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The Biggest Sins In Customer Service To Avoid

Avoiding the Top Customer Service Mistakes: The Biggest Sins to Steer Clear Of

Companies and organizations work hard to provide excellent experiences and satisfaction to their customers.

This satisfaction or dissatisfaction results in a drive in or drive away of customers.

For that, customer services help build brand image and provide customer retention methods, prolonging customers and having them move onto loyal customers.

Customer service is all about having a presentable personality, problem-solving skills, patience, attentiveness, to give respect, and value to the customers. In the end, it is to deliver satisfaction to your customers.

One instance of customer servicing is, if you go online to do your billing on the Optimum customer service bill pay forum, you can contact the helpline 24/7 and get a fast solution to your problem, you do not have to wait for a reply on hours end and get late on your billing plus have further issues.

This is a prime example of why customer service is important and how does it help you retain customers and maintain a good word of mouth.

However, there are some deadly sins of customer services that are being faced by customers when looking for support.

These sins should be avoided to gain customers. Some are discussed here, and working on them leads to betterment in the performance and retention of customers on a longer term.

Elevating Customer Service: The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Customer Service

The Deadly Sins Of Cs


Customers are the priority when service is being offered.

Keeping them over anything and giving them attention is important.

Brush-off means to avoid or reject the customers and try not to be engaged in their questions.

Clearing and interacting with them to clear their misconception is not the priority.

The person as a service person makes no effort to make their customer satisfied, and shows a very negative attitude by not responding to the queries.

It creates a very bad impact on the customers; they become frustrated, arrogant and look for other alternatives.


The service person should be very presentable.

The polite behavior toward the customers makes them feel good and valued themselves.

The harsh, unwelcoming, and bad attitude toward customers makes them feel degraded.

The service person should make them feel that they are genuinely interested in what customers ask them for either the information or the services.

The coldness in the personality should be avoided.


Handling the customers rightly is the very primary requirement.

Each of us goes through ups and downs and so do the customers.

They should be treated so well with politeness and a nice attitude.

In customer service, the first impression works as the last one.

The attitude should be very convincing and it makes sure that the customers feel relaxed and better.

When the customer gets positive energy, they will radiate one that will work well for the customer service provider.


No one is interested in knowing what they cannot do.

What they are asking for, requesting, and are interested in knowing is not a valid question.

Rulebook throwing on the customers over their acceptable requests is a deadly sin, it makes you lose the customers.

The service person through their attitude delivers the message that the rules are the priority, more important than the customers.

Degrading the value of customers makes them think about the alternative.


Any problem, query, or misconception faced by the customer should be addressed in the very first place.

The runaround is about referring from one to another and then another for the issue.

No one is taking any serious steps to solve the problem but passing on the problem.

Making the customer confused as to whom they have to contact and delaying for no reason.

It makes them feel unwanted, unhappy, and frustrated.


Acting according to what they think customers need rather than actually knowing their customers, their needs, and wants.

It is the worst thing that could happen in customer service as it is for helping out the customers, ensuring to get back to them with what they need else it will lead to poor feedback and disappointment.


To fulfill the promise of customer service made to the customer is necessary.

If they are unable to do so, all the trust of the customer vanishes and it is the worst case.

They will never come back as well as will spread the bad mouth of words.

To avoid it, quality services should be provided and should deliver what they promise.

Robotic Behavior

Everyone out there seeks the proper attention of others.

One customer when paying for some services or presenting their information needs proper guidance and requires the option of the question back in-person conversation.

Robotic services do not satisfy people as humans themselves do.

All the instructions, guidance, and processes described by robotic systems gain very little attention from customers; it is one-way communication due to, which customers get uninterested very easily.

The service person as an individual should deal with an individual customer, and satisfy them to the fullest.

what next?

The biggest sin is referring to the problems and lacks faced between the customer services and the organization.

It should be avoided at any cost.

The customers should be the priority and should be respected and the problems faced by them must be solved in no time.

Respecting and making sure the customers are satisfied to the fullest is the key point.

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