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Selling online: how to sell a car more expensive

how to sell a car online for more

The maximum money for an old car is promised only by its independent sale.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of specialized Internet sites where you can publish your ad for free. But the car should be prepared for this.

To outline the scope of work before the upcoming sale, you need to look at the car as a buyer or client of a hiring company.

Of course, not a VIP rental car in Dubai (although, who knows, suddenly you sell a Bentley or a Ferrari), but in any case, before renting a car, in addition to prices and characteristics, you also look at its appearance, condition, mileage, etc., and then decide what to rent.

So here: knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your car, focus on the latter.

Let’s share a few simple tips on what can be done with the car so that it sells faster and at a higher price. 

how to sell a car online for more

  1. Body

First, the appearance.

Do not skimp on washing before showing the car.

Minor scratches and chips on the body are best tinted in advance with a special paint of the desired color.

Turbidity and microcracks on the paintwork, which appear with age on any car, can be removed with a polish (both colorless and matching the color).

And you can treat the car with it after washing and drying according to the instructions on the label on your own in an hour or two.

An inexpensive rubber blackener will refresh tires and a body kit made of unpainted plastic.

  1. Headlights, Lights, Wheels

Headlight polishing, which will be done in almost any service, will help to rid the optics of turbidity, adding shine and transparency to it.

On some machines, it makes sense to spend a small amount to clean up the worn discs.

Beautiful wheels often determine the attractiveness of the car and justify the price tag.

Also do not be too lazy to buy and install the missing caps with plugs that have been lost over the years of operation.

And, of course, replace all burned-out light bulbs with new ones.

  1. Salon

Throw out all rubbish from the passenger compartment and trunk.

Then thoroughly vacuum the floor covering down to hidden niches and hard-to-reach places under the pedals, along with the thresholds, and also under the seats.

Remove dust and dirt from the shelves on the front panel, center console, tunnel, and door pockets.

At a minimum, wipe down all plastics, sun visors, door handles, and steering wheel.

Treat leather seats with cleaner and conditioner.

The same goes for the fabric seat upholstery and door panels.


  1. Additional options

Do not hide the “gifts” made to the car during the years of marriage.

Inform the buyer that you will give the car a set of winter tires or wheels, as well as, for example, a roof rack.

Of course, you will include them in the price, but it is not necessary to talk about it.

If the future owner does not want to overpay for cool music or expensive tuning wheels, offer to give the car a little cheaper without them.

By selling these wheels separately, you can save a lot more money than by giving them all at once.

  1. Engine

The engine compartment should not be touched if the engine is not disfigured by drips of oil, antifreeze, and dirt adhering to them.

In most cases, it is enough to brush off the dust from it and make sure that the level of technical fluids in the tanks is normal.

Of course, you can wash it, but the result will be a lottery: it can result in malfunctions in the operation of car systems from water entering the electrics.

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  1. Hidden defects

Do not try to hide the obvious defects of the machine, a professional will notice them anyway.

However, no one forces you to specifically poke a finger at them.

Tell about how the car was operated, with what frequency and from whom it was serviced, where it was carefully stored, and how it was cherished.

A weighty argument in your favor will be a completed service book with records and seals about the timely passage of Technical Maintenance.

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