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How to make money online with MyLead? – affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

If you’ve ever wondered how influencers make money online, the answer is affiliate marketing.

They promote products and services to followers and get paid by advertisers when people use their recommendations. 

You don’t need thousands of followers or any investments to start making money on affiliate marketing.

All you need is a bit of time, goodwill, and the right affiliate network that will guide you through the process.

That’s where MyLead comes in.

Let’s take it step by step:

  1. You register at an affiliate network like MyLead.
  2. Choose a partner program you want to promote.
  3. Generate a unique affiliate link.
  4. Promote the link online.
  5. Then get paid when someone uses it!


How to find a perfect affiliate network?

Look into which company is being recognized by the community.

Our proposition is MyLead – an affiliate network operating on many international markets.

From 2014, when a couple of friends from Poland started this enterprise, MyLead’s mission was to help people online make money by affiliate marketing.

And it worked!

In 2021 MyLead was named one of the 50 quickest-developing technological companies in Central Europe by Deloitte for the second year in a row.

The company has grown by 1222% only in the year 2020.

Now, MyLead’s site is available in nine languages, including Spanish, and there’s no doubt there’s going to be more versions added soon.

The network offers all the knowledge and tools you could need, including a MyLead mobile app, plug-in, and many helpful tutorials. 

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Once you’ve registered at MyLead, there are over 3 000 offers for you to choose from.

You can promote brands like,, or Amazon Prime Video.

If you want to cooperate with a specific brand and it’s not available – reach out, and MyLead will do everything possible to get it for you.

Filter through categories, countries, and payment models to find offers that best suit your needs.

Find a niche

When choosing a partner program to promote, focus on finding a niche audience.

It’s a group of people who share a specific feature or interest. 

Think about what kind of groups you’re already a part of!

If you’re interested in any topic, from cryptocurrency to fashion, you will find an offer on MyLead to fit your needs.

Once you choose a category you like, it will be easier to consistently post new content and not get bored!


Once you’ve found your audience and chosen an appropriate partner program, start promoting!

The better you do, the more people will use your affiliate link, and you’ll make more money.

To help you reach that goal, MyLead has created many tools to help you run affiliate marketing campaigns as effectively as possible, and therefore, maximize your profits easier.

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Get the info!

You don’t need to have the professional knowledge to start making money with affiliate marketing. It’s just a matter of putting aside the time to read and learn. 

At MyLead, you’ll find a ton of helpful sources to make this process easier, like:

  • an blog with posts covering the most important aspects of affiliate programs promotions,
  • mentorship,
  • ebooks about the hottest affiliate marketing trends, 
  • a YouTube channel with interviews and tutorials that will help you understand every aspect of affiliate marketing.


At MyLead, you’ll find programs directed at people from all over the world.

If you want the user to be redirected to an offer in their language version, use SmartLink.

This tool combines programs directed at audiences from different countries.

This system recognizes the country and device of your users and adjusts the site’s language.  


There’s also an innovative tool called HideLink.

This one is beneficial when it comes to social media.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok – those are great platforms for promoting your affiliate links.

Unfortunately, it also comes with a risk of your posts being deleted by bots. 

To prevent that, use HideLink.

It’s a link cloaker that redirects bots to a particular site while getting real users to see your offer immediately.

Many people have to deal with losing a source of income by the works of bots on social media.

Don’t be one of them.

Content locker

If you own a website, a content locker is one of the tools that could help you monetize it with affiliate marketing. 

Have you ever found yourself reading an article and being stopped by a request to pay for a subscription if you want to keep going?

That’s a content locker.

It lets you block a particular part of your content until the user takes a specific action with your affiliate link.

You make money and the audience gets a premium part of your work. 

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Online reviews

MyLead has a wide selection of tools that have been appreciated by users.

If you want to make sure of that, read online reviews and find out previous clients’ opinions. 

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MyLead is a trustworthy and awarded affiliate network, so check out their website, if you want to learn more about making money through affiliate marketing. 

Register at the network, choose an offer, promote it and get money.

See you there!

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