7 Tips For A Powerful Startup Business Name

Get your startup business name right from the get go.

I remember I was sitting at home for endless hours trying to come up with a powerful name for my new online business. In fact, I was starring at a blank Word sheet for so long, not being able to come up with any catchy name that I almost gave up. My name is difficult to pronounce and spell so I couldn’t use it and other names I came up with were already taken. Definitely needed some inspiration. I finally, figured out how to get inspired and generate the right name for my business after doing an extensive search online. The choice of a good name for your business can have a massive effect on the performance of your business. Well, you may have had your share of cumbersome time formulating a business plan, identifying opportunity gaps in the market and carefully investigating your competitors. Nevertheless, coming up with a powerful startup business name is the most critical factor in your startup business because it can either make or break you. Remember that the name you will use for your startup business will market your business to the customers. So, it would be a good idea to actually get it right from the start. It would be a nerve-cracking task to find a new business name after it has already been set-up. Given what I went through when I was trying to find my business name and how much time I spent looking for inspiration online, I have put together 7 tips that will actually guide you in coming up with an incredible name that you can use for your startup business. Have done all the heavy labour for you. All you need to do is keep reading and implement.

1. Carry out a rigorous internet research

Once you have made a careful decision on which business name to use, it is advisable that you conduct a comprehensive investigation on that particular name. Sometimes, the names that we choose might, in one way or another, be used by another business. In such circumstances, it is recommended that you come up with another name. The name that you finally settle for should be in line with your business operations and unique to separate you from the rest.

2. Ensure that the name you choose is catchy

Well, if you want to catch the attention of your customers, you better come up with a smart and appealing name for your business. Choosing a complex name would not only be difficult to remember but also not attractive to your buyers. Choose a name that your loyal customers could also use to promote your business. Another way that you can use to tell whether the name you came up with is catchy or not is by sharing it with your friends. Trust me, real friends never lie, they will definitely tell you the truth about your business name and some of the improvements you may consider to make it more appealing and interesting to your customers.

3. Decide on a name that relays your mission

Ask yourself whether your target audience can instantaneously recap the message that your business name displays. Be creative and come up with a name that is clear, concise and easily communicates your mission. For example, my business name is Be Your Maverick. What is the message that I’m sending? I’m empowering people to be nonconformists and independent minded to finally, escape from the corporate rat race and take back control of their lives.

4. Pick a name that is not limiting your business

What I mean by this is that you should totally avoid names that are too narrow. Imagine picking a name that is specifically tied to a specific product or service that you offer. This will be a total crackdown. For instance, you are planning to start a kids t- shirt business, you should not name the business, ‘Ioanna’s kids t-shirts’. Ioanna is my name by the way. What about when you want to expand your business by accommodating hoods and trousers for kids? Ensure that the name you choose is wide and does not limit your business to a specific product or location.

5. Do some brainstorming to find various names that you can use

The moment you are done with making a decision on what your startup business will deal with, take sometime to think through names that best explain your missions and thus, products and services that you are selling. Think about words that best depict your opponents. Eventually, ponder on phrases that initiate the feelings that you want your clients to feel when they get to hear your business name. Well, this procedure may take a bit of your time but eventually, it will yield some rewarding results. A number of sites can also, aid you in this process of brainstorming. You could check out naminum.com that helps you in creating names in relation to themes, Namemesh.com to provide a beginner name and finally visualthesaurus.com to give clear keywords. 

Alternatively, you can check out First Site Guide to generate creative company names and check available domains.

6. Don’t use names that are difficult to spell

Keep the name easy to spell. Do not get into a situation where a potential client is trying hard to search the name of your business but cannot get it right because the name is hard to spell. Simply make your name easy to spell and remember as well. This is a simple mistake that will end up costing you dearly by losing potential customers.

7. Be unique and keep the name brief

The name you choose should separate you from your competitors. Look at companies like Apple and Nike, the names are short and very distinct yet, they are one of the leading companies that make millions of profits. Try to limit your business name to up to 3 words that are easy to spell and are memorable.

Whether you have difficulty in coming up with a powerful startup business name or you have already found one but are not sure about whether it is one to keep, this article is your guideline to the entire process. Take your time to come up with the best name for your business in order to avoid any challenges that might occur in the future.

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