast So Rich Even Though He Gives Away Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars? 

Believe it or not, you already have a general idea of how MrBeast has become one of the wealthiest YouTubers, despite giving away millions of dollars. Let’s refer to our discussion on how MrBeast makes money online. To remind you, his income primarily comes through brand partnerships and video sponsorships, YouTube ad revenue, and merchandise.

Despite giving away millions of dollars, MrBeast continues to remain wealthy for a significant reason that is much simpler than you think: people want to be part of something quality. People, meaning various brands, companies, viewers, subscribers, you name it.

Viewers continue to watch and invest in MrBeast’s channels by subscribing and maybe even supporting him by purchasing merchandise off his website or social media accounts. The more viewers buy into MrBeast’s videos, the more interest brands want to invest in him and fund future giveaways. It’s a positive, never-ending cycle of income between all of his sources of revenue.

What’s unique about MrBeast’s primary channel is that it goes beyond what we just mentioned. People adore his videos because of his desire to help and empower people. His social media bios say, “I want to make the world a better place before I die. Follow me to help.” The moral of the story is not only do people want to be part of something trendy, but they want to be part of a respectable cause that helps people.

He has given away more than $1 million in less than two years.

MrBeast’s Educational Value

While some people criticized Mr Beast for his early use of profanity and crude humor, his more recent content has been widely praised for its educational value.

Many of MrBeast’s videos contain educational messages about topics like climate change, the importance of voting, and the negative effects of plastic pollution.

As a result of his work, MrBeast has been praised as an important voice in the fight against climate change.

Final Thoughts On MrBeast And His Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

MrBeast has made an enormous impact on the Internet. His videos showcase his extraordinary stunts and going above and beyond with the act of charity. With as much money as he gives away, you can’t help but think, “How does MrBeast have so much money?”

If you want to get that paper from YouTube, take notes from MrBeast. Start by creating a YouTube channel and figure out what the viewers want to see. Gain a following, join the YouTube partner program, and apply for AdSense. Figure out the secret to getting videos to go viral, and a positive cycle of ad revenue and sponsorship can happen from there.

And as we’ve learned from MrBeast’s example, it helps to have a good heart. If you haven’t already, drink the MrBeast Kool-Aid and check out his plethora of entertaining videos on one or all five of his channels.

And remember his statement “every Dollar I’ve ever made came from YouTube, YouTube just pays better”.

MrBeast Net Worth

mrbeast net worth profile
Profession: YouTuber
Born: May 7, 1998
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $30 million

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