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Link Whisper Review 2024

Link Whisper


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No JavaScript redirects.

Identifying and building internal links is automated.

Not expensive.

Sometimes you get link suggestions that are not relevant.

Welcome to my Link Whisper Review 2024.

I spent 24+ hours researching about Link Whisper WordPress plug-in for internal links that is one of the most popular internal link building tools available.

In this Link Whisper review, we’ll take a look at all the features and benefits of this software and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Link Whisper.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Link Whisper Review 2024

The Benefits Of Internal Links

Building internal links is often an underrated SEO strategy even though it plays a significant role in SEO rankings.

If you want to rank higher in Google, you should really invest in your internal link building methods.

You can use internal links to boost your posts and pages in the SERPS by passing the link juice.

The Problem Of Internal Link Building

You might be wondering why aren’t more people talking about internal link building.

Well, there has been no way to fully automate internal link building.

The most common manual method to identify internal linking opportunities is to go to Google and type “Site: “target keyword””.

This is known as the Google “site” command.

What you’ll get is a list of relevant posts.

At first glance, this method looks solid although, rather time consuming.

But you can run into the following issue.

Imagine I type the following in the Google search bar for an article in the affiliate marketing field:

Site: “affiliate marketing”

Google “site” command

Google then, recommends me these pages for internal links.

The issue is that my article might not be limited to affiliate marketing only. It might also cover:

  • Authority sites
  • Online marketing
  • Niche research
  • Site planning & building
  • Content creation
  • Link building

Each of these sub-sections could have relevant internal links but with my manual method, I cannot identify them. I would have to repeat the process for each sub-section.

If only there was a way to build smart, internal links easier.

Oh wait, there is!

Presenting Link Whisper

That’s where Link Whisper comes in.

It uses a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm to identify internal links to build for you.

This way identifying and building internal links can be automated.

It’s not an expensive tool, if you want to use its full functionality.

You can get it for:

  • $77 per year for a single site
  • $117 per year for three sites
  • $167 per year for 10 sites
link whisper price

Tip: At the moment of writing this article, if you pretend you are leaving their site, you’ll see an exit intent popup offering you $10 off !

link whisper discount coupon

So, can Link Whisper justify the price you have to pay for it?

Installing & Activating

Once you purchase your Link Whisper licence, you simply install the plugin and activate it by entering you licence key.

Whenever you work on a post or page, you will see the panel with the suggested internal links right below your post area.

link whisper panel

You can configure the settings. For example, you can use custom posts, set it to suggest links to post from the same category only or just use the default settings and let it scan the whole site.

It also shows you the parts of your post you could link from together with the recommended anchor text. These are the so called outbound internal links.

If you are not happy with the anchor text, you have the flexibility to edit it. You might want to make it shorter for example.

Moreover, if you don’t like the destination URL for a suggested internal link, you get presented with a list of alternative URLs to choose from.

Once you are happy, select the internal links you want to add and click on the Update Post button.

It is that simple.

Building Inbound Internal Links

At this point, we’ve covered outbound internal links.

But what if you have a post or page to which you want to build internal links?

These are your inbound internal links.

Simply go to the dashboard and click on Link Reports.

If you see there is a post with 0 inbound internal links, click on Add and you will get the link suggestions. Just select the ones you like and click on add links.

link whisper build inbound links

Ignore Links

If there are URLs you want Link Whisper to ignore and never build internal links to, you can ignore it in the Suggested Links panel or go to the main settings of the plugin and do it from there.

I personally, prefer the latter and have ignored links like my Earnings Disclaimer or Privacy Policy pages this way.

URL Changer

You might find yourself in a position where you decide to change your site’s structure.

Updating each internal link by hand would take ages.

Link Whisper has URL changer built in allowing you to change your links quickly and with no need for redirects.


With automatic linking you have the option to select the post you want to build links to and the relevant anchor text.

You also have to further options:

  1. Add link if post already has this link?
  2. Only link once per post

I assume you would want to go for option number 2.

As a result, for every inbound internal link you create using this feature, the same anchor text will be used.


The reporting dashboard is very user friendly.

Link whisper reports

Here are your menu options:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Links report
  3. Domains report
  4. Error report

The Dashboard provides you with an overview of your website’s overall linking structure.

link whisper linking structure

For example, 55% of the links on my site are internal so I’m doing a decent job retaining my link juice, but I could do better.

On the Dashboard, you will also find Links Stats. There is one metric in particular that I find very useful.

link whisper link stats

The number of orphaned posts. This refers to posts having no internal links pointing to them.

Orphaned posts are a waste of traffic opportunity but sometimes you just forget about them.

The Internal Links report provides you with a snapshot of your inbound internal links, outbound internal links and outbound external links.

link whisper internal links report

The Domains Report provides you with info about the domains you are linking out to, from and how often.

link whisper domains report

In the Error Report you can find any broken internal and external links. This could happen to anyone as affiliate programs shut down for example.

link whisper error report

Luckily, there are no errors on this site so my error report is blank.

Are The Link Suggestions Relevant?

Sometimes you get link suggestions that are not relevant.

Just make sure you scan them all to use only the ones that are relevant.

Is The Link Code Clean?

The code used is HTML. There are no JavaScript redirects so you don’t get into messy situations.

This is basically as good as building links manually.

Is It Compatible With Page Builders?

When installing a WordPress plugin, you need to check whether it is compatible with page builders like Elementor, Thrive Architect, WP Bakery, Beaver.

I use the WorPress Classic Editor and Elementor and had no issues with Link Whisper.

Will It Make Your Website Slow?

I have not experienced any page slow down after using LinkWhisper.

how does it compare against its competitors?

In a competitive landscape of internal link building tools, Link Whisper stands out as a game-changer.

Unlike its peers, Link Whisper’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm revolutionizes the way internal links are identified and automated.

This innovation not only enhances SEO rankings but also simplifies the entire process.

While similar tools might fall short in comprehensiveness, Link Whisper excels in covering a spectrum of topics within a single article.

Its ability to suggest relevant internal links across various sub-sections saves invaluable time, setting it apart from its competitors.

What Next?

Having personally integrated Link Whisper into my WordPress website, I’ve witnessed its transformative impact firsthand.

Over the past few months, I’ve experienced increased SEO rankings and smoother internal link management.

For instance, when crafting an article encompassing multiple sub-sections, Link Whisper’s NLP algorithm intuitively suggests relevant internal links, saving me hours of manual research.

Its user-friendly interface and prompt link suggestions have streamlined my content optimization process.

Link Whisper’s value becomes evident as I effortlessly build inbound internal links, fine-tune anchor texts, and manage URLs.

Grab it here.

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