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Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review 2024

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing


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Active Facebook group.

Pays attention to legalities.

Lifetime access.

No SEO training.

Additional costs.

Welcome to my Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing 2024 by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

Armed with a deep-rooted understanding of affiliate marketing, my expertise shapes this review of “Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing.”

With years of experience in the field, I discern the nuances that make or break a course.

My familiarity with industry trends and best practices enables me to critically analyze the course content, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

I spent 24+ hours researching about and actually completing the most popular affiliate marketing courses for making money online.

In this comprehensive review, I put myself in the shoes of a potential user to thoroughly assess “Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing.”

Through my extensive research, I delved into its features, benefits, and drawbacks from the perspective of someone seeking to enhance their affiliate marketing skills.

By examining the course’s structure, content, and user experience, I aimed to provide valuable insights for readers interested in enrolling.

This user-centric approach ensures that my evaluation resonates with those who are seeking a genuine and detailed understanding of what the course offers and how it aligns with their goals.

In this Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this e-learning package and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Review 2024

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

Who Are Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is a premium affiliate marketing course promising to turn your blog into an affiliate income machine.

The course has been created by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

She is a blogger from America reporting earnings in excess of $100,000 on a monthly basis.

Her award-winning blog, Making Sense of Cents, was created in 2011.

You can find her income reports up until December 2018 here. If you want to check out her more recent ones, click here.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Affiliate Marketing Course

Before buying an affiliate marketing course, you might want to consider the following.

Does the course get regularly updated?

If the materials taught in the course do not get updated on a regular basis, they will no longer be relevant.

In a fast-developing environment like that of affiliate marketing, relevance is key.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing doesn’t seem to get updated often.

How does Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing work and what are its pros & cons?

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner has been very successful running her own blog.

However, her course is overrated.

The lessons don’t go in depth, are not practical and there are significant gaps in the syllabus.

For example, keyword research, content writing, SEO and backlinking are not covered at all.

You are better off using free resources like these.

Let’s move on to the pros and cons of this course.


  • Active Facebook group
  • Does not teach dodgy marketing practices and pays attention to legalities
  • Lifetime access


  • Training doesn’t go deep enough
  • Rare course updates
  • Lack of practical tips and data
  • Mostly text-based lessons
  • No SEO training to learn how to generate free organic traffic although, there are lessons on how to generate traffic from social media such as Pinterest and Facebook
  • Additional costs related to products and services recommended like ConvertKit or Facebook ads spending
  • No lesson on site setup

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Features & Benefits

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Features & Benefits

Having personally engaged with “Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing,” I share my firsthand experience to provide an authentic perspective.

I’ve navigated through its modules, delved into its lessons, and actively participated in its community.

Through this immersive encounter, I’ve gauged its effectiveness, interactive elements, and practicality.

My review is a testament to my commitment to experiencing the course directly, equipping you with insights grounded in real interaction.

Here is what’s included in Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing:

  • 6 modules
  • 30+ lessons
  • Course workbook
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Bonuses

The course structure is easy to follow. The course is taught on Teachable.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

You can get the course for a one-off payment of $197 or two monthly payments of $105.

Lifetime access and future updates are included in the price.

A way to download Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing for free is to purchase the course and then request for a refund, if you decided it is not for you. I do not encourage this practice though.

On the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing checkout page, there is a section to add a coupon code and get a discount.

I have not found a valid coupon code though.

Refund Policy

There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

You are required to demonstrate that you completed the course and actually took action.

All you need to do to request the refund is to email

I have not come across any complaints about receiving a refund.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Reviews

Let’s move on to what other people say about Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

There are a couple of impressive reviews on the sales page but also some testimonials that were generic and did not state any income earned.

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Reviews
Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Reviews 2

I have also found some Reddit reviews of students that were not happy with the course stating that the information covered is common sense or can be found for free elsewhere.

Reddit reviews

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Alternatives

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is not a course I recommend.

Check out these better alternatives.

The Authority Site System By Authority Hacker

This is my top pick when it comes affiliate marketing courses.

You will learn to build profitable authority sites and drive free traffic from Google to earn commissions.

Get the course with a $750 discount here.

Or, check out my full Authority Hacker review here.

Commission Hero By Robby Blanchard

If you are interested in an affiliate marketing course focusing on paid traffic instead of free, organic traffic, you can check out Commission Hero.

Although, be aware of the need for a much bigger budget due to the payments required for Facebook Ads.

Check out my full Commission Hero review here.

Skillshare Affiliate Marketing

If you want a short and inexpensive intro in affiliate marketing, you can check out Skillshare affiliate marketing.

This is a premium course but you can get two weeks of premium for free with this link.

What Next?

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is not a course I can recommend.

It is very generic and lacks practical examples.

There are no lessons in site setup, content writing, SEO and backlinking that are essential elements in affiliate marketing.

You can check out other popular affiliate marketing courses here instead.

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