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5 Best Vlogging Platforms to Help You Succeed in Your Vlogging Career 2024

Best Overall



Any video length.

Most monetization options.

High competition.

Best For Short-term Content




Impressive insights.

Video length restrictions.

Best For Gaming

twitch logo


Free organic marketing.

Highly customizable.

Massive learning curve.

Have you been dreaming of turning your passion for video into a money-making machine? Or do you have an exciting lifestyle or hobby that would attract a major audience?

The first step to launching your rise to internet fame is choosing the site to host your videos on. We’ve rounded up 5 of the best vlogging platforms for you to consider. 

the Best Vlogging Platforms

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of vlogging platforms let’s get down to business with reviews of five popular options. 


Best Overall



When you think “vlogger,” there’s a good chance you’re thinking about your favorite YouTuber. That’s because the platform is the go-to video-sharing resource, as proven by the number of users: 73% of US adults and 90% of those aged 18-24.

YouTube’s adaptability and range of monetization options make it my top pick for most vloggers, particularly those thinking about making their channel a long-term commitment.


Best platform for long-form and evergreen content.

The ability to upload videos of any length and genre lets you experiment with your content.

Has the most monetization options, including AdSense, channel memberships, and Super Chat.

Features like the Community tab and comments section make it easier to engage with your audience.

Strong search algorithms benefit vloggers who invest in quality SEO.

In-depth channel performance metrics are available via YouTube Studio.

YouTube’s global reach can help you attract an international audience.

Allows higher resolution uploads, including 4K and 8K.

Integrate your channel with Google Ads and Google Analytics seamlessly.


Standing out can be tricky when 500 hours of new content are uploaded every minute.

Monetization and advanced features are locked until you reach a certain subscriber count.

Stringent copyright standards and a controversial copyright claim system.

Conquering the algorithm requires in-depth research and constant data analysis.


Best for Short-form Content



Once upon a time, Instagram was just a photo-sharing app. It’s since evolved into a multifunctional platform that welcomes all kinds of visual storytelling, including vlogging.

It’s ideal for vloggers interested in creating visually appealing, short-form content catered to a younger audience of tech-savvy scrollers.


A user-friendly interface makes every step of the vlogging process, from recording to data analytics, intuitive.

Stories and Reels are excellent for sharing short, highly engaging videos.

Features like polls and questions in Stories let your audience interact with your content in real time.

Instagram filters and editing tools appeal to Gen Z aesthetics.

Built-in shopping features allow you to sell products from within your video content.

Offers impressive insights for business accounts that let you track the metrics that matter most.

Hashtags create niche communities that let you quickly find and connect with your target audience.

Different content types allow you to make your profile multi-dimensional and exciting.


Shorter video length restrictions limit your ability to create in-depth content.

Instagram Video allows for longer videos but hasn’t gained much traction.

Fewer monetization options, with content creators primarily relying on brand partnerships and sponsorships.

The algorithm favors engagement over content quality, making visibility a constant battle.

Different content types allow you to make your profile multi-dimensional and exciting.


Best for Gaming

twitch logo


Twitch is the go-to platform for gaming and esports live streaming. However, it’s recently grown to host more lifestyle and educational content. 

The platform specializes in real-time viewer interaction, making it perfect for hanging out with your online audience to increase their loyalty to your channel. 

It’s best for creators who are comfortable with long-form content and have the technical know-how to create streaming setups. 


A community-focused platform that offers many ways to interact with your audience.

Viewers can subscribe to your channel for a monthly fee, letting you generate a more predictable income.

Donations reward you for streaming more often.

If something shareable happens during your live stream, viewers can clip that section, which means free organic marketing for your channel.

More diverse categories like “Just Chatting” have opened doors for a new generation of vloggers.

Live chats during streaming make audience interaction instantaneous.

Highly customizable, which stokes brand loyalty and increases the sense of community.

Twitch allows for long-form content so you can dive as deep as you’d like on the topics you’re discussing.

Twitch allows for long-form content so you can dive as deep as you’d like on the topics you’re discussing.


There is a massive learning curve for newcomers who don’t know how to manage a live stream.

You have less control over whether your channel appears in search.

Subscriptions and donations can make your income irregular and unpredictable.

While great for engagement, the live chat feature can also attract trolls and negative comments.




TikTok rewards spontaneity and creativity, making it ideal for vloggers who want to experiment with their content. 

Go for TikTok if you’re into short-form content and looking to capture the Gen Z market. Just be prepared to keep up with what’s trending on the For You Page and manage a fast-paced posting schedule.


The platform’s interface and features encourage interaction through content like duets and challenges, making it easier to go viral.

Shoot, edit, and post content all within the app. No additional software is needed.

Unlike other platforms, even accounts with zero followers can get thousands of views thanks to the AI-driven discovery algorithm.

There are tons of filters and effects at your fingertips.

Short, captivating videos make content creation quicker.

Use TikTok Live to get gifts from your audience that you can turn into cash.

Earn 2-4 cents per 1,000 views with the TikTok Creator Fund.


Videos must be 3 minutes or less, limiting content depth and interrupting the narrative flow.

The significant skew toward younger demographics defines the types of topics you can cover and still successfully generate an audience.

It’s hard to go viral when everyone around you is also trying to.

Creating a long-term content strategy is challenging because trends change so quickly.

5.Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers a more professional and in-depth approach to vlogging than Instagram and TikTok, but its algorithm and user interface can be tough to learn. 

It’s best as a tool for businesses and individuals to boost brand awareness and foster community amongst a pre-existing fanbase rather than one to generate new fans. 


Supports up to 1080p video.

Your existing Facebook friends or page followers automatically get a notification when you go live.

Viewers can share your live streams to increase your reach.

Facebook’s diverse user base allows you to target different age groups and interests.

Schedule live videos in advance to give your audience a heads-up and create hype.

Various ways to monetize include in-stream ads and fan subscriptions.

The video remains on your timeline after the stream so they can continue to generate engagement.


Live content gets buried in the news feed, reducing visibility.

Skews towards an older demographic, which limits the types of content you can cover.

High-quality streaming requires a lot of bandwidth, so you’ll need a fast internet package.

The streaming dashboard has a learning curve compared to other platforms.

How to Choose the Best Vlogging Platform

Before you take the vlogging community by storm, you have to jump the hurdle of picking the best vlogging platform.

I know choosing can be overwhelming, so let’s break it down into some of the key things to look out for before you decide. 

What Are Your Vlogging Goals?

Start by asking yourself, “Where do I want my vlogging career to be in a year?”

Two of the most common vlogging goals are monetization and community building.

Platforms like YouTube offer multiple monetization options, like ad revenue and channel memberships. When I first started, I focused my efforts on this platform because I wanted to get my income in order as quickly as possible. 

If you’re leaning more towards building a community, Twitch’s subscriber model rewards and encourages user engagement and channel loyalty. 

Who Is Your Audience?

The next question is, “Who am I trying to reach?” Different audiences use different platforms, with age being one of the most significant deciding factors. 

For example, the majority of users on Twitch (50%), TikTok (39%), and Instagram (33%) are between 18-29.

Facebook, on the other hand, tends to skew older. Twenty-eight percent of their users are 30-39, and 29% are 50-64.

YouTube has one of the most evenly distributed audiences across age bands, with 28% from 18-29, 27% from 30-39, 20% from 40-49, and 25% from 50-59.

What Features Do You Need?

I can’t stress enough how having the right features can make your vlogging experience much more manageable. 

I’m a fan of YouTube’s in-depth analytics, and I use that data to shape my short-term and long-term strategy based on what my audience tends to favor. 

However, it’s a lot of extra work, and I often feel pressured to make videos about what will make me more money instead of what I want to talk about. 

TikTok and Instagram are the way to go if you’re more concerned with aesthetics and immediate viewer engagement. They have built-in filters, stickers, and video editing programs that make cooking up short-form content much more straightforward. 

How Tech Savvy Are You?

I remember spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to work YouTube’s Creator Studio when I first started. It was exhausting, and it took some real dedication to watching or reading online tutorials to hit my stride. 

The same goes for Twitch. Streaming setups are much more complicated beyond learning how to operate OBS. How are you going to soundproof your streaming area? Who are you going to have onboard to moderate chat?

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are much more intuitive, with easy-to-navigate dashboards that let you get your content up quickly. 

What Types of Content Do Best on Each Platform?

Doing cooking videos on Twitch certainly wasn’t my brightest idea. 

But you can save yourself the embarrassment of having 50 people watch you frantically wave a cookbook at your fire alarm by learning what types of content belong on which platform.

YouTube: Educational and Evergreen

YouTube is the go-to content platform with a longer shelf life, like tutorials, documentaries, deep dives, and in-depth product reviews. 

In the first quarter of 2023, tutorials and how-tos dominated 25.9% of the most popular video content types, while educational videos (25.6%) and product review videos (24.7%) weren’t far behind. 

Instagram: Lifestyle and Beauty

If you’re into the idea of sharing snippets of your life or beauty routine through short-form content, Instagram is the way to go. 

The powerful hashtag functions help your content land in front of the people who want to see it most. Similarly, Stories, Reels, and Instagram Video let you share affiliate links to get the kickback cash from your loyal followers. 

Twitch: Live Streaming and Gaming

Twitch started as a platform for gaming streams, and while that is still the dominant content, it is an excellent option if you want to do any live streaming. 

I’ve participated in many memorable streams as an audience member, from helping one of my favorite beauty vloggers choose her OOTD to watching artists take chat requests for quick drawings. 

TikTok: Trends and Viral Content

With the death of Vine, audiences were left yearning for easy-to-consume, infinitely shareable content. 

Fortunately, TikTok arrived to scratch that itch, delivering short, catchy videos that we can’t help but send to our friends. 

Facebook Live: Community Engagement and Discussions

Facebook supports long-form and streaming content, like Q&A sessions and community discussions, while keeping audiences engaged in real-time. 

If you already have a fanbase, Facebook Live is a great way to reward their loyalty with a more personal vlogging experience.

What Next?

After looking at the features and audiences of some of the most popular vlogging platforms, it’s clear that YouTube is the best overall choice.

With features like streaming and Stories, YouTube doesn’t limit the type of content you can produce. You’re free to create short-form videos like TikTok or Instagram and long-form content, similar to what Facebook Live and Twitch specialize in. 

Its age demographics are also broader, making it a more universal platform for reaching a broad audience. 

Monetization is another area where YouTube shines. Unlike other platforms with more limited options for earning revenue, YouTube offers multiple avenues for making money, including AdSense, Super Chat, and channel memberships. 

It’s one of the features I love the most because it gives me confidence in my channel’s long-term financial sustainability.

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