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5 Best AI Writing Software for Bloggers and Content Creators 2024

Based On Comprehensive Analysis And Evaluation Spanning More Than 150 Hours

In this guide, we will be sharing with you our top picks for the best AI software available online.

Our recommendations are based on over 150 hours of research, testing, and purchasing various AI software.

We have also taken into account feedback from real users to ensure that our selections are of the highest quality.

Without further ado, here are the best ai software that we have reviewed…

Best AI Writing Software 2024

Best Overall

jasper ai logo

Great user experience.

Easy to use.

Not always accurate.

Best For Copywriting logo


No credit limits.

Simple & straightforward.

Subpar long-from content.

Best For SEO


INK Editor

Excellent customer service.

Simple to use.

Need time to learn it.

The Best AI Writing Software for Bloggers and Content Creators

In today’s world, companies prioritize content quality and speed.

They have a content-first mentality, and it’s all about the quality of the material and its velocity.

Around seven million blog entries are created each day, according to estimates.

It’s critical for businesses to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to employing AI writing software in such a huge volume.

You may use machine learning to start typing and then rely on AI to complete your documents, check your grammar, and create error-free sentences with these tools.

In reality, the majority of this post was produced with AI writing software called

What is the Best AI Writing Software of 2024?

Here are my top recommendations for using AI writing software this year:

Best Overall

jasper ai logo is a platform that uses AI to help you write better content.

With, you can do a lot of things to improve your content writing.

You may use Jasper to create long-form content that is automatically generated to match the tone of your other writings.

Simply start typing and Jasper will finish your phrases for you with the Jasper Command.

With good punctuation, capitalization, and syntax, the procedure is fully automated and works effectively.

Read the full Jasper Ai Review here.


Jasper uses sophisticated AI to match essential components in your writing to the ideal examples from over one million quotations in the Jasper database.

The results are quite stunning, and Jasper can really bring your writing to life.

Jaspers is designed to work with any sort of writing, including creative writing, business papers, articles, and even poetry.

The platform offers a wide range of features to help you write better content, including:

  • AI Assistance: offers AI assistance to help you write better content. The platform’s AI capabilities will help you check your grammar, create error-free sentences, and improve your overall writing.
  • Content Creation: also offers a content creation tool that can help you create better content. With this tool, you can create blogs, articles, eBooks, and more.
  • Content Editing: also offers a content editing tool that can help you edit your content. With this tool, you can edit your content for grammar, style, and more.
  • Content Research: also offers a content research tool that can help you research your topic. With this tool, you can research your topic for keywords, competitor analysis, and more.

User Experience

The platform has a great user experience.

The platform is easy to use.

You can easily sign up for an account and get started.

The user interface is clean and easy to navigate.

With the capacity to use a variety of templates to create projects like case studies, and ebooks, Jasper provides a fantastic user experience.

You may also get a crash course in software usage by watching numerous training videos.

Boss Mode also delivers a fantastic experience when it comes to content production, allowing you to take complete control of the content creation process and create longer AI text documents.

Pricing offers a variety of pricing plans to meet your needs.

The platform offers a starter plan, and boss mode plan.

The starter plan starts at $29 per month, and the boss mode plan at $59 per month.

The Starter plan includes the essential feature set, 20,000 words each month, and the option to develop 50+ skills including descriptions, headlines, and biographies.

With Boss Mode you get full access to all essential features without any limits.

You may also write twice as fast and gain command over the AI by means of Jasper Command, which allows you to tell it to create precisely what you want.

Overall is a great AI writing software for bloggers and content creators.

The platform offers a wide range of features to help you write better content, including AI assistance, content creation, content editing, and content research.

The platform also has a great user experience. is easy to use and has a clean and easy to navigate user interface.

The platform offers affordable pricing plans. is a great AI writing software for bloggers and content creators.


Offers a great user experience.

Easy to use.

Clean and easy to navigate user interface.

Affordable pricing plans.

Includes essential features.


Not always accurate.

Takes time to learn the templates.


Best For Copywriting logo


CopyAI is a AI copywriting tool that allows you to produce content and copy with all the creativity you need.

This software is meant to assist you in creating creative and effective text.

Select the sort of copy you’d want to write, explain your product, and away you go — CopyAI will present you a range of templates for getting started.

The tool may also be used to help you develop your writing abilities by practicing with various copywriting questions.

Whether you’re stumped for inspiration or just want to up your game, CopyAI is the ideal solution!


You may use CopyAI to generate words that are appropriate for a wide range of applications, whether you’re creating sales copy that converts or simply would like to give your personality a voice more effectively.

CopyAI offers the following features:

  • Create ad copy that converts.
  • Create blog material and ideas for articles.
  • Create headlines for your website quickly and easily.
  • Create content in 25+ languages with artificial intelligence.
  • Use attractive subject lines to market your items, services, and brand, increasing the open rates of your emails.

User Experience

You may get a well-written product description in seconds by filling out just a few basic details, such as the name of your product, a description of your product, and so on.

You may also control the tone of your description, whether it’s serious, amusing, or somewhere in between.


With a free plan that is ideal for experimenting, there are then these two premium choices:

  • Pro: It costs $35 per month (billed yearly) and is ideal for businesses with limited resources.
  • Enterprise: Teams with 10 or more members can benefit from this plan. They offer a unique quotation on request for bigger groups.


The purpose of CopyAI is to assist you in producing creative and successful copy. I

t can be used to come up with ideas for blog entries, headlines, digital advertising, and more.

Not only that, but the A.I.-powered content engine can generate material in more than 25 different languages.


Ideal for drafting, outlining, and brainstorming.

You may use your credits as often as you like because there are no limits on them.

The first draft wizard is simple and straightforward to use.


Investments in tools and services.

Long-form content has a lot of room for improvement.

3.INK Editor

Best For SEO


INK Editor

INK Editor is an editor keeping you free from distractions that combines AI co-writing and an SEO assistant. 

As an SEO Assistant, it helps you develop content that will help you rank higher in search engine results and increase organic traffic.

That’s because its proprietary AI technology analyzes your material in real time and makes improvements to your INK SEO Score.

So, the higher your content’s score is, the more likely it is to rank in search engines.

In fact, according to a research, content with an INK SEO Score of 97% or higher is at least four times more likely to get ranked on Google.

Meanwhile, AI Co-Writing is beneficial for producing high-performing marketing copy.

The co-writing feature, powered by AI, allows users to compose, expand, rewrite, or simplify sentences.

That being said, this AI writing software provides a number of other useful features.


The INK Editor also includes AI-writing assistants such as AI-Writing, AI-Simplifying, and AI-Expanding.

It does a lot more than just generate fresh material though.

INK has a variety of additional tools to help you be more visible with your content and improve the quality of your writing experience.

This software has the following features that you need to know about:

  • Meta optimization. 
  • Spelling and grammatical help are provided.
  • Simple interface.
  • Compression and resizing of photos.
  • Analysis of emotions.
  • WordPress integration. 
  • Modes of accessibility — dyslexia and color blindness
  • Content readability score. 
  • Topic recommendations.

User Experience

INK integrates with Google Chrome so you may access the AI writing software wherever you wish to work, and it will be ready to go.

It provides a fantastic user experience because it is very easy to use.

Simply input what you need assistance with, and the program will provide you with options.

There are also times when you just pick a different option than what you’ve written, and the program will automatically replace it for you.


INK offers three distinct pricing plans:

  • Starter: $8.80 monthly
  • Pro SEO: $44 monthly
  • Team SEO Unlimited: $177 monthly


This software is excellent for bloggers and content creators who wish to improve their SEO ranking.

It’s also great for those who want help with writing material and don’t mind a little AI assistance.

If you’re looking for an AI writing software that will help you with SEO and producing high-quality content, then INK Editor is the best option for you.


It’s perfect for producing SEO-related material since it has a thesaurus and synonym finder..

When you’re having trouble using the program, excellent customer service can assist.

It’s simple to use and navigate.


The captions may become choppy and incorrect at times.

It might take time to figure out how to utilize all of the capabilities.


wordtune logo


One of the few AI programs that attempt to comprehend the overall context and meaning of what you write is Wordtune.

It’s an AI-generated rephrasing of sentences that was created by AI21 Labs and employs a variety of language models to do so.

You can use Wordtune to enhance the appeal of your material, make it more interesting and engaging, and make it more consumable.

To help you get there, the service employs cutting-edge NLP technology coupled with conventional AI technologies.

It converts the material you’ve created into a more fluid and understandable version.

Instead of merely looking for grammatical errors, it focuses on improving the readability of the text.


Wordtune helps you create great-sounding sentences while also maintaining the actual meaning.

It offers you with a variety of alternative options for each sentence that you need to rewrite.

The following are some of the other features Wordtune includes in addition to the ones listed above:

  • A cloud-based solution that is entirely online.
  • Smart paste tool.
  • It works with all editing and email applications.
  • Rewrites based on semantic analysis.
  • You have total control over sentence length and style.
  • Real-time suggestions based on the Thesaurus.
  • Word finder that works in a variety of languages.
  • Social media sites and business tools are easily integrated.

User Experience

Its menu has a pleasant style and comes with functions such as sentence rephrasing, grammar, and style.

It’s as simple as clicking a button to have the software present you with a variety of alternative options.

Many of the suggested modifications are excellent and provide you with other possibilities to express what you want to say.


Wordtune has three pricing levels.

Everyone may use the free plan without charge or registration.

You may upgrade to the Premium paid plans if you want additional features.

  1. Free
  • Suggestions
  • Rewrites
  • Chrome add-on
  1. Premium at $9.99 per month
  • Advanced rewrites
  • Advanced suggestions
  • Length and formality controllers
  • Word Finder
  1. Premium for Teams
  • Everything in Premium plus
  • Team billing available
  • Custom pricing quotes


Wordtune lets you to construct what you want to say and then, using the power of artificial intelligence, alter it based on the environment and tone you’re in.

Whether you want to communicate in a business-like tone or just chat informally, I recommend that you use Wordtune to enhance your online communication.


The program understands the tone you want to achieve and offers excellent recommendations.

The rephrasing function is excellent for coming up with new ways to express oneself.

Wordtune is a fantastic software for people who have trouble expressing themselves in writing.


You must turn it off unless you want to burn through your credits when it isn’t in use.

At times, the Chrome extension may be buggy.


grammarly logo


Grammarly was founded in 2009 and has positioned itself as the market leader in grammar and spelling correction.

It is the tallest because you may correct spelling and grammar as well as notice contextual mistakes, which will help you enhance your writing abilities.

It allows you to check in several languages, including Australian, American, and British English.

The tool also includes plagiarism detection and suggestions for how to enhance the quality of your text.

One of the features of Grammarly that I find appealing is that it comes with a simple browser plugin.

After you’ve installed it, you can use Grammarly to validate your writing while composing emails and creating Google documents.

Detailed checking makes the writing process more streamline.

With the Grammarly add-on, you’ll never be caught off guard by spelling, punctuation, or other writing flaws.

The interface and error messages are also very user-friendly, adding to the appeal.


Grammarly analyzes your text using sophisticated AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods.

Using the writing assistant tool, which detects and remedies grammatical and stylistic flaws in your work, you may improve your text’s brevity, clarity, and comprehensibility.

Grammarly’s features include the following:

  • Checking for errors in grammar, spelling, and context.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Checker for plagiarism.
  • Content quality score.
  • Most company apps are simple to connect with.
  • Secure browser add on.
  • Checking is entirely AI-based.
  • Available on both mobile and desktop devices.

User Experience

Grammarly distinguishes the many mistakes into categories based on their severity, importance, and recommendations.

What’s fantastic about it is that it sorts the errors into several groups, such as suggestions, important, and critical.

This makes it simple to know what has to be addressed first.

It’s fantastic to be able to use Grammarly on your computer as well, since it allows you to work in other applications and programs while keeping an eye on your writing.

These are often used with word processors like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other similar programs.


Grammarly is divided into three pricing levels: Free, Premium, and Business.

Individual marketers and professionals should use the Free or Premium tiers.

For bigger teams, the Business plan is preferable.

Here’s a quick rundown of each.

1. Free Plan

  • Basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking are performed.
  • Tone detection is limited.
  • Single user licenses are only available.

2. Premium Plan starts at $12.00 per month

  • Plagiarism detection service.
  • Advanced writing recommendations.
  • Single user licenses are only available.

3. Business Plan starts at $12.50 per user per month

  • Dedicated administration panel.
  • Billing and email support are handled centrally.
  • For groups of three or more people.


Grammarly is the tool for you if you want to exploit AI to enhance anything you create online.

Grammarly is a versatile tool that works with many other applications.

I highly advise you to use this tool on everything you write since it will raise your writing from “good” to “excellent.”


Grammarly may be installed on your computer to operate in the background.

Provides a free version with limited features.

Can change its recommendations based on the selected tone.


Occasionally, it mistakenly reports incorrect results.

It isn’t compatible with all apps and programs.

Its regulations are frequently too strict.

What is artificial intelligence (AI) software?

AI software is a computer program that is designed to mimic human intelligence.

This type of software can be used for a variety of tasks, such as writing, data analysis, and even decision making.

There are many different types of AI software available on the market today, and the best AI writing software will be able to help you improve your writing skills.

What are the benefits of using AI writing software?

There are many benefits to using AI writing software, including the following:

  • You will be able to get help with grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • The software can provide you with suggestions on how to improve your writing.
  • You will be able to check your work for plagiarism.
  • The software can help you to improve the quality of your writing.

Are AI Writing Assistants Expensive?

No, AI Writing Assistants are not expensive.

In fact, many of them are available for free.

However, if you want access to the best AI writing software, you may need to pay a subscription fee.

Are AI Writing Assistants Legit?

Yes, AI Writing Assistants are legit.

They are a great way to improve your writing skills and to get help with grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

You may need to edit their output to a degree and take some time to learn how to use them but overall, they are legit.

What Next?  Best AI Writing Software 

In conclusion, the best AI writing software can help you to improve your writing skills.

This type of software can be used for a variety of tasks, such as grammar, spelling, and even plagiarism checking.

There are many different types of AI software available on the market today, so be sure to find one that best suits your needs.

Our recommendation for the best overall AI writing software is

It is the AI writing assistant that we use as well.

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