Crabs In A Bucket Mentality – 6 Easy Ways To Escape

Crabs In A Bucket Theory

Imagine a bucket of crabs.

You are one of them, trying to escape.

What do the other crabs in the bucket do to you? They pull you down.

Instead of helping you climb from the pail, they grab your crab legs and pull you down.

None of the crabs can actually escape. Not unless, someone pulls one of the bucket.

What you just read about is a mentality called The Crabs In A Bucket Mentality.

According to the crab bucket theory, if you can’t have something, you believe that no one else should have it either.

Let’s Find Out More About The Crabs In A Bucket Mentality

Crabs In A Bucket Theory Explained

You have probably already figured out that this article is not really about crabs but about humans behaving like crabs.

Quite often, when you set a new goal and go for it, your peers keep you down instead of supporting you.

As a result, you feel discouraged and start believing that the goal you’ve set is not achievable.

Well, that’s not quite what is actually happening. The case is that your goal is probably achievable. It is the environment you set yourself in that is pulling you down, preventing you from achieving your goal.

The Reason Behind The Bucket Of Crabs Mentality

When you evolve for the better, it makes your peers wonder why aren’t they evolving as well?

Why aren’t they determined to achieve something better for themselves too?

Instead of looking deep into themselves to find the reason behind this, they choose to pull you down so that you don’t evolve either.

Deep inside, they don’t want you to grow and leave them behind.

For example, have you ever caught yourself feeling jealous of a friend of yours making more money than you or have you ever caught a friend of yours feeling jealous of you for buying a house instead of renting?

This is not just about actions. It is more about feelings that are triggered when another person is having a positive experience.

The good news is that it is never too late to change. You do need to be dedicated in the process though.

Here is what you need to do to escape from the crab bucket.

How To Escape From The Crabs In A Bucket Story

Be Prepared

Preparing yourself is the very first thing you need to do to escape from the crab bucket.

Get your mindset in line with your goal so that you keep going for it no matter what.

At times, you might feel lost in the process but there is no need to panic. Just stay focused on evolving for the better.

Reach Out To New Crabs

The next step is to remove the people that are holding you back from your life.

Go find new crabs that are motivating and supportive.

The old ones might no longer speak highly of you as you distance yourself from them however, do not let this get to you. Just ignore them.

Who knows, you might even get lucky and get contacted by old acquaintances looking to hang out with you. Be open minded and give them a chance. They might be in the same situation as you are.

Set A Clear, Achievable Goal

Now that you’ve made new friends who are a better fit for you, motivating you and encouraging you to evolve, it is time to set a clear, achievable goal and a plan of action.

Such a plan will be your guide. You will no longer be acting based on your instinct.

Remember, you want to get out of the bucket at this stage. Have you got a bucket list? What’s your next stop?

Get Out Of The Crab Bucket You Are In

Have you decided what your next stop is as it is time to escape from the crab bucket!

You are about to enter a new environment. Perhaps a new job or location.

Your surroundings play a key role in your decision making. For example, if you want to build a profitable online business from scratch but don’t know where to start from as you lack knowledge, you might abandon your plans.

By the way if this was your goal, you can read my article on Best Affiliate Marketing Course 2021 here.

Pick The Right Surroundings For You

If the environment you are in is not a good fit, you start feeling a lot of pressure.

You don’t want to be stuck with other crabs in a bucket that you dislike.

You need a change to reset and find yourself again.

Think about your personality and goals. Are you an introvert or more outgoing? Do you prefer a quiet or busier environment?

Find what is your natural match or even go wild and try something new. You might discover a side of you, you never knew it existed.

If you find out eventually that you are not happy there, you can always change again.

Toughen Up

People can be tough and cruel.

There is no point in trying to change them. It is just a waste of your time. Just acknowledge it and focus on your goals.

Treat such behavioural incidents as hiccups along the way to reaching your heart desires.

What Next? Crabs In A Bucket Escape

Hope you enjoyed my article on crabs in a bucket mentality and now have a clear plan to escape that bucket, move on and grow as a person.

If you are having an “I hate my job but I don’t know what to do” kind of moment, read this article I’ve written. I might have the right plan for you.

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