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Matt Diggity’s The Affiliate Lab Review 2024

The Affiliate Lab


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Actionable tips.

Active support community.

Regular updates.

Investments in tools.

No money back guarantee.

Welcome to my The Affiliate Lab Review 2024 by Matt Diggity.

I spent 24+ hours researching about and actually completing the most popular affiliate marketing courses for making money online.

In this The Affiliate Lab review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this e-learning package and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about The Affiliate Lab.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Affiliate Lab Review 2024

Who Is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity started his affiliate marketing career by developing and monetizing niche sites.

He has since built several online businesses:

Overall, Diggity is a highly reputable affiliate marketer always, putting out content filled with actionable tips.

This is also reflected in his online affiliate marketing course The Affiliate Lab.

How Does Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab Work and what are its pros & cons?

The Affiliate Lab is an online affiliate marketing course teaching you how to make money online using affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, every time you promote a third party product or service and someone makes a purchase using your affiliate links, you earn commission.

This course has been created having beginners in affiliate marketing in mind but it is also suitable for more experienced marketers as well.

Diggity teaches you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing covering topics ranging from how to build your first WordPress site to advanced SEO and link building strategies, email marketing and website flipping.

This is one of the most popular affiliate marketing courses out there and having taken the course myself, I can see why.

Not only do it students get results but also Matt Diggity is well respected in the fields of SEO and digital marketing.

You have probably heard of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. Diggity is the host of this conference.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab:


  • Matt Diggity talks the talk and walks the walk
  • The course is comprehensive and filled with actionable tips
  • Active, private support community to turn to when in need of help
  • The course gets regular updates
  • You get lifetime access, including updates, just with a single payment
  • Not salesy
  • No upsells
  • Students do get real results
  • Overall, positive course reviews


  • Additional investments in tools required
  • Assumes you will outsource content creation
  • Expensive to buy the course
  • 24+ hours of training can be time consuming
  • No money back guarantee

Next, you can learn more about the specific features Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab has to offer.

Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab Features & Benefits

Screenshot 2021 05 04 at 21.30.48

This course contains content on ranking, earning and flipping affiliate sites.

The main teachers are Matt Diggity himself and Jay Yap.

Let’s take a closer look into its features and how it can benefit you before you decide to invest in it.

Video Content

You get access to over 24 hours worth of video training.

We’re talking about 160 videos in total teaching you how to dominate Google and earn profit from your affiliate site.

Templates & Tools

You get to use 6 proven, plug and play templates and tools also, used by Diggity’s agency.

This allows you to leave the guess work behind when it comes to matters such as niche selection and link building.

Checklists & Standard Operating Procedures SOPs

Matt Diggity uses the exact same checklists and SOPs with his clients.

You get to use them too to rank your site on Google.

Exclusive Facebook Group

You gain access to the members only Facebook Group with more than 2100 members.

It is a very active group where you can ask any SEO related question you might have and received answers from your peers and Diggity himself.

The Modules

Here is what the modules cover:

The Affiliate Lab Core Training Modules

  1. Introduction
  2. Niche Selection
  3. Onsite SEO: Introduction
  4. Onsite SEO: Domains and Hosting
  5. Onsite SEO: Keyword Research
  6. Onsite SEO: Site Architecture
  7. Onsite SEO: Content Building
  8. Onsite SEO: Site Building (Single Page)
  9. Onsite SEO: Site Building (Site-Wide)
  10. Onsite SEO: Onsite Optimization
  11. Onsite SEO: Featured Snippets
  12. Onsite SEO: Affiliate Links
  13. Onsite SEO: CRO
  14. Onsite SEO: Website Maintenance
  15. Offsite SEO: Introduction
  16. Offsite SEO: Creating A Google Persona
  17. Offsite SEO: Social Fortress Creation
  18. Offsite SEO: Anchor Text Analysis
  19. Offsite SEO: Local Citations
  20. Offsite SEO: Social Signals
  21. Offsite SEO: The Bulletproof Backlink Strategy
  22. Offsite SEO: Optional PBN Linking
  23. Offsite: Tier 2 Link Building
  24. Technical Audits
  25. The Kitchen Sink
  26. The Medic Buster
  27. The Authority Site Module: Authority Module Introduction
  28. The Authority Site Module: Building Authority Sites
  29. The Authority Site Module: Backlinks for Authority Sites
  30. The Authority Site Module: What to do When you Hit Authority Mode
  31. The Authority Site Module: Authority Site Pitfalls
  32. The Authority Site Module: The Influencer Pitch: Building Real E-A-T
  33. What Next
  34. BONUS

Apart from the core training you also, get access to the following trainings:

  • Beginner’s Lab
  • Checklists & SOPs
  • Outreach Masterclass
  • Affiliate Email Marketing
  • The Affiliate Portfolio Playbook
  • The Truth About Penalties
  • Website Flipping Masterclass

How Much Does The Affiliate Lab Cost? Plus Discount Hack

The course costs $997.

Alternatively, you can make two payments of $597.

We’ve secured a link for you that you can use to get a $200 discount.

Refund Policy

There is no money back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with the course, you cannot get a refund.

We have been in contact with the course provide about this.

Their response was that there used to be a money back guarantee but they removed it as some students were exploiting it.

The Affiliate Lab Reviews

The Affiliate Lab students seem to be getting real results after taking the course.

Here are some examples that can be found on Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab sales page:

This student made $1,461 in 3 months.

Screenshot 2021 05 04 at 21.07.47

This guy’s traffic jumped from 430K a month to 4 million a month.

Screenshot 2021 05 04 at 21.09.23

This affiliate marketer crossed the $1000 profit mark in 7 months.

Screenshot 2021 05 04 at 21.11.16

The Affiliate Lab Alternatives

Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker Pro is like the big brother of the Authority Site System. While the latter is best for stage one authority sites that generate as much as $1,000 monthly, Authority Hacker Pro was made for individuals already in the authority site business.

Authority Hacker Pro helps people advance their already up and running websites, expanding upon their income and taking the site to its potential and beyond.

With Authority Hacker Pro, experienced site builders will learn about advanced techniques, including social media traffic, course creation, backlinks, and email marketing.

Check out how Sumit Bansal built a 5 figures per month Online Marketing Empire.

The course is currently closed, but you can sign up with your email for updates through the link above.

Commission Hero

Commission Hero is a three-step system that guides beginners with no experience to earning income on their authority sites. This course is very similar to the Authority Site System, which makes it an excellent alternative. It includes many of the same things: video content, text summaries, templates, and an engaging community.

It also costs exactly the same at $997, so there’s no loss there. However, there are some hidden fees for additional tools and options. Check out the site using the link in the heading above.

Udemy – Affiliate Marketing Course

Udemy offers another very popular affiliate marketing course made specifically for beginners. It covers the sector’s best practices from the ground up, steering individuals to success to generate an online income.

The course has tons of success stories and high ratings, and it only costs $59.99. This fee includes 3.5 hours of video, an article, downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion.

The above is only the beginner’s course for affiliate marketing; the site also has several other resources for purchase, including other specific courses and materials. Take a look at some of their offered courses at the link above.

Does The Affiliate Lab have a good reputation?

The Affiliate Lab has a proven track record of success.

They have a team of experts who are passionate about helping their clients succeed.

Affiliate Lab is also committed to transparency and regularly communicates with their clients to keep them up-to-date on their progress.

In addition, they offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their services.

Overall, Affiliate Lab has a great reputation.

Who is it for?

Tailoring recommendations based on your individual circumstances is a key focus of my review on Matt Diggity’s The Affiliate Lab.

beginner marketers

Suppose you’re a newcomer seeking a comprehensive foundation in affiliate marketing. In that case, Diggity’s course is a robust investment, covering everything from site building to advanced SEO.

experienced marketers

However, for seasoned marketers, the course’s insights into evolving strategies and the private support community’s active engagement make it equally valuable.

Consider the value of lifetime access and regular updates, allowing you to stay ahead.

Remember, while the course’s price might be considered an investment, its real-world results, as evidenced by my research, substantiate its worth.

What Next?

Hope you found my review on Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab useful and benefited from it.

It is a proven and tested affiliate marketing course teaching you how to rank, monetize and flip highly competitive affiliate sites.

Most students seem to be satisfied with their investment into this course and experience real results.

Do note that success doesn’t come overnight and hard work as well as commitment are required.

I have taken this course myself and consider it a comprehensive course created by one of the leaders in SEO and affiliate marketing. 

In my personal experience with The Affiliate Lab, I was impressed by Matt Diggity’s seamless blend of expertise and actionable strategies.

The course’s video content, which amounts to over 24 hours of comprehensive training, is not only rich in insights but also structured to guide learners through the intricacies of affiliate marketing.

I found his checklists and SOPs invaluable for ranking my site on Google effectively.

Moreover, the active Facebook community provided a supportive environment for seeking advice and clarifications directly from Diggity and peers.

If you’ve decided that this is the right course for you, get your $200 discount with this link.

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