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Ezoic Review 2024



Our Score

User-friendly interface.

Clear reporting tools.

Integration with Google AdSense.

Some features require Ezoic premium.

Doesn’t support all ad networks.

Welcome to my Ezoic review 2024.

After spending over 24 hours researching end-to-end platforms for online publishers, I feel confident recommending Ezoic as a monetization solution.

In this Ezoic review, we’ll discuss the main features and benefits of this platform and see how it compares to other options.

I’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Ezoic.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Ezoic review 2024

What Is Ezoic, and What Does It Do?

Ezoic is a platform that allows you to test and improve ad placement to boost visibility without compromising user experience. 

Displaying ads on your website is one of the most popular monetization strategies for web publishers.

However, getting the most out of this monetization channel calls for a strategic approach.

It’s where Ezoic comes in.

The platform stands out thanks to its use of AI.

Signing up for the Ezoic ad program gives you access to AI-powered testing tools to optimize ad placement and other factors.

ezoic dashboard
Ezoic Dashboard

You can also access additional tools, including cloud hosting, video creation tools, webinars, educational resources, and a Core Web Vitals checker tool designed to support SEO and enhance UX.

Things to Consider Before Joining Ezoic

The average internet user sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads every day.

As a result, most users develop ad blindness.

Our eyes unconsciously avoid the spots where we expect to find paid content.

Optimizing ad placement can increase your blog ad revenue with more visible ads.

Ads can also get in the way of user experience.

They can slow down a site’s loading speed or even cover the content.

Ezoic can increase your ad revenue index by helping you find the right balance between making your ads more visible and not impeding the user experience.

Here are a few factors to consider before purchasing Ezoic.

SEO Impact

Ezoic understands that an optimal visitor experience sends positive signals to search engines. According to their case studies, new websites using Ezoic gained rank in organic search results.

Customer Support

Ezoic comprises a team of experienced, real-human customer support representatives to ensure an optimal user experience.

Page View Requirements

Ezoic offers separate monetization options for websites that obtain over and under 10,000 monthly page views.

How Does Ezoic Work, and What Are Its Pros & Cons?

ezoic ads
Ezoic Ads

Ezoic relies on AI-powered technology to analyze web pages and assess ad placement quality.

It also looks at other factors that affect your Web Core Vitals, including how fast a page loads, how interactive it is, and whether it’s visually stable.

Once you have an Ezoic login, you’ll be able to access automated testing tools to measure the performance of different ad placements with A/B testing.

It’s a convenient way to conduct testing on a large scale.


  • Ezoic improves the user experience
  • It makes ads more noticeable
  • Leverage automation to save time
  • Clear reporting tools and a user-friendly interface
  • Integration with Google AdSense and other major ad networks


  • Some features require Ezoic premium
  • Doesn’t support all ad networks

Features & Benefits

Let’s explore some of the most important features you’ll be able to access with your Ezoic publisher login.

Track Your Ad Revenue Index

Your Ezoic dashboard will give you real-time access to your blog ads revenue.

You can also access historical data and calculate your Ezoic ad revenue index over time.


Ezoic is a Google AdSense Certified Publishing Partner.

You can use Ezoic to display and measure results from Google AdSense ads on your site, but the platform supports additional advertising networks.

You’ll also have access to Ezoic’s 1,500+ advertising partners.

Is Google AdSense worth it? The answer is yes. It’s one of the most popular ad networks. However, Ezoic allows you to explore other options by automatically comparing bids between ad networks.

Ezoic Chrome Extension

Ezoic includes a convenient Chrome extension that allows you to drag and drop ads to test different placements.

It’s a great tool for editing your WordPress site or working with similar publishing platforms.

Reporting Tools

Ezoic gives you access to reporting tools to help you track ad revenue.

You’ll get a better idea of which pages have the highest ROI and what kind of content results in more ad clicks.

These insights can inform your publishing strategies in the future.

Testing Tools

The A/B testing platform is one of the most noteworthy features of Ezoic.

You can use an AI-powered testing platform to compare two ad placements or determine which ad network is more profitable.

Additional Features

Ezoic has other features worth mentioning:

  • You can use AI-powered tools like the Ezoic site speed accelerator to analyze the overall UX and improve your Web Core Vitals to boost your rankings in search results.
  • There is a broken link tool that finds links you need to update.
  • Ezoic includes a cloud hosting service to boost your site loading speed and improve your search engine rankings.
  • You’ll also have access to the Ezoic video ad network. You can display ads from this network or even create your own videos and promote your business via this network.
  • There is a content management tool to help you publish fresh content regularly.
  • You’ll also find a helpful tool for managing your SSL certificates and making your website more secure.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ezoic pricing varies from one plan to another:

  • Ezoic offers an ad-funded tier. It’s free, but Ezoic will keep revenues from one ad on each page.
  • There is a 10% revenue share where Ezoic keeps a percentage of your total ad revenue.

You can also purchase a $5.99 monthly subscription or a $49.99 annual plan to access additional features and educational content.

Some publishers have access to the premium and VIP tiers by invitation.

There is no information about the Ezoic price for these plans.

The Ezoic requirements for these tiers are unclear, but Ezoic likely invites publishers with a large audience.

You might be able to find deals during promotional events like the Ezoic customer week.

Try Ezoic!

Ezoic Reviews

This ad management platform has a rating of 3.8 stars based on close to 400 reviews on TrustPilot.

Positive reviews mention the fact that the dashboard is easy to use.

People like that Ezoic adds new features and say that the product is helping them save time and improve ad revenues.

Reviews also mention the great Ezoic support.

ezoic trustpilot positive review

Negative reviews mention the learning curve.

Becoming familiar with all the features takes time.

Some users also report noticing slow loading times after implementing Ezoic.

ezoic trustpilot negative review

On TrustRadius, Ezoic has received four reviews and has a score of 8.5.

Users say it’s an excellent tool for managing ads and improving revenues.

The main downside is that some features require a premium subscription.

ezoic trustradius positive review

Are There Any Alternatives?

There are a few Ezoic alternatives to consider.

Ezoic Vs AdSense

Google’s ad network is a popular option because it gives you access to millions of advertisers.

It’s free to join, but Google will keep a commission.

There are built-in tools to help you track results, but no ad placement optimization feature or site speed accelerator.

Is AdSense worth it?

Joining AdSense makes sense if you want to monetize a site or blog.

Ezoic isn’t better than AdSense since it has a different focus.

However, using Ezoic helps you get more out of AdSense by optimizing where you display AdSense ads.


AdButler is an alternative worth considering for publishers who want to expand their monetization opportunities.

This platform doesn’t have a feature designed to help you optimize ad placement, but you can manage ads from multiple networks.

You can also connect directly with advertisers instead of through an ad network.


MonetizeMore uses AI to help you find the highest bid between different ad networks and advertisers.

You’ll also get access to an analytics tool to track your revenues and compare how different networks perform.

MonetizeMore aims to help you earn more by displaying fewer ads.

Who Can Benefit From Using Ezoic?

There are many different use cases for implementing Ezoic:

  • Bloggers and other content creators can boost their ad revenues.
  • Online newspapers and magazines can monetize their content without making their articles hard to read.
  • Message boards and online communities can display a few ads to cover hosting costs.
  • Q&A sites can seek new monetization strategies.
  • Websites with educational or entertaining content can get better results with ad monetization.
  • Nonprofits can help cover hosting and other expenses by showing a few ads.

What Next? Ezoic Review

We hope this Ezoic review was helpful!

Ezoic is an interesting option for publishers.

It helps you manage several ad networks at once, and AI-powered tools select the most profitable ad every time.

You can also use the Ezoic ad index or Ezoic site speed accelerator tools to optimize your site and boost your SEO rankings.

The most noteworthy feature is the AI-powered ad placement tool that optimizes where your pages display ads to get more clicks.

Ezoic is an excellent addition to your toolkit if you want to monetize a blog or website.

This Ezoic access now link will help you learn more!

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