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best office chair for sciatica 2023

Our Pick
Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair
9/10Our Score
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Back in motion technology
  • Performance features
  • Great for work or play
  • Versatile and mobile

Best Office Chair For Sciatica | Sciatica Remedy

While back pain comes in all shapes and sizes, sciatica is in a league all of its own.

Usually caused by a herniated disk, the most common symptom of sciatica is pain that radiates down the longest nerve in our bodies: the sciatic nerve.

The pain can range from mild to severe, and some day-to-day tasks can inflame your sciatica—such as sitting in an office chair that doesn’t offer proper support. 

It probably doesn’t help that most entrepreneurs end up working longer hours anyway.

If you’re going to spend eight or ten hours in the same chair, you want to make sure it’s one that won’t leave you in crippling pain the next day.

That’s where I can help—rather than gamble on a risky purchase, I’ve highlighted the best office chair for sciatica below. 

Best Office Chair for Sciatica

Features to Look for in an Office Chair for Sciatica

While you’re on the hunt for an office chair that won’t agitate your sciatica pain, you’ll probably be bombarded with a ton of different features.

From adjustable armrests to rubber wheels, it’s difficult to know what you should pay attention to (and what won’t matter).

When it comes to features that will play a role in your sciatic pain, you’ll want to be on the lookout for these: 

Lumbar Support is Key

Of all the features you’ll come across, lumbar support might just be the most crucial.

You probably already know that sciatica often begins in the lumbar spine before it branches out to your hip and down your thigh. 

If you can adequately support your lumbar spine, you can prevent a damaged disk from putting unnecessary pressure on that sciatic nerve.

Great lumbar support might not be able to cure your sciatica, but it’s vital in preventing a flare-up. 

In an office chair, lumbar support is usually included in the backrest, or with a separate cushion that cradles your lower back. 

Either way, you’ll notice that most office chairs offer three different types of lumbar support: 

  • Fixed: This type of lumbar support is non-adjustable, so you’re stuck with whatever position or height it comes in. 
  • Adjustable: Adjustable lumbar support allows you to vertically, or sometimes horizontally, adjust the backrest to better support your lower back. These backrests often look curved. 
  • Dynamic: Dynamic support does all the work for you. Whenever you sit down, the backrest conforms to the natural curvature of your spine. 

Everyone may have their own preference for lumbar support, but if you’re looking to deal with sciatica, you’ll probably want to go with adjustable or dynamic support.

That way, you can adjust the backrest as needed. 


While adjusting the lumbar support might be one of the most important features on your chair, it might not be the only component you want to adjust.

Preventing back pain and pressure on the sciatic nerve also means adopting good posture, which might not come naturally in an office chair. 

Maintaining good posture often means keeping your feet on the floor, keeping your forearms parallel to the ground, and relaxing the shoulders.

Some chairs might be too tall for your feet to touch the ground or the armrests might force your arms into an awkward angle. 

However, if you can adjust different aspects of your office chair, you’ll be one step closer to keeping your sciatica at bay. 


The lifespan of your office chair won’t affect your sciatica, but it could determine whether the chair is worth buying.

You might find a chair that checks every box, but if it doesn’t last more than a few months, it might not be worth pulling out your credit card. 

To gauge durability, try looking for chairs that use metal or chrome bases, rubber wheels over plastic, and have high-quality frames. 

Other Sitting Tips for Managing Sciatica

The perfect chair can only do so much.

Before you spend eight hours slumped over a computer screen, consider using some of these other sitting tips for sciatica pain: 

  • Stay close to your work. If you find yourself leaning forward just to reach your monitor or keyboard, you’re probably too far away. Since hunching over can cause more pressure on your sciatic nerve, you’ll want to keep your work close enough that your back still touches the backrest.
  • Don’t forget to take frequent breaks. Even if your posture is perfect, you’ll still want to stand up and stretch every once and awhile. Just ten minutes away from your monitor can do wonders for keeping your spine and posture in check. However, moving from the sitting position to standing can also irritate sciatica, so you’ll want to be careful about how you go about it. Rather than bending at your waist, try straightening your legs from the front of the seat. 
  • Use those wheels. Twisting and turning isn’t always a good idea for your lower back. Many office chairs have wheels, which can do the turning for you. 

Our Favorite Office Chairs for Sciatica

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about some of the best office chairs for sciatica pain: 

The HON Company Mesh Computer Chair

The HON Company Mesh Computer Chair
9.3/10Our Score
  • Breathable mesh computer chair
  • Fully adjustable
  • Ergonomic adjustments
  • On the move
  • Basic trouble shooting

With a seamless design, the appearance of the HON Company Mesh Computer Chair might appeal to you, but it’s not this chair’s best feature.

More than just look pretty, this chair is highly adjustable.

You can change the height of the backrest as well as the recline of the chair.

For managing sciatica, adjusting the backrest will help you make sure the seat is hitting the right part of your lumbar spine. 

Not to mention, if other people use the same chair, they can make their own adjustments.

The armrests also adjust vertically and horizontally, so keeping your forearms parallel to the ground (and keeping the right posture) is a breeze. 


  • Uses breathable mesh material 
  • Easy to adjust 
  • The seat cushion moves forward or backward
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t come with a headrest cushion
  • The chair might be better suited for taller people

Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Our Pick
Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair
9/10Our Score
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Back in motion technology
  • Performance features
  • Great for work or play
  • Versatile and mobile

While many chairs claim to be adjustable, not all of them are easy to adjust. An adjustable chair won’t do you much good if you can’t operate the levers or locks.

Luckily, the Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair moves away from complicated levers by using buttons instead.

While you can still operate the pedals on the bottom for moving the backrest, moving the armrests is as simple as hitting a button. 

If you’re used to naturally slumping forward, this chair has Back in Motion Seat technology that tilts forward to keep you in the correct posture and promotes spinal flexibility.

For someone who has sciatica but struggles to maintain the right posture, this office chair does all the work for you. 


  • Uses buttons to adjust the armrests
  • Cushioned seat and backrest may be more comfortable than mesh chairs
  • The chair tilts forward to meet your spine
  • Uses padded armrests


  • The material might not stay as breathable or cool throughout the day
  • Might not work as well for people who are extremely tall

Serta Big and Tall Layers Executive Office Chair

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair
8.8/10Our Score
  • Lumbar support
  • Elite 5-layer cushioning system
  • Strong and sturdy
  • A great fit
  • A stylish addition

Not all chairs are designed for big and tall people.

Even if an office chair has great lumbar support, it might not be adjustable enough for a tall person to get it in the right position.

Fortunately, the Serta Big and Tall Layers Executive Office Chair might be the answer. 

By supporting up to four hundred pounds and allowing more room for tall people to stretch out, this product goes above and beyond.

The backrest also uses Smart Layers foam, which should support your lumbar spine as you work. 


  • Designed for big and tall people
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Uses supportive foam
  • More durable 


  • Might be too spacious for short people
  • Not as lightweight

Serta Executive Adjustable Layered Office Chair

Serta Executive Adjustable Layered Office Chair
9/10Our Score
  • Contoured lumbar zone
  • Premium cushioning
  • Waterfall seat edge
  • Executive style
  • Fully adjustable

While many office chairs have curved backrests for your spine, not many of them also include supportive contours like the Serta Executive Adjustable Layered Office Chair.

As long as you adjust it correctly, the contoured backrest should fit against your lumbar spine like a missing puzzle piece. 

Not to mention, the seat edge should help lessen any pressure on the back of your legs.

If you’re already struggling with sciatic pain, this chair won’t add to the pressure. 


  • Tilt-tension knob makes it easy to adjust
  • Uses a waterfall seat edge 
  • Comfortable leather material
  • Includes padded armrests


  • The leather cushion might feel hot or sweaty after a long day
  • The leather may begin to peel after regular use

Serta Executive Gaming Office Chair

Serta Executive Gaming Office Chair
9.1/10Our Score
  • Professional and comfortable
  • Air lumbar technology
  • Executive style
  • All day comfort
  • Smooth rolling

Gamers can spend entire days engrossed in a video game, so it’s safe to say the Serta Executive Gaming Office Chair should be comfortable enough for a single workday.

The lumbar support is also contoured on this chair and should fit your spine snugly. 

If you’re worried about staying cool or the leather becoming uncomfortable, the chair also features mesh inserts that maintain breathability.

While the pillow headrest can help reduce strain in the neck, the seat edge should keep unnecessary pressure off your thighs and lower legs. 


  • High-quality, supportive cushioning 
  • Wheels shouldn’t scuff your flooring
  • Easy to adjust while you’re sitting down
  • Uses mesh inserts


  • Only supports up to 250 pounds 
  • The vinyl on this chair may not be as durable as some other options 

what next? Best Office Chair for Sciatica

We can’t deliver an office chair that cures sciatica, but the options above may help you manage the condition easier in day-to-day life.

Each option has plenty of pros and cons, but to name the best office chair for sciatica, our pick has to be the Serta Ergonomic Executive Office Chair.

Not only is it highly adjustable, but it also ensures that making those adjustments is simple. 

The Back in Motion technology can also help combat flare-ups that occur from too much slumping or hunching over.

However, everyone’s needs are different, so feel free to check out any of the high-quality options above.

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